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  • In Chinese localization Shen is written as 慎 ('caution')
  • Shen was the first champion to use energy as a resource for abilities.
  • Neither him nor Zed Zed reveal their faces in any of their skins, unlike Akali Akali (All-Star, Nurse, Blood Moon) and Kennen Kennen (Karate, M. D.)
  • He resembles Joe Musashi from Shinobi, going so far as to walking and dashing in exactly the same way.
  • His dance references Tai chi.
  • Shen, Pantheon Pantheon, and Twisted Fate Twisted Fate were the first to have a global-range teleport ability.
    • After the other two's were heavily changed Shen remained the only one left with such an ability until Rek&#039;Sai Rek'Sai was released.



ShenSquare.png Yellow Jacket Shen [S|L]
ShenSquare.png Frozen Shen [S|L]
ShenSquare.png Surgeon Shen [S|L]
ShenSquare.png Blood Moon Shen [S|L]
ShenSquare.png Warlord Shen [S|L]
  • Akali Akali can be seen in the background.
    • Next to her is possible to spot what most likely are Kennen Kennen's hears.
  • He might be referencing Total War: Shogun 2.
  • He has his own dedicated animations.
ShenSquare.png TPA Shen [S|L]


  • Shen leads the remnants of the Kinkou Order.
    • Together with Akali Akali and Kennen Kennen he enforces balance between Runeterra and the spirit world.
      • The Kinkou are at war with Zed Zed and his Order of Shadow.
        • Even though the Master of Shadows killed Lord Kusho (Shen's father) the Eye of Twilight is torn between avenging him and enforcing equilibrium, but of course, his duty takes precedent.
  • Lord Kusho, Shen, and Zed Zed were responsible for capturing and imprisoning Jhin Khada Jhin.
    • Shen inherited his title and the Twilight Assault.png Spirit Blade he carries from his father.[2]


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