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  • Shaco, LeBlancSquare LeBlanc, and WukongSquare Wukong are the only champions with more than one texture per skin (one for themselves and one for the clone spawned by Hallucinate Hallucinate, Shadow of the Rose Shadow of the Rose, or Decoy Decoy)
  • Shaco's dance is The Worm.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Shaco might be referencing the Harlequin Crest from Diablo.
  • It's possible that many aspects of Shaco's champion design, such as his appearance, his laugh and his "manic killer clown" persona were inspired by Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI.
  • The name Shaco is an anagram for the word chaos
  • There was a Shaco rework concept that turned Shaco into a projectile but hitting a Wind Wall in this form would remove Shaco from the game.[1]



ShacoSquare Classic Shaco [S|L]
ShacoSquare Mad Hatter Shaco [S|L]
ShacoSquare Asylum Shaco [S|L]
ShacoSquare Workshop Shaco [S|L]
ShacoSquare Masked Shaco [S|L]
ShacoSquare Wild Card Shaco [S|L]