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Champion Spotlight

Ryze Champion Spotlight07:46

Ryze Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting Item
Consumables Item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Item
Consumables Item
Howling Abyss
Starting Item
Consumables Item


Playing As Ryze Ryze
  • Ryze's kit allows for many combos, each for a different situation. A players ability to choose which to use defines their skill mastery with the Rune Mage.
Playing Against Ryze Ryze
  • Ryze's main damage source comes from spreading Spell Flux to you through your minion wave. Try to move away from your minion wave when you see him trying to spread Spell Flux.


Ability Usage
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • Arcane Mastery gives Ryze bonus Ability Power per mana. This makes a Tear of the Goddess an essential item early game, since spamming abilities gives you bonus mana, due to its passive effect. Your first completed item should be an Archangel's Staff, which is built from a Tear.
  • The bonus health and mana from Rod of Ages makes it a good second item on Ryze. It adds to his passive, and gives him more tank stats to help you win early 1v1s.
  • Morellonomicon is a good 3rd item, due to the cool down reduction it gives. This lets Ryze pump out damage much faster, since Spell Flux will be on a lower cool down.
  • A Zhonyas Hourglass is a good situational item on Ryze, because if you need to retreat using Realm Warp, you can ult, and then use the active effect of Zhonyas to negate any damage or crowd control that could otherwise stop your channel. It can also effectively counter assassins, and help out in a tough lane if needed.


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