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  • Ryze features in the Summoner's Rift Battle Training tutorial, together with Ashe Ashe and Garen Garen.
  • Ryze was the first champion to have 9 skins.
    • He was also the first to have 2 Harrowing ones (Zombie in 2010, Pirate in 2012)
  • His giant scroll can be seen behind an overturned chair in the trailer for the game's Mac version.
    • While the scroll is supposedly indestructible Nocturne Nocturne rips it apart it in 'A Twist of Fate'.
      • Yet later on the scroll is whole again but whether it is capable of self-repairing is uncertain.
  • Ryze has appeared in every cinematic trailer except for 'A New Dawn'.
  • Ryze was deemed as having next to no counterplay in Ultra Rapid Fire (2014 edition) and was disabled in non-custom games.


  • Since release Ryze Ryze has gone through four reworks.


  • Ryze and Jinx Jinx share the quote Zap!"
  • Ryze and  {{csl|Tristana|Dragon Trainer|Dragon Trainer Tristana}} share the quote Keep your distance.


RyzeSquare.png Young Ryze [S|L]
RyzeSquare.png Uncle Ryze [S|L]
  • He references Uncle Sam and his posters.
    • Katarina Katarina's blade can be seen shoved in the wall where the poster is placed.
    • A drawing of Twisted Fate Twisted Fate's cards can be seen on the top left side of the poster.
  • When using Realm Warp.png Realm Warp an eagle screeches (just like when KarthusSquare.png Statue of Karthus [S|L] dances)
RyzeSquare.png Tribal Ryze [S|L]
RyzeSquare.png Professor Ryze [S|L]
RyzeSquare.png Zombie Ryze [S|L]
RyzeSquare.png Triumphant Ryze [S|L]
  • He is only available to those who win official competition matches.
    • He used to be called 'Champion' and later 'Trophy'.
RyzeSquare.png Dark Crystal Ryze [S|L]
RyzeSquare.png Pirate Ryze [S|L]
RyzeSquare.png Ryze Whitebeard [S|L]


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