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Sivir, the Battle Mistress relaunch available now

By Tyler 'RiotWenceslaus' Eltringham [1]

Sivir Sivir, the Battle Mistress has been relaunched! Featuring improved fidelity and readability in game, Sivir returns to the battlefields wielding her newly re-emphasized Boomerang Blade.png Boomerang Blade to accompany creative updates as well as a kit rework.

As one of the earliest champions in the game, Sivir's visuals and effects didn't match the look and feel of newer champs. We've designed her silhouette around her weapon while improving fidelity and readability of Sivir in-game, giving her an aesthetic that matches the battle-hardened mercenary personality she's always had. New effects on her abilities emphasize the boomerang-like nature of her weapon, and should make playing Sivir feel like Fleet of Foot.png dashing around the fight tossing Ricochet.png ricocheting blades and whittling enemies down from unexpected angles.

Along with her visuals, we identified a few mysteries we could explore in Sivir's lore. Our goals were to clearly identify her place in the world and deliver on the mercenary fantasy inherent in her story. Generic battle platitudes and lack of deep motivation previously made it difficult to become personally invested in her successes or failures. We've added new voice-over that ties in to her expanded lore and relationships. With more of her backstory and a glimpse into her possible future revealed, players will have more opportunities to learn about Sivir.


From a gameplay perspective, Sivir has a unique feel among ranged marksmen. She's a powerful counter to Spell Shield.png spell-reliant champs and offers different skills for teamfights than many marksmen with her On the Hunt.png ultimate and Fleet of Foot.png passive. It was extremely important to us to ensure that any changes to her kit preserved her ability to split-push, initiate and counter-initiate while opening up new options for Sivir players. With that in mind, Boomerang Blade.png Boomerang Blade and Spell Shield.png Spell Shield still operate the same way. Ricochet.png Ricochet can bounce to more enemies, although it cannot hit the same target twice. We've also reduced the cooldown of On the Hunt.png On the Hunt, and redesigned it to deliver a massive movement speed boost and no longer have a cast time.

Fleet of Foot
Fleet of Foot

When Sivir hits an enemy champion with her basic attacks or abilities, she gains movement speed for a few seconds.

Boomerang Blade
Boomerang Blade

Sivir hurls her crossblade like a boomerang, which deals physical damage to the first target hit and reduced damage to each subsequent target.


Sivir's next three basic attacks bounce to nearby targets, dealing physical damage to the first target and reduced damage to each subsequent target. Only the first target hit procs on-hit effects. Ricochet bounces to nearby targets until there are no targets that haven't already been hit by Ricochet.

Spell Shield
Spell Shield

Sivir creates a magical barrier that blocks the next incoming enemy ability. If an ability is blocked by the shield, Sivir regains mana. Spell Shield has no mana cost.

On the Hunt
On the Hunt
  • Passive: Sivir gains attack speed while Ricochet.png Ricochet is active.
  • Active: Sivir rallies her teammates for a duration, granting nearby allies an initial movement speed bonus that wears off to a smaller, longer-lasting movement speed buff. On the Hunt has no cast time.


As the laning phase begins, Sivir has a number of tools available to determine how she wants to approach the early-game. Sustain-heavy options involve using Spell Shield.png Spell Shield to regenerate mana and Boomerang Blade.png Boomerang Blade to harass lane opponents rather than push. Aggressive lanes might opt for heavy use of Ricochet.png Ricochet to clear minion waves rapidly, forcing opponents up against their own turret.


Sivir transitions well into the objective-heavy portions of the game. Because of her enormous contribution to On the Hunt.png team mobility, it becomes easy to rotate around the jungle, contesting Crest of Cinders.png neutral Crest of Insight.png buffs and larger objectives like Dragon dragons or turrets. The reasonably low cooldown of On the Hunt.png On the Hunt makes it difficult for the enemy team to keep up with a Sivir-led composition.


Late-game Sivir acts as a potent split-pusher if the team composition calls for it. Thanks to her built-in On the Hunt.png movement speed steroid that can now be cast on the run, Sivir can unleash tons of damage on turrets before escaping when she needs to, blocking incoming abilities with Spell Shield.png Spell Shield along the way. For more engage-heavy teams, Sivir offers massive area of effect damage through Ricochet.png Ricochet and maneuverability with On the Hunt.png On the Hunt. A poke-comp can initiate quick engages with Sivir-aided disengages. Using this strategy takes advantage of the amount of damage Sivir can dish out, while helping to protect more fragile poke-oriented teams.

Sivir Screenshots
Sivit skins Screenshots


Snowdown Showdown 2013 - Login Screen01:03

Snowdown Showdown 2013 - Login Screen

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