Champion Select

  • Shyvana
    "They are nothing before me."
  • Shyvana.move7
    "I smell fear."


  • Shyvana.attack1
    (Human) "Suffer my fury."
  • Shyvana.attack2
    (Human) "The might of Demacia will prevail."
  • Shyvana.attack3
    (Human) "The rage."
  • Shyvana.attack4
    (Human) "They see their end."
  • Shyvana.attack5
    (Human) "They are nothing before me."
  • Shyvana.attack6
    (Human) "By the blood of my father, I will end them."
  • ShyvanaDragon.attack1
    (Dragon) "Fragile creatures."
  • ShyvanaDragon.attack2
    (Dragon) "I will dance in their ashes."
  • ShyvanaDragon.attack3
    (Dragon) "Feel my talons."
  • ShyvanaDragon.attack4
    (Dragon) "Fear me."


  • Shyvana.move1
    (Human) "I go."
  • Shyvana.move2
    (Human) "The dragon nears."
  • Shyvana.move3
    (Human) "On wings of fury."
  • Shyvana.move4
    (Human) "The enemies of Demacia will fall."
  • Shyvana.move5
    (Human) "Without remorse."
  • Shyvana.move6
    (Human) "The quiet before battle."
  • Shyvana.move7
    (Human) "I smell fear."
  • Shyvana.move8
    (Human) "They should run now."
  • Shyvana.move9
    (Human) "They have faced nothing like me."
  • ShyvanaDragon.move1
    (Dragon) "Behold my true form."
  • ShyvanaDragon.move2
    (Dragon) "Tremble before the power of a dragon."
  • ShyvanaDragon.move3
    (Dragon) "Power flows through me."
  • ShyvanaDragon.move4
    (Dragon) "I am unleashed."


  • Shyvana.taunt
    (Human) "Come get a glimpse into the belly of the beast!"
  • ShyvanaDragon.taunt
    (Dragon) "Think you're a dragon slayer? Come here and try."


  • Shyvana.joke
    (Human) "What do you get when a dragon sneezes? (chuckles) Out of the way."


  • Shyvana.laugh1
    (Human) Shyvana laughs.
  • Shyvana.laugh2
    (Human) Shyvana laughs.
  • Shyvana.laugh3
    (Human) Shyvana laughs.
  • Shyvana.laugh4
    (Human) Shyvana laughs.
  • ShyvanaDragon.laugh1
    (Dragon) Shyvana laughs.
  • ShyvanaDragon.laugh2
    (Dragon) Shyvana laughs.
  • ShyvanaDragon.laugh3
    (Dragon) Shyvana laughs.
  • ShyvanaDragon.laugh4
    (Dragon) Shyvana laughs.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "I love the quiet before battle."
Player Team Victory
  • "Dragons have no remorse."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"