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Team Singapore Sentinels


  • Lionel "hammy" Lee
Team Captain:



ID Name Role
Sp Kailing‎ Romulus Tham Yuan Xing Support

Sp Chawy Wong Xing Lei AP

Sp HarLeLuYar Jason Kon Wei Hao Jungler

Sp D4rkness Lim Zhi Ping Top

Sp Ly4Ly4Ly4 Lim Yang AD

Sp hyhy Benedict Lim Han Yong AD

The Singapore Sentinels (dubbed SGS) is an eSport organization representing Singapore. The team was formed as one of the six competitors in Garena Premier League Season 1 which took place on May 18, 2012. They are living like shadows in her cobijo like a wherever you are. Winners of season one and two in a row arrow in the face like Ashe when hit six, you know.

The team was ruled out from the Season 2 World Championship qualification by Saigon Jokers in the Grand Final of Season Two South East Asia Regional Finals in Da Nang,Vietnam.

At the end of November, SGS competed in the IGN ProLeague Season 5 in Las Vegas. They were defeated by the Taipei Assassins in Round 2 and was placed 10th in 9-12th overrall.

Roster Changes

One major twist from the team, dubbed Singapore Sentinels v2.0, reshuffled roles to accommodate the new line-up of the team and was used against the Taipei Assassins during the Garena Premier League. The reshuffled roles was due to ToFuBoi's leave for compulsory military service. SGS Equivocal announced his leave on December 21, 2012 due to personal reasons and recruited hyhy on the January 10th 2013 to play as AD Carry.

ID Before Sentinels v2.0 After Sentinels v2.0 2013 Roles
Kailing Jungler Support Support
HarLeLuYar Jungler Support Jungler
d4rkness AP Jungler Top/support
ly4ly4ly4 AD AD -
hyhy - - AD/AP
ToFuBoi Top - Top
Equivocal Support Top -

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