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With the fall of Gangplank, Bilgewater descends into chaos as old rivalries are settled in blood while gang warfare threatens to tear the city apart. Miss Fortune counts the cost of her vengeance as the Black Mist rolls out of the Shadow Isles to engulf the city in a nightmare storm of restless dead.[1]


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For a detailed look, see Shadow and Fortune.
  • Shadow and Fortune was a lore release during 2015 Harrowing.
  • The story takes place directly after the events of "Burning Tides".
    • This story takes place before Lucian Lucian found out that his wife Senna's soul was still trapped inside Thresh Thresh's lantern, meaning that the story happens in between Lucian's initial story as indicated in his main lore.
    • Olaf Olaf acknowledges Sejuani Sejuani as the one true leader of the Freljord above other contenders (his ship being called the 'Winter's Kiss' references his allegiance to the ProfileIcon0547 Winter's Claw Winter's Claw)
  • This is Illaoi Illaoi's first appearance before her release in the game.
    • It has been hinted at that she and Gangplank Gangplank had a relationship long before the events of "Burning Tides".
    • It has been revealed that she was Bilgewater's savior from the Shadow Isles Harrowing and the the Black Mist.
    • Her main lore continues the story after the events of "Shadows and Fortune".
  • The true name of the Bearded Lady, or Mother Serpent, was revealed here to be Nagakabouros.
  • Hecarim Hecarim's, Kalista Kalista's, Karthus Karthus', Mordekaiser Mordekaiser's, and Thresh Thresh's new main lores have been released in conjunction with the release of "Shadows and Fortune" to better tie in the story of the Harrowing and Bilgewater.
  • This story, and the Harrowing itself, are the first seasonal events which weren't released at the same time as the same prior events, during and around Halloween. It has been stated by Riot that all future Harrowings lore wise could may happen every time during the year and wont be bound around the date of the Halloween season. This is due to the fact that the Harrowing itself, lore wise, has become a much more frequent and larger threat than before.


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  1. Lunar Revel (Chinese New Year)
  2. Valentine's Day
  3. Masquerade (Carnival Season)
  4. Great Hunt (Easter)
  5. April Fools' Day (URF)
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