Champion Select

  • Rumble Select
    "Let's get in the fight!"
  • Rumble.move5
    "Alright... I'm going."


  • Rumble.attack1
    "Thought you'd never ask."
  • Rumble.attack2
    "Ready for round two."
  • Rumble.attack3
    "Baby, don't fail me now!"
  • Rumble.attack4
    "This is gonna be bumpy."
  • Rumble.attack5
    "Time for a Bandle City beatdown."
  • Rumble.attack6
    "The bigger they are, the harder I hit 'em."


  • Rumble.move1
    "Now we're cookin'."
  • Rumble.move2
    "Revved up!"
  • Rumble.move3
    "Who wants a piece of this?"
  • Rumble.move4
    "Hold 'er steady."
  • Rumble.move5
    "Alright... I'm going."
  • Rumble.move6
    "Who you callin' little?"
  • Rumble.move7
    "You don't have to tell me twice."
  • Rumble.move8
    "Ever looked up to a yordle?"


  • Rumble.taunt
    "Come on, I'm not even holding the controls!"


Tristy collapses as Rumble tries to speak so he kicks her and then hops back on.
  • Rumble.joke1
    "Turbo on--- ! Uh... woah--- ! Just needs a little kick start there."
  • Rumble.joke2
    "Bandle City--- ! Oops, forgot the clutch."

Upon Junkyard Titan 3.png Overheating

  • Rumble.overheat1
    "Hot hot hot! Oh! Ah! Hot hot hot hot hot!"
  • Rumble.overheat2
    Rumble panics.
  • Rumble.overheat3
    Rumble panics.
  • Rumble.overheat4
    "Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot! Ooh, aah!"
While Junkyard Titan 3.png Overheated
  • Rumble.overheat5
    (Tristy) "Warning!"


  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack01
    "The fire in a yordle's heart never burns out!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack02
    "I don't know how to be afraid!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack03
    "Just watch me!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack04
    "This one's for Bandle City!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack05
    "I've done about six impossible things today... so far!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack06
    "Caution is for cautious people!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack07
    "Push it 'till the limit breaks!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack08
    "Just who do you think I am?"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack09
    "Let's launch over it!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack10
    "Challenge added to my challenge collection!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack11
    "Obstacle, prepare to be obliterated!"


  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move01
    "All systems set to awesome!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move02
    "I'm all steel and style!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move03
    "Can't stop, won't stop."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move04
    "Rebuilt, re-calibrated, recharged."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move05
    "Knock me down, I'll get right back up."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move06
    "I've got everyone's back."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move07
    "Rev up and roll out!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move08
    "Good guy? More like best guy."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move09
    "All you need is hope. And a giant metal suit."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move10
    "My fuel is fighting spirit."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move11
    "Set sights on the sky."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move12
    "I'll show them what yordles are worth."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.move13
    "Heroes don't die; they're reborn as legends."


  • SuperGalaxyRumble.joke01
    "This is how a yordle rolls!"


  • SuperGalaxyRumble.taunt01
    "Too much is my middle name! That's right, I have two middle names."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.taunt02
    "They call me the Mighty Rumble. Maybe you've heard of me."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.taunt03
    "Nothing can stop me! Not even a wall of tigers with smaller tigers for teeth!"


  • SuperGalaxyRumble.laugh01
    Rumble laughs.
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.laugh02
    Rumble laughs.
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.laugh03
    Rumble laughs.

Upon Junkyard Titan 3.png Overheating

  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack12
    "Super Galaxy Punishment Delivery Mode!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack13
    "When darkness closes in, drill right through it!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack14
    "Pierce the sky and punch the stars!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack15
    "Feel my fury with your skin and face!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.attack16
    "I am the max."

Upon Using Flamespitter.png Flamespitter While in Junkyard Titan 2.png Danger Zone

  • SuperGalaxyRumble.Q1
    "Hyper Flamespitter!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.Q2
    "Fiery Spirit of the Yordle Inferno!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.Q3
    "Spinning Flames of Fury!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.Q4
    "Rising Yordle Phoenix Fire!"

Upon Using Scrap Shield.png Scrap Shield While in Junkyard Titan 2.png Danger Zone

  • SuperGalaxyRumble.W1
    "Galactic Hyper Barrier!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.W2
    "Courageous Giga-Guard!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.W3
    "Audacious Bravery Shield!"

Upon Using Electro Harpoon.png Electro Harpoon While in Junkyard Titan 2.png Danger Zone

  • SuperGalaxyRumble.E1
    "Turbo Shock Rockets!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.E2
    "Explosive Face-Melter!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.E3
    "Zap Action!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.E4
    "Blammo Torpedo!"

Upon Using The Equalizer.png The Equalizer

  • SuperGalaxyRumble.R1
    "Flaming Drill Finale!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.R2
    "Drills of Defiance!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.R3
    "Super Galaxy Comeback Breaker!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.R4
    "Rain of Obliteration!"

Upon Using Recall.png Recall

  • SuperGalaxyRumble.Recall01
    "Universe-Splitting Mega Rescue Super Ability!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.Recall02
    "Reality-Bending Dramatic Entrance!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.Recall03
    "Transdimensional Teleportation go!"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.Recall04
    "Cross-Space Hyper Travel Mode!"
Upon Using Recall.png Recall Near an Ally Tristana Tristana
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.jokeTristana01
    "How d'ya like me now, Tristana?"
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.jokeTristana02
    "I'll always come back for you, Tristana."
  • SuperGalaxyRumble.jokeTristana03
    "Let's make fireworks, baby."