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SionSquare.png Classic Sion [S|L]
SionSquare.png Mecha Zero Sion [S|L]
  • He and Viktor Viktor share the quote "Function over form".
  • "Roll out - and Unstoppable Onslaught.png over!", "Change shapers mecha incognito", and "Death is the right of all sentient beings" reference Transformers.
  • "I'll be ba- un- atn- ! Sorry... I'll be Recall.png back" references Terminator.
  • His quote "Peace, in my time." references a quote by Ultron from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron "Peace in our time".


SionSquare.png Classic Sion [S|L]
  • He is trampling Helmet Bro (this is the first case in which a champion is seen through someone's eyes in artwork)
  • He resembles Garrosh Hellscream from Warcraft.
  • He might be referencing Darth Sion from Star Wars.
  • He has Jarvan I's crown bolted to his jaw. The knife stuck on his head, on the other hand, was coated with Jarvan IV Jarvan IV's blood so as to restore his mind during Vladimir Vladimir's blood ritual.[4]
SionSquare.png Hextech Sion [S|L]
SionSquare.png Barbarian Sion [S|L]
SionSquare.png Lumberjack Sion [S|L]
SionSquare.png Mecha Zero Sion [S|L]


  • In life, Sion was the first Hand of Noxus, right-hand man to Boram Darkwill and his most trusted supporter.
    • His death after killing Jarvan I made Boram paranoid and had him look for ways to resurrecting him. LeBlanc The Black Rose offered to provide the means to do so.
      • Sion's body was restored, but his mind was gone and he was reduced to a simple killing machine that turned on Noxian troops more than once. Boram locked him up in his memorial and ordered everyone to stay clear of it without his authorization.
  • Once Swain Swain overthrew Boram Darkwill with the help of LeBlanc the Black Rose (thus becoming the new Grand General) he learned of Sion's existence and plotted to use him as his own weapon.
    • Vladimir Vladimir conducted the blood ritual that restored Sion's mind (using a ritual knife coated in Jarvan IV Jarvan IV's blood, likely obtained when the Exemplar was captured and LeBlanc LeBlanc impersonated him to avoid Demacia's suspicion)
      • As a result of this 're-resurrection' Sion is stuck in an amnesiac limbo. He remembers Boram warning him about Beatrice ravens, but his undeath clouds his thoughts and makes him over-revel in slaughter.
  • Sion Sion remembers fighting Galio Galio in life, making them contemporaries.


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