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Runeglaive was an enchantment in League of Legends.[1]


Magus item
Gold 1625 (Gold 140)
Sheen item
Gold 1050 (Gold 700)

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Magus item.png Runeglaive is 93.54% gold efficient without its passive.
  • On manaless champions, Runeglaive is 72% gold efficient without its passive.
  • Runeglaive's passive must be worth at least Gold 105 (or Gold 455 on manaless champions) for it to be considered gold efficient.

Possible Upgrade for

Similar Items


  • Replaced the Magus item.png Magus enchantment.
  • The bonus damage does not stack with Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet, Lich Bane item.png Lich Bane, Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force, or Sheen item.png Sheen since they all have a unique passive with the same name.
  • Only the more damaging is used:
    • 1. Lich Bane item.png Lich Bane
      • 75% base AD + (50% AP) bonus magic damage.
    • 2. Magus item.png Runeglaive
      • 100% base AD + (30% AP) bonus magic damage.
    • 3. Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force
      • 200% base AD bonus physical damage.
    • 4. Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet
      • 100% base AD bonus physical damage.
    • 5. Sheen item.png Sheen
      • 100% base AD bonus physical damage.


Patch history



  • Ability power reduced to 40 from 50.
  • Mana increased to 250 from 200.
  • Recipe changed: Tier 2 Jungle Item + Sheen item.png Sheen + Amplifying Tome item.png Amplifying Tome + Gold 140 = Gold 2675
  • Item cost increased to Gold 2675 from Gold 2250.


  • No longer converts basic attack damage into magic damage.
  • Now only applies AOE damage on monsters.
  • Now deals double damage to the first monster hit.


  • Ability power increased to 50 from 40.
  • Spellblade damage increased to 100% base AD + (30% AP) from 75% base AD + (30% AP).
  • No longer applies spell effects.


  • Added to the game.
  • Replaces Magus item.png Magus.

List of Items


  1. Itemlist on leagueoflegends.com

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