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Upon Selection

  • Ryze Select new
    "A step ahead of cataclysm."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Ryze.start01
    "I find the runes so they won't be found by someone else - or some thing."
  • Ryze.start02
    "The things I've seen in the dark corners of Runeterra are better left unseen."
  • Ryze.start03
    "Things to do today: find food, build shelter, fix the world."
  • Ryze.start04
    "I sense another rune, but where?"
  • Ryze.start05
    "Can we make this quick? I have some place to be!"
  • Ryze.start06
    "If I sound rude, it's because I've got a world to save."


  • Ryze.attack01
    "Keep your distance."
  • Ryze.attack02
    "I read the runes. You lose."
  • Ryze.attack03
    "Blood will spill."
  • Ryze.attack04
    "Makers guide me!"
  • Ryze.attack05
    "They come for the scroll."
  • Ryze.attack06
    "Time dwindles."
  • Ryze.attack07
    "Are you following me?"
  • Ryze.attack08
    "You know nothing of loss."
  • Ryze.attack09
    "I am just a vessel."
  • Ryze.attack10
    "A fine edge you dance on."
  • Ryze.attack11
    "By will."
  • Ryze.attack12
    "I don't have time for this!"
  • Ryze.attack13
    "If you insist."
  • Ryze.attack14
  • Ryze.attack15
    "This ends badly."
  • Ryze.attack16
    "This might burn."
  • Ryze.attack17
    "Hands off the runes."
  • Ryze.attack18
    "They have no idea."
  • Ryze.attack19
    "Leave now."
  • Ryze.attack20
    "Ah, the hard way."
  • Ryze.attack21
    "Stay back."
  • Ryze.attack22
  • Ryze.attack23
    "You've got nothing."
  • Ryze.attack24
    "You won't win this."
  • Ryze.attack25
    "Last chance."
  • Ryze.attack26
    "Let's have it, then."


  • Ryze.move01
    "These runes are not for eyes such as yours."
  • Ryze.move02
    "They know so little of the world they traverse."
  • Ryze.move03
    "Ah, Runeterrans. So endearing, so foolish."
  • Ryze.move04
    "I work alone. Company weighs me down."
  • Ryze.move05
    "What's on my back? That's not your concern."
  • Ryze.move06
    "Knowledge is a real weapon."
  • Ryze.move07
    "Every rune I find is another day we live."
  • Ryze.move08
    "Blessing or curse, what's the difference?"
  • Ryze.move09
    "They have forgotten the fires that forged this world."
  • Ryze.move10
    "You know what I could use? An ale."
  • Ryze.move11
    "They want to read my scroll. It'll be the last thing they read."
  • Ryze.move12
    "I could tell you what's on this scroll, but then I'd have to obliterate you."
  • Ryze.move13
    "The wise seek to contain power."
  • Ryze.move14
    "I dream in nightmares of the past."
  • Ryze.move15
    "None are worthy of my task... even me."
  • Ryze.move16
    "Everyone is doomed to repeat history. That's where I come in."
  • Ryze.move17
    "I've heard entire nations go silent."
  • Ryze.move18
    "I may fail, but I won't quit."
  • Ryze.move19
    "Trust no-one, especially those who seek power."
  • Ryze.move20
    "Just once I'd like a good night's sleep."
  • Ryze.move21
    "Their minds couldn't handle what my eyes have seen."
  • Ryze.move22
    "I care about these mortals. That's why I keep them at arm's length."
  • Ryze.move23
    "In an instant, all could be gone."
  • Ryze.move24
    "I long for the day when this is all over."
  • Ryze.move25
    "Some stones are best left unturned."
  • Ryze.move26
    "Everyone wants to chat when you're busy saving the world."
  • Ryze.move27
    "Terrible things are afoot."
  • Ryze.move28
    "You know what I miss? Standing still."
  • Ryze.move29
    "All that binds this world is will."
  • Ryze.move30
    "Magic dooms us... but perhaps it can save us."
  • Ryze.move31
    "Do not walk through history. Run."
  • Ryze.move32
    "Power changes everyone."
  • Ryze.move33
    "One can only hold all this power for so long."
  • Ryze.move34
    "If I had a rune for every mile I've run, I'd be done running."
  • Ryze.move35
    "You want to help? Get out of the way."
  • Ryze.move36
    "I remember when only one world weighed on my shoulders."
  • Ryze.move37
    "When I've found them all, I'll fade away."
  • Ryze.move38
    "If I fall, the scroll must be destroyed."
  • Ryze.move39
    "I fight so they don't have to."
  • Ryze.move40
    "Roast duck, warm fire... someday."
  • Ryze.move41
    "Quickly but carefully."
  • Ryze.move42
    "The runes decide my path."
  • Ryze.move43
    "My story? That would take ages to tell."
  • Ryze.move44
    "Consider yourself lucky for the days you have."
  • Ryze.move45
    "Take care with this world."
  • Ryze.move46
    "Fast and lean, that's how I travel."
  • Ryze.move47
    "Ah, civilization. I remember when I was a part of it."
  • Ryze.move48
    "No time to talk."
  • Ryze.move49
    "I like my tragedy narrowly averted."
  • Ryze.move50
    "All this would be so much easier if I didn't give a damn."


  • Ryze.taunt01
    "Hm. I'm hunted by things far worse than you."
  • Ryze.taunt02
    "I'm no doctor, but I think there's a spell for what you have."
  • Ryze.taunt03
    "To be ignorant is to be free. You must be very free."
  • Ryze.taunt04
    "If I had a tattoo that looked like you, I'd get it removed."
  • Ryze.taunt05
    "There's gonna be two sounds - me hitting you, and you disintegrating."
Taunting an Enemy Noxian
  • Ryze.tauntNoxian01
    "You wage your petty war, Noxian, but the real war is yet to come."
Taunting an Enemy Yordle
  • Ryze.tauntYordle01
    "Even your kind will know death in the cataclysm."
Taunting an Enemy Ahri Ahri
  • Ryze.tauntAhri01
    "Your charms are impressive, but I'm not into forest creatures."
Taunting an Enemy Annie Annie
  • Ryze.tauntAnnie01
    "Run along, child, this tome is not a bedtime story."
Taunting an Enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  • Ryze.tauntAurelionSol01
    "Space called, it wants its arrogant jerk back."
Taunting an Enemy Bard Bard
  • Ryze.tauntBard01
    "I don't suppose you'd want to get off your magical rear and help me save this world."
Taunting an Enemy Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo
  • Ryze.tauntDrMundo01
    "I have a hard time believing you went to medical school."
Taunting an Enemy Graves Graves
  • Ryze.tauntGraves01
    "I would chide you for your idiocy, but you seem pretty proud of it."
Taunting an Enemy Illaoi Illaoi
  • Ryze.tauntIllaoi01
    "Nice tattoos, do they conduct runic energy? No? Oh, that's too bad."
Taunting an Enemy Lux Lux
  • Ryze.tauntLux01
    "Magic is more than sunshine and rainbows, girl."
Taunting an Enemy Malzahar Malzahar
  • Ryze.tauntMalzahar01
    "Hey, you're the one who summons bloodthirsty Void creatures, right? Yeah, brilliant work, good thinking."
Taunting an Enemy Twisted Fate Twisted Fate
  • Ryze.tauntTwistedFate01
    "Nice card trick, do you do birthday parties?"
Taunting an Enemy Xerath Xerath
  • Ryze.tauntXerath01
    "That remarkable arcane energy doesn't run through your entire body, does it?"
Upon an Enemy Taunting Nearby
  • Ryze.interactionTauntEnemy01
    "We'll see how smart your mouth is when the world collapses."
  • Ryze.interactionTauntEnemy02
    "I'm surprised you can string enough words together for that one. You need a break?"
  • Ryze.interactionTauntEnemy03
    "So that's what you people do with your spare time."
  • Ryze.interactionTauntEnemy04
    "Not going to dignify that with a response."
  • Ryze.interactionTauntEnemy05
    "You should read more, expand your vocabulary."


  • Ryze.joke01
    "What? You want to see a magic trick? Fine... tada."
  • Ryze.joke02
    "Okay, fine, here's a magic trick. Tada."


  • Ryze.laugh01
    Ryze laughs.
  • Ryze.laugh02
    Ryze laughs.
  • Ryze.laugh03
    Ryze laughs.

Upon Casting Overload.png Overload

  • Ryze.spellQ1
    "There it is."
  • Ryze.spellQ2
  • Ryze.spellQ3
  • Ryze.spellQ4
  • Ryze.spellQ5
  • Ryze.spellQ6
  • Ryze.spellQ7
  • Ryze.spellQ8
    "Like dominoes!"
  • Ryze.spellQ9
  • Ryze.spellQ10

Upon Casting Rune Prison.png Rune Prison

  • Ryze.spellW1
  • Ryze.spellW2
  • Ryze.spellW3
  • Ryze.spellW4
  • Ryze.spellW5
  • Ryze.spellW6
  • Ryze.spellW7
    "Be still!"
  • Ryze.spellW8
  • Ryze.spellW9
    "Locked up tight!"

Upon Casting Spell Flux.png Spell Flux

  • Ryze.spellE1
  • Ryze.spellE2
  • Ryze.spellE3
  • Ryze.spellE4

Upon Casting Realm Warp.png Realm Warp

  • Ryze.spellR1
    "Our fight is elsewhere."
  • Ryze.spellR2
    "A rune mage must keep moving."
  • Ryze.spellR3
    "Come. The runes beckon."
  • Ryze.spellR4
    "Flee if you want to live."
  • Ryze.spellR5
    "Let's go, let's go!"

Upon Buying an Item

  • Ryze.item01
    "That's gonna' load me down."
  • Ryze.item02
    "Great, more things to carry."
  • Ryze.item03
    "This better work."
  • Ryze.item04
    "Provisions purchased."
Upon Buying an Elixir of Sorcery item.png Elixir of Sorcery
  • Ryze.itemElixirOfSorcery01
    "Fuel for the rune race."
  • Ryze.itemElixirOfSorcery02
    "Now I'll never tire."
  • Ryze.itemElixirOfSorcery03
    "Sweet rune juice."
Upon Buying a Sapphire Crystal item.png Sapphire Crystal
  • Ryze.itemSapphireCrystal01
    "It's a start."
  • Ryze.itemSapphireCrystal02
  • Ryze.itemSapphireCrystal03
    "Brings out my colour."
Upon Buying a Tear of the Goddess item.png Tear of the Goddess
  • Ryze.itemTearOfTheGoddess01
    "Even the gods can weep."
  • Ryze.itemTearOfTheGoddess02
    "Now we're talking."
  • Ryze.itemTearOfTheGoddess03
    "I remember when such tears were shed."
Upon Buying a Void Staff item.png Void Staff
  • Ryze.itemVoidStaff01
    "I can feel its power surging."
  • Ryze.itemVoidStaff02
    "I'd destroy it - if I didn't need it."
  • Ryze.itemVoidStaff03
    "Such a weapon must be treated with respect."
Upon Buying a Zhonya&#039;s Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass
  • Ryze.itemZhonyasHourglass01
    "I defy swords and arrows."
  • Ryze.itemZhonyasHourglass02
    "Their weapons will fail to scratch."
  • Ryze.itemZhonyasHourglass03
    "Protection from primitive arms."
Upon Buying an Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter
  • Ryze.itemAbyssalScepter01
    "An object of foul origins."
  • Ryze.itemAbyssalScepter02
    "Many lives it's taken, and many souls."
  • Ryze.itemAbyssalScepter03
    "Strange how it beckons."
Upon Buying a Morellonomicon item.png Morellonomicon
  • Ryze.itemMorellonomicon01
    "Such a vile text - but useful."
  • Ryze.itemMorellonomicon02
    "Not a book for the faint of heart."
  • Ryze.itemMorellonomicon03
    "A sordid relic from a brutal time."
Upon Buying a Rabadon&#039;s Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Ryze.itemRabadonsDeathcap01
    "To cover my bald spot."
  • Ryze.itemRabadonsDeathcap02
    "A hat with a face, huh? Sure, why not?"
  • Ryze.itemRabadonsDeathcap03
    "A potent haberdashery."
  • Ryze.itemRabadonsDeathcap04
    "In case my head gets cold."
Upon Exiting the Shop
  • Ryze.shopExit01
    "I thought that guy would never stop talking."

Upon Leveling Up

  • Ryze.interactionLevelUp01
    "Always learning, always seeking."
  • Ryze.interactionLevelUp02
    "Those who seek improvement, improve."
  • Ryze.interactionLevelUp03
    "To the next one."
  • Ryze.interactionLevelUp04
    "This power continues to build."

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • Ryze.kill01
    "Another joins the energy pool."
  • Ryze.kill02
    "Better you than me."
  • Ryze.kill03
    "They never learn."
  • Ryze.kill04
    "Another dead fool."
  • Ryze.kill05
    "One more needless death."
  • Ryze.kill06
    "Learn from your mistakes."
  • Ryze.kill07
    "Won't be the last."
Upon Going on a Killing Spree
  • Ryze.spreeKillingSpree01
    "That's what happens when you piss off an archmage!"
  • Ryze.spreeKillingSpree02
    "Better a few perish than the entire world."
  • Ryze.spreeKillingSpree03
    "I tried to warn them, I really did."
  • Ryze.spreeKillingSpree04
    "They make the same mistakes again and again."
  • Ryze.spreeKillingSpree05
    "Too many have met the same fate."

Upon Destroying a Turret

  • Ryze.tower01
    "One less thing to kill me."
  • Ryze.tower02
    "Another barrier down."
  • Ryze.tower03
    "Let's move, the path is clear."
  • Ryze.tower04
    "One less impediment."
  • Ryze.tower05
    "Reduced to rubble."
  • Ryze.tower06
    "What is made can be unmade."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Ryze.ward01
    "Sight is better than swords."
  • Ryze.ward02
    "For whatever lurks behind me."
  • Ryze.ward03
    "If I can see it, I can beat it."
  • Ryze.ward04
    "They come for what I know."
  • Ryze.ward05
    "Sight makes might."
  • Ryze.ward06
    "Watching the watchers."
  • Ryze.ward07
    "I never liked surprises."
  • Ryze.ward08
    "Dark corners made bright."
  • Ryze.ward09
    "I'd like to see them try."
  • Ryze.ward10
    "Dark shadows hide dark forces."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Ryze.recall01
    "A pause in the chaos. Let's make it count."
  • Ryze.recall02
    "I'll return stronger. Count on it."
  • Ryze.recall03
    "I'm not running away. I'm running at you the long way around."
  • Ryze.recall04
    "Hang on, archmage business."
  • Ryze.recall05
    "Time to reflect on what we have learned."
  • Ryze.recall06
    "A moment to gather our runes."

Upon Death

  • Ryze.death01
    "The scroll... burn it... "
  • Ryze.death02
    "Hide... them... "
  • Ryze.death03
    "They will not... take them... "
Upon Respawning
  • Ryze.respawn01
    "Thank the gods, the world's still here."
  • Ryze.respawn02
    "A stupid mistake, one I won't make again."
  • Ryze.respawn03
    "I still live, but for how much longer?"
  • Ryze.respawn04
    "Let's try again, and this time do it right."
  • Ryze.respawn05
    "Ugh, being dead wastes precious time!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "I will show you arcane magic."
Player Team Victory
  • "You show promise!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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