• Shyvana's dance references RIVER by AKB48.
  • Dragon's Descent.png Dragon's Descent is the only non-toggle ability in-game without a cooldown.
    • Shyvana's resource was misnamed 'Dragon's Blood' in her champion preview.
    • Shyvana's dragon form resembles a wyvern.
  • Shyvana, Elise Elise, Gnar Gnar, Nidalee Nidalee, and Swain Swain are the only champions with a transformation ability.
  • Shyvana was the first champion since Kog'Maw Kog'Maw to not feature a League Judgement after they were discontinued (except Varus Varus)



ShyvanaSquare.png Ironscale Shyvana [S|L]
ShyvanaSquare.png Boneclaw Shyvana [S|L]
ShyvanaSquare.png Darkflame Shyvana [S|L]
ShyvanaSquare.png Ice Drake Shyvana [S|L]
ShyvanaSquare.png Championship Shyvana [S|L]
ShyvanaSquare.png Super Galaxy Shyvana [S|L]


  • Shyvana is a human-dragon half-breed who was inducted into Demacia's elite guard after partnering with Prince Jarvan IV Jarvan IV to slay her father's murderer. She is seen with a mixture of respect and fear amongst the people.
    • Shyvana gets along best with Xin Zhao Xin Zhao (after Jarvan IV Jarvan IV) while Garen Garen disapproves of her lack of discipline and self-control.
    • Shyvana is prone to fits of rage, with Galio Galio being the one (if not the only) capable of calming her.