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Runeterra is the world in which the supercontinent of Valoran exists on, along with its nations and all of its influential figures.




Created by WarkotCreated by Warkot

Though there are many regions and settlements on Valoran, the rest of Runeterra remains largely unknown:

  • Bubbling Bog
  • Demacia
    • Demacian Capital
      • Buvelle mansion
      • College of Magic
      • Crownguard mansion
      • Demacian Harbor
      • Laurent mansion
      • Royal Palace of House Lightshield
      • Vayne mansion
      • Demacian barracks
      • Demacian penitentiary
    • Demacian rural town
    • Golden crossing
Freljord Map

Map of The Freljord

Shurima map

Map of Shurima

  • Shurima
    • Bel’zhun
    • Sai
    • Shuriman Capital
      • Cycle of Ascension
      • Grand Temple
      • Emperors Way road
      • Imperial Palace
      • Oasis of the Dawn
      • Steps of Ascension
      • The Tomb of the Emperors
    • Shurima Wastes
  • Tempest Flats
  • Urtistan
  • Voodoo Lands
  • Yordle Land

Black Mist Map

Map of Bilgewater and Shadow Isles

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