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Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer is the Top Laner for Origen.


sOAZ is a seasoned gamer. He made his baby steps into gaming by playing Counter-Strike 1.6. He then transitioned to playing DotA as a pass-time activity. However, his skill would escalate to such heights that it would lead him to the professional circuit of DotA (in French team ‘iA’). The same theme was in effect upon venturing into League of Legends. Originally a Mid Laner, he transitioned into the top lane as Against All Authority and Fnatic both acknowledged his skill in that role, and promptly allowed him to make a name for himself.


  • Was introduced to the League of Legends competitive scene by YellOwStaR.
  • Is known for his aggressive playstyle.
  • Is quick to adopt newly released champions, notably playing Jayce Jayce and Kha'Zix Kha'Zix before others saw their potentials.
  • Known for his Blitzcrank Blitzcrank unique playstyle.
  • Spurred on by hyrqBot's tweet, sOAZ made and won a wager against Wickd to decide which of them would participate in the Season 3 LCS All-Star Game in a Best-of-5 showdown.[6] .
  • Only European to win in the 1v1 Skills Competition at All-Star Shanghai 2013 by defeating PDD and Shy.
  • Is considered as one of the best Elise Elise players in the World.
  • He has competed in BOTH All-Star events.
  • One of two players who have qualified for 4 World Championships, along with XPeke.

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