Freljord Winters Claw

Champion Select

  • Sejuani select
    "Trust nothing but your strength."
  • Sejuani.attack07
    "I won't be denied!"


  • Sejuani.attack01
    "They will feed my boar."
  • Sejuani.attack02
    "Die with weapon in hand."
  • Sejuani.attack03
    "Prove your worth."
  • Sejuani.attack04
    "Trample them!"
  • Sejuani.attack05
    "I was born for conquest."
  • Sejuani.attack06
    "Stand and fight!"
  • Sejuani.attack07
    "I won't be denied!"
  • Sejuani.attack08
    "I was forged by winter."
  • Sejuani.attack09
    "Show them our teeth."
  • Sejuani.attack10
    "Run them down!"
  • Sejuani.attack11
    "Bristle, attack!"
  • Sejuani.attack12
    "Leave no survivors."
  • Sejuani.attack13
    "Seize what's ours."


  • Sejuani.move01
    "You own what you take."
  • Sejuani.move02
    "Fight or make room for those who will."
  • Sejuani.move03
    "Deeds, not words."
  • Sejuani.move04
    "We fight while cowards talk."
  • Sejuani.move05
    "No spoils for the meek."
  • Sejuani.move06
    "Living in fear is not living at all."
  • Sejuani.move07
    "I will not tolerate weakness."
  • Sejuani.move08
    "I will not hide behind another shield."
  • Sejuani.move09
    "Bristle seems hungry today..."
  • Sejuani.move10
    "We bow to no one!"
  • Sejuani.move11
    "The cold does not forgive."
  • Sejuani.move12
    "There is no strength in servitude."
  • Sejuani.move13
    "I will rule the Freljord."
  • Sejuani.move14
    "Pain is nothing."
  • Sejuani.move15
    "Ride onward!"


  • Sejuani.taunt01
    "Flee like the cowards you are!"
  • Sejuani.taunt02
    "Don't worry, Bristle, I'll leave you the scraps."
  • Sejuani.taunt03
    "Those who oppose me get gored."
Taunting Ashe Ashe
  • Sejuani.tauntAshe01
    "Easy, Bristle. The archer's mine."
  • Sejuani.tauntAshe02
    "Which will snap more easily? The bow, or you?"
Taunting Lissandra Lissandra
  • Sejuani.tauntLissandra01
    "Ice Witch, prepare to be shattered!"
  • Sejuani.tauntLissandra02
    (laughs) "Are icicles the best you can muster?"


  • Sejuani.joke01
    "Who wants a treat? Bristle wants a treat? Not until we've trampled our foes to dust!"
  • Sejuani.joke02
    "Can you smell coward, Bristle? Get 'em!"


  • Sejuani.laugh01
    Sejuani laughs.
  • Sejuani.laugh02
    Sejuani laughs.
  • Sejuani.laugh03
    Sejuani laughs.
  • Sejuani.laugh04
    Sejuani laughs.

Upon Using Arctic Assault.png Arctic Assault

  • Sejuani.Q1
  • Sejuani.Q2

Upon Using Winter's Wrath.png Winter's Wrath

  • Sejuani.E1

Upon Using Glacial Prison.png Glacial Prison

  • Sejuani.ulti1
    "There's no use running!"
  • Sejuani.ulti2
    "A gift from the Freljord!"

Battle for Freljord

  • Sejuani.eventStarts
    "We settle this, here, and now!"
  • Sejuani.eventEnds
    "I rule the Freljord!"


  • TraditionalSejuani.attack1
    "For my ancestors!"
  • TraditionalSejuani.attack2
    "Trample them."
  • TraditionalSejuani.attack3
    "Bristle, attack!"
  • TraditionalSejuani.attack4
    "Run them down!"
  • TraditionalSejuani.attack5
    "Strike at their heart."
  • TraditionalSejuani.attack6
    "Leave no survivors."


  • TraditionalSejuani.move1
    "This is our fight!"
  • TraditionalSejuani.move2
    "Prove your worth, summoner!"
  • TraditionalSejuani.move3
    "To the bitter end."
  • TraditionalSejuani.move4
    "We will endure!"
  • TraditionalSejuani.move5
    "Ride onward."
  • TraditionalSejuani.move6
    "Do not relent."
  • TraditionalSejuani.move7
    "Victory at any cost."
  • TraditionalSejuani.move8
    "I belong in battle."
  • TraditionalSejuani.move9
    "I will rule Freljord."


  • TraditionalSejuani.taunt1
    "You'll make excellent boar food."
  • TraditionalSejuani.taunt2
    "Those who oppose me get gored!"


Bristle Bristle falls asleep.
  • TraditionalSejuani.joke1
    "Hey, get up! How many times have I told you? No sleeping during battle!"
  • TraditionalSejuani.joke2
    "Hey, wake up! No dinner for you, tonight."


  • TraditionalSejuani.laugh1
    Sejuani laughs.
  • TraditionalSejuani.laugh2
    Sejuani laughs.
  • TraditionalSejuani.laugh3
    Sejuani laughs.
  • TraditionalSejuani.laugh4
    Sejuani laughs.

Upon Using Arctic Assault.png Arctic Assault

  • TraditionalSejuani.Q1
  • TraditionalSejuani.Q2