Runes 2018 paths

Domination, Precision, Resolve and Inspiration.

Starting from Pre-Season 2018, Runes and Masteries are being combined into a single system, which combines elements of both. [1] Summoners have access to a number of slots and may choose from a collection of Runes to occupy those slots. Similar to Masteries, Runes are restricted to collections that must be chosen prior to choosing individual runes.

The new system is available to summoners of all levels at no cost and can be customized in champion select, similar to Masteries. Existing Rune purchases will be compensated, although the specifics have not been announced and Riot has been reluctant to talk about it.


Runes 2018 announcement

Announcement image

Summoners may choose two Paths, one Primary and one Secondary.
  • The Primary Path has one Keystone Rune slot, one Greater Rune slot and two Minor Rune slots.
  • The Secondary Path has two Non-Keystone slots - i.e. either Greater or Minor Runes.

There are five paths to choose from, although two are exclusively available as Primary choices:

  • Domination icon Domination
  • Inspiration icon Inspiration
  • Resolve icon Resolve
  • Sorcery icon Sorcery (Primary only)
  • Precision icon Precision (Primary Only)
Runes 2018 Korean preview

Korean stream

An additional Trait slot is depicted in the initial announcement but is not described in the text. Within a Riot: Korea stream[2], the slot is shown to provide a bonus based on your Path choices.

While as of yet unconfirmed, the following is likely:

  • Individual runes may only be chosen once - i.e. you cannot pick the same Minor Rune twice.
  • The same Path can be chosen twice, but the above is still true - e.g. Domination Primary + Domination Secondary.
  • Some individual minor runes might be mutually exclusive - e.g. the 3 "Bounty Hunter" runes.



Domination can be chosen as both a Primary and Secondary Path.


Inspiration can be chosen as both a Primary and Secondary Path.


Resolve can be chosen as both a Primary and Secondary Path.


Sorcery can be chosen only as a Primary Path.

The following runes were visible in the background of a Riot: Korea stream. While the duplication of individual effects implies filler (or placeholder) text, these demonstrate the type of effects the system will offer.

  • Weapon Coating: Gain access to a free Weapon Coatings at the item shop.
  • Perry Shield: Reduce and reflect 4% damage from enemies.
  • Legend: Dauntless: Single target hits deal 25% bonus damage.
  • Overcharge: Gain a shield upon being hit into critical health.
  • All In Good Time: Reduce and reflect 4% damage from enemies.
  • Magical Footwear: Single target hits deal 25% bonus damage.


Precision can be chosen only as a Primary Path.

Bonus Trait

The Bonus Trait is a largely undocumented feature, whose functionality is derived from a work-in-progress screen shot. The following is highly conjectural and subject to being completely inaccurate:

Secondary Selection ► Domination Resolve Inspiration
Primary Selection ▼
Sorcery The Ancient One:
+15 Ability Power
Precision +% Attack Speed


  • Concept art for the Domination crest.
  • Concept art of the Resolve crest.
  • Concept art of the Domination, Unnamed and Resolve crests.


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  2. Generic examples @30 minutes