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  • Skarner has the fifth highest Level 18 Base Attack Damage (133)
  • Skarner was deemed overpowered and obnoxious in Ultra Rapid Fire (2014 edition) and was ultimately disabled in non-custom games.


  • Skarner might come from Skarn and Brackern (his race) from Brack (Scottish: 'broken') respectively referencing their underground nature and humans effectively 'breaking' them by killing them and stealing their life crystals.
  • Skarner was first spotted in Brand Brand's 'Art Spotlight' (video was removed and edited after the fact)
  • Michael 'IronStylus' Maurino stated Skarner's head is based on Evangelion Unit-01's from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


SkarnerSquare.png Classic Skarner [S|L]
  • "Oh no! I seem to have stepped on one of my cousins!" might be referencing Men in Black.
  • "Skar-Skar-SKARNER!" references Pokémon.
  • Skarner and Kha&#039;Zix Kha'Zix share the quote "Limb from limb!"
SkarnerSquare.png Battlecast Alpha Skarner [S|L]
  • "You have been chosen" might be referencing Toy Story.


SkarnerSquare.png Earthrune Skarner [S|L]
SkarnerSquare.png Battlecast Alpha Skarner [S|L]
SkarnerSquare.png Guardian of the Sands Skarner [S|L]


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