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Shapeshifter refers to a champion that can switch between multiple forms.

Champions possessing two set of skills for each of their forms:

Champions with form-changing abilities
  • Aatrox Aatrox's Blood Well.png Blood Well allows him, after a short period of time, to revive after death.
  • Anivia Anivia's Rebirth.png Rebirth allows her, after a short period of time, to revive after death.
  • Cho'Gath Cho'Gath's Feast.png Feast empowers him, granting him bonus health and increasing both his size model and his autoattack's range.
  • Kayle Kayle's Righteous Fury.png Righteous Fury enhances her autoattacks, granting her area-of-effect bonus magic damage on non-tower targets and making her a ranged champion for the duration.
  • Karthus Karthus' Death Defied.png Death Defied empowers him; in a posthumous state, allows him to cast his abilities for free.
  • Kha'Zix Kha'Zix's Void Assault.png Void Assault allows him to evolve, changing his appearance and enhancing his abilities.
  • Kog'Maw Kog'Maw's Icathian Surprise.png Icathian Surprise empowers him; in a posthumous state, turning him invulnerable, granting him bonus movement speed and exploding at the end of the ability.
  • Nasus Nasus' Fury of the Sands.png Fury of the Sands empowers him, granting him bonus health, armor, magic resistance, range, increased size and area of effect magic damage.
  • Quinn Quinn's Behind Enemy Lines.png Behind Enemy Lines grants her bonus movement speed after a short channel, which ends upon using any offensive ability or a basic attack, or when affected by specific sources of damage or crowd control.
  • Rammus Rammus' Defensive Ball Curl.png Defensive Ball Curl and Powerball.png Powerball are stances, which change his appearance and cannot be used in conjunction. One expire after 1 second after another one is activated.
  • Renekton Renekton's Dominus.png Dominus empowers him, granting him bonus health, increased size, area of effect magic damage and passive fury generation.
  • Shyvana Shyvana's Dragon's Descent.png Dragon's Descent empowers her, granting her bonus health and enhancing her basic abilities.
  • Sion Sion's Glory in Death.png Glory in Death empowers him; in a posthumous state, granting him bonus lifesteal, static attack speed, bonus physical damage on-hit and the ability to cast Death Surge.png Death Surge once.
  • Swain Swain's Ravenous Flock.png Ravenous Flock empowers him, granting him multi-target damage and healing.
  • Udyr Udyr's stances change his appearance and grant a unique passive based on which stance he is in.
  • Viktor Viktor's Glorious Evolution.png Glorious Evolution, with Prototype Hex Core item.png Prototype Hex Core evolving in a similar style such as Kha'Zix Kha'Zix. It changes every time the Hex Core is purchased for 1000 gold, enhancing each ability at a time.
  • Vladimir Vladimir's Sanguine Pool.png Sanguine Pool causes him to sink into a pool of blood, disabling his other abilities but making him untargetable.
  • Zac Zac's Cell Division.png Cell Division allows him, after a short period of time, to revive after death.

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