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RumbleSquare.png Classic Rumble [S|L]
  • "This is gonna be bumpy" might be referencing Jordan C. Wilde from Ōban Star-Racers.
  • Rumble and Kayle Kayle share the quote "Vamos à luta" ("Let us go to battle") in Brazilian localization.
RumbleSquare.png Super Galaxy Rumble [S|L]


RumbleSquare.png Classic Rumble [S|L]
RumbleSquare.png Rumble in the Jungle [S|L]
RumbleSquare.png Bilgerat Rumble [S|L]
RumbleSquare.png Super Galaxy Rumble [S|L]


  • Rumble is a resourceful yordle mechanic who is convinced Bandle City can be (if not is already) more technologically advanced than human nations (especially Piltover, where Heimerdinger Heimerdinger 'sold out') To prove it, he built himself a mechanized suit from junkyard scrap (named Tristana Tristy after the one he has a crush on)


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