Champion Select

  • Sivir Select
    "I always take my toll - blood, or gold."
  • Sivir.attack05
    "It's just business."


  • Sivir.move02
    "I'll fight for a cause. I won't die for one."
  • Sivir.move03
    "Kings come and go, but gold stays."
  • Sivir.move04
    "Everyone has a price."
  • Sivir.move05
    "Wealth is my kind of burden."
  • Sivir.move06
    "I make my own fortune."
  • Sivir.move07
    "Loyalty isn't earned. It's bought."
  • Sivir.move08
    "You can't tame the desert."
  • Sivir.move09
    "Laws are whatever works at the time."
  • Sivir.move10
    "Heroes go hungry."
  • Sivir.move11
    "It's not stealing if they're dead."
  • Sivir.move12
    "The only thing I look up to is the sky."
  • Sivir.move13
    "Honor is the rust on a dull blade."
  • Sivir.move14
    "You've got a problem, I've got a price."
  • Sivir.move01
    "Get paid, and get out."
  • Sivir.move15
    "I've got values - they stack up nicely."


  • Sivir.attack01
    "This one's on me."
  • Sivir.attack02
    "You die for free."
  • Sivir.attack03
    "Life's cheap. Death pays."
  • Sivir.attack04
    "I go where the trouble is."
  • Sivir.attack05
    "It's just business."
  • Sivir.attack06
    "Don't get between me and my gold."
  • Sivir.attack07
    "Step light, strike hard."
  • Sivir.attack08
    "Here's where I get my cut."
  • Sivir.attack09
    "Easy pay."
  • Sivir.attack10
    "Crack 'em like a tomb."
  • Sivir.attack11
    "Victory is what I'm paid for."
  • Sivir.attack12
    "Another fight, another fee."
  • Sivir.attack13
    "You're worth my time - dead."
  • Sivir.attack14
    "Make me work for it."
  • Sivir.attack15
    "Feed the jackals."

Upon Using Boomerang Blade.png Boomerang Blade

  • Sivir.Q1
  • Sivir.Q2
    "Take this!"
  • Sivir.Q3
    "Better duck!"
  • Sivir.Q4
    "Heads up!"

Upon Blocking a Spell with Spell Shield.png Spell Shield

  • Sivir.E1
    "Back off."
  • Sivir.E2
    "Nice try."


  • Sivir.joke01
    "Cut purse? No. Cut throat? Yes."
  • Sivir.joke02
    "They say the desert is a cruel mistress. I like the sound of that."


  • Sivir.taunt01
    "You can't take it with you, so give it to me."
  • Sivir.taunt02
    "Look up. See the buzzards circling."
Taunting an Enemy Azir Azir
  • Sivir.tauntAzir01
    "Alright Azir, let's put your ascension to work."
  • Sivir.tauntAzir02
    "Looks like trouble runs in the family, eh Azir?"
Taunting an Enemy Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
  • Sivir.Cassiopeiataunt01
    "You always were a snake. Now you look the part."
  • Sivir.Cassiopeiataunt02
    "Your inner beauty really shines through, Cassiopeia."
  • Sivir.Cassiopeiataunt03
    "Oh, look. I'm about to step on a snake."
  • Sivir.Cassiopeiataunt04
    "That forked tongue could use a matching forked face."
Taunting an Enemy Renekton Renekton
  • Sivir.Renektontaunt01
    "You'll make a nice bag."
  • Sivir.Renektontaunt02
    "I could use a pair of croc skin boots."


  • Sivir.laugh01
    Sivir laughs.
  • Sivir.laugh02
    Sivir laughs.
  • Sivir.laugh03
    Sivir laughs.


Upon Starting a Game
  • Sivir.ascensionStart01
    "Keeping the Ascended in line is a full-time job."
  • Sivir.ascensionStart02
    "Ascension is a problem. I'm the solution."
  • Sivir.ascensionStart03
    "This is my desert."
Upon Becoming Ascended
  • Sivir.ascensionSelf01
    "Hmm... I could get used to this."
  • Sivir.ascensionSelf02
    "Yeah. I am that good."
  • Sivir.ascensionSelf03
    "I do my own dirty work."
When a Nearby Ally Becomes Ascended
  • Sivir.ascension01
    "They asked for Ascension. Give it to them."
  • Sivir.ascension02
    "Take back what's ours."
Killing an Enemy while Ascended
  • Sivir.unknown01
    "Send more goons. I think it's working."
  • Sivir.unknown02
    "Takes a lot to stay at the top."
Upon Victory
  • Sivir.unknown03
    "Business is good."
  • Sivir.unknown04
    "Another contract completed."
  • Sivir.unknown05
    "Come to my desert, pay my price."

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Think you can dodge my blade?"
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "A great battle!"