Runic Echoes is an enchantment in League of Legends.[1]


Magus item
Runic Echoes
Gold 2625 (Gold 1340)
Aether Wisp item
Gold 850 (Gold 415)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Magus item Runic Echoes is 60.25% gold efficient, without Echo.
  • For the item to be gold efficient, its passive must be worth at least Gold 43.5.
  • Due to being an Enchantment, for this calculation it should be considered that this item is combined with either Skirmisher's Sabre item Skirmisher's Sabre or Stalker's Blade item Stalker's Blade.

Possible Upgrade for

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Luden's Echo screenshot

Item VFX


Patch History

  • Can no longer build from Tracker's Knife item Tracker's Knife, due to the item being removed from the game.
  • Echo large monster hit mana restoration increased to 25% of missing mana from 15%.
  • Missing mana restored reduced to 15% of missing mana from 18% of missing mana.
  • Echo base damage reduced to 60 from 80.
  • Movement speed reduced to 7% from 10%.
V6.1 Added
  • Replaces Magus item Runeglaive.
  • Recipe: Tier 2 jungle item + Aether Wisp item Aether Wisp + Amplifying Tome item Amplifying Tome + Gold 340 = Gold 2625
  • +60 ability power, +10% movement speed.
  • Unique Passive – Echo: Moving and casting generates charges, up to 100. At 100 charges, the next instance of ability damage you deal will expend all charges to deal 80 (+ 10% AP) bonus magic damage to the first enemy hit and summon up to 3 lesser bolts that target nearby enemies, prioritizing enemies damaged by the ability and champions over minions.
  • Echo deals 「 250% 」「 200 (+ 25% AP) 」 damage to large monsters. Hitting a large monster with this effect will restore 18% of your missing mana.


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