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Recovery (Season 2016 Mastery)Unyielding (Season 2016 Mastery)Explorer (Season 2016 Mastery)Tough Skin (Season 2016 Mastery)Runic Armor (Season 2016 Mastery)Veteran's Scars (Season 2016 Mastery)Insight (Season 2016 Mastery)Perseverance (Season 2016 Mastery)Swiftness (Season 2016 Mastery)Legendary Guardian (Season 2016 Mastery)Grasp of the Undying (Season 2016 Mastery)Strength of the Ages (Season 2016 Mastery)Bond of Stone (Season 2016 Mastery)Season 6 Resolve

Runic Armor is a tier 3 Resolve mastery with 5 ranks.[1]


Patch History

V5.22 Added

Other versions


  1. Masteries on leagueoflegends.com

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