A Siege Minion is one type of minion that fights in League of Legends. These minions deal more damage and have more hit points than regular minions. They also receive only 70% damage from turrets. They are controlled by Artificial Intelligence, and use a ranged attack against their enemies. However, their range is lower than that of caster minions, although they can even outrange turrets if they receive the Baron buff given from nearby champions holding the buff. For the first 20 minutes, 1 Siege minion is spawned every three minion waves between the melee and caster minions. After 20 minutes, Siege minions spawn once every 2 waves and from the 35th minute onward, Siege minions spawn every wave to accelerate the game pace by making pushing easier.


  • Old Siege minion
  • Siege minions
  • Red PROJECT: siege minion
  • Blue PROJECT: siege minion
  • Snowdown minions
  • Blue Draven siege minion
  • Red Draven siege minion
  • Blue Star Guardian siege minion
  • Red Star Guardian siege minion

Patch History

  • Visual and Gameplay Update on Howling Abyss map (to match Summoner's Rift).
  • Minions no longer gain magic resistance over time.
  • Minion health gain over time increased to compensate the loss of resistances.
  • Siege minions no longer have base armor.
  • Minions no longer gain armor or magic resistance over time.
  • Siege minions no longer have base armor
  • All minion health gain over time has been increased to be roughly as durable as when they had resistances
  • Siege minions now start spawning every two waves at 20 minutes.
  • Siege minions now start spawning every wave at 35 minutes.
  • Model in Summoner's Rift changed.
  • Lane Minions are no longer worth more experience based on game time.
  • Siege Minions now take 70% damage from Turrets, increased from 50% damage.
  • Siege Minions now deal 150% damage to Turrets, reduced from 200% damage
  • Base gold value increased to 40 from 27.
  • Scaling gold value based on time increased to 1 from 0.5.
March 9th Hotfix
  • Siege minions now spawn every 2 waves after 35 minutes instead of 20.
  • Siege minions now reduce turret damage by 50% (down from 65%).
  • After 20 minutes, siege minions now spawn every 2 waves (up from every 3 waves).
  • Siege minions armor and magic resist now increase by 3 every 3 minutes (up from 2).
  • Siege minions now reduce turret damage by 65% (up from 50%).
  • Fixed a tooltip bug "This unit receive..." with siege minions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused purple Siege minions to deal and receive normal damage from towers.