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Garen Garen using the self-targeted Courage.png Courage.

Self-targeting is a targeting paradigm for abilities that requires no direct input from the user upon activation - instead, they automatically select the player's champion as the anchor or target of the spell. Notably, almost all innate abilities are of this type, with the only exceptions being Quinn Quinn's Harrier.png Harrier, Zyra Zyra's Garden of Thorns.png Garden of Thornsand Fiora Fiora's Duelist's Dance.png Duelist's Dance (which are auto-targeted) and Kalista Kalista's Martial Poise.png Martial Poise (which is skillshot-targeted). Due to this, innate abilities are specifically excluded from this list.

Due to requiring no input from the user, self-targeting is technically a subset of auto-targeting (where the user is the sole valid target). However, due to its prevalence it is included in its own targeting type for completeness and additional clarity.

It must be noted that although abilities with this targeting type can only target the user, it does not necessarily mean that the ability effects are necessarily limited to or will even affect them.

There are three subcategories for self-targeted abilities: buff effect abilities provide a beneficial boost to the user when activated such as an attack speed increase, point blank abilities are area of effect spells that usually affect a circular area around the user, and on-hit effect abilities apply a specific on-hit effect to their autoattacks which are usually single-use or temporary in duration.

Champion Abilities

Self-Buff Abilities

Point Blank Abilities

On-hit effect Abilities


Summoner Spells

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