Champion Select

  • Skarner Select
    "My stinger brings ugly death."
  • Skarner.move6
    "We await our time."


  • Skarner.attack1
    "Time to fight!"
  • Skarner.attack2
    "Limb from limb!"
  • Skarner.attack3
    "I will tear them apart."
  • Skarner.attack4
    "In claw's reach."
  • Skarner.attack5
    "I'll show you monstrous."
  • Skarner.attack6
    "Fear my sting."


  • Skarner.move1
    "On all legs."
  • Skarner.move2
    "We think alike, summoner."
  • Skarner.move3
    "I see the wisdom in that."
  • Skarner.move4
    "I miss my kind."
  • Skarner.move5
    "This world is so strange."
  • Skarner.move6
    "We await our time."
  • Skarner.move7
    "The battle approaches."
  • Skarner.move8
    "The Crystal Scar is weeping."
  • Skarner.move9
    "My stinger is ready."
While Standing Idle in Brush
  • Skarner.special


  • Skarner.taunt
    "I... am... ancient! You are nothing more than an insect to me!"


  • Skarner.joke1
    "Eeaugh! Bugs are gross! Ugh!"
  • Skarner.joke2
    "Oh no! I seem to have stepped on one of my cousins!"


  • Skarner.laugh1
    Skarner laughs.
  • Skarner.laugh2
    Skarner laughs.
  • Skarner.laugh3
    Skarner laughs.
  • Skarner.laugh4
    Skarner laughs.

Upon Casting Impale.png Impale

  • Skarner.ult1
    "Now I've got you!"
  • Skarner.ult2
    "Feel my sting!"
  • Skarner.ult3
    "You'll never escape!"
  • Skarner.ult4
    Skarner laughs.

Upon Starting a Game

  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.start01
    "Abduction protocol in effect. Isolate high potential subjects."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.start02
    "ViktorSquare.png The Creator [S|L] requires additional organic templates."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.start03
    "Biological samples detected. Dispose of all unusable materials."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.start04
    "The will of the Creator must be enacted."


  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack01
    "The Creator awaits."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack02
    "Contemptible biological unit."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack03
    "Emotion puppet."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack04
    "We have need of your subtype."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack05
    "Escape is statistically improbable."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack06
    "You will be incorporated."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack07
    "Bypassing obstructions!"
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack08
    "An unsuitable model."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack09
    "Comply with your discontinuation."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack10
    "Survival is a delusion."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack11
    "Your design requires improvement."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack12
    "Abandon your kind."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack13
    "Expediting incapacitation."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack14
    "Activating chain blades."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack15
    "Allowances will not be made."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.attack16
    "Collect what can be re-purposed."


  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move01
    "Useful components will be preserved."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move02
    "I will find them."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move03
    "Root out valuable biological units."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move04
    "I do not deviate from my course."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move05
    "Organic weaponry is inconsequential."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move06
    "Looping self-diagnostic."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move07
    "Specialization: target apprehension."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move08
    "The resistance is a lie."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move09
    "I cannot be impeded."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move10
    "The machine expansion is irreversible."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move11
    "This world is in need of retrofitting."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move12
    "No locations are inaccessible to me."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move13
    "Calculating optimal abduction opportunity."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move14
    "Referencing local area schematic."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move15
    "Capture exceptional specimens."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move16
    "Our progress will not be abated."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.move17
    "Establishing strategic positioning."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.recall01
    "Involuntary extraction authorized."


  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.joke01
    "My stinger consists of metal matrix composites, thermoplastic polymers, and... ugly death."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.joke02
    "Skar-skar-skarner--- rebooting system."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.joke03
    "Squish. Plod. I'm a human."


  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.taunt01
    "How do you sustain respiratory function with such meager processing power?"
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.taunt02
    "Biology is the study of defective systems."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.taunt03
    "You have taught us many methods through which you can die."


  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.dance01
    "Boogie protocol engaged."


  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.laugh01
    Skarner laughs.
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.laugh02
    Skarner laughs.
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.laugh03
    Skarner laughs.
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.laugh04
    Skarner laughs.

Upon Casting Crystalline Exoskeleton.png Crystalline Exoskeleton

  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.W1
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.W2
    "Bolstering exoplating."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.W3
    "Reinforcing hull."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.W4
    "Boosters activated."

Upon Casting Impale.png Impale

  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.R1
    "You are coming with me."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.R2
    "Cease your movement."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.R3
    "You have been chosen."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.R4
    "Prepare for disassembly."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.R5
    Skarner laughs.
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.R6
    Skarner laughs.
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.R7
    Skarner laughs.

Upon Buying...

Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.item01
    "Employing thermal suppression."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.item02
    "Shape unsuited to forelimbs - adjusting."
Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.item03
    "Effective against biologicals and their bacterial contaminants."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.item04
    "Seek out biological clusters."
Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.item07
    "Integrating tri-core processing."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.item08
    "Multiple systems enhanced."
Warmog's Armor item.png Warmog's Armor
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.item05
    "Maximizing defensive output."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.item06
    "Damage absorption potential boosted."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.ward01
    "Surveillance deployed."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.ward02
    "Area monitored."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.ward03
    "Remote sensor activated."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.recall02
    "Rearming in progress."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.recall03
    "Update required."
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.recall04
    "Return imminent."

Upon Death

  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.death01
    "Error... "
  • SkarnerBattlecastAlpha.death02
    "Skar-skar... "