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Spellthief's Edge is a basic item in League of Legends.[1] 

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Spellthief's Edge item.png Spellthief's Edge is 66.79% gold efficient.
  • For the item to be gold efficient, Tribute must be worth at least 116.25 Gold.
  • Without Tribute, the item becomes gold efficient in 9 minutes and 42 seconds. Each hit against a champion or structure while Tribute is off cooldown reduces this timer by 40 seconds.

Builds Into

Similar Items


  • Because killing minions disables the Tribute passive, Spellthief's Edge item.png Spellthief's Edge is best purchased on supports who are able to harass effectively in-lane.
  • The damage type of the bonus damage will match the trigger.
  • Area of effect abilities will use one charge per enemy champion hit.
  • On-hit effects will not trigger Tribute (although the triggering attack can).
  • Damage over time abilities will trigger Tribute once per instance of damage.
  • Killing a minion and damaging an enemy at the same time will put Tribute on cooldown without activating.
  • If you damage an enemy champion or structure 3 times every 30 seconds, the passive tribute grants Gold per 10.
    • Plus Gold per 10 from the item, you can receive a total of 10 Gold per 10.


Patch History


  • Cost reduced to 350 Gold from 365 Gold
  • Tribute gold increased to 8 from 5.
  • Cooldown changed to "3 times every 30 seconds" from "1 charge every 10 seconds, up to 3".


  • Mana regeneration changed to 25% of base mana regeneration from 2 per 5 seconds.


  • Ability power reduced to 5 from 10.
  • Mana regeneration reduced to 2 from 3.
  • Unique Passive - Tribute:
    • Gold per hit increased to 5g from 4g.
    • Now triggers on abilities as well as autoattacks.
    • Now triggers up to three times every 30 seconds, from once per 10 seconds per enemy.
    • Now affects enemy structures.
    • Now deals 10 additional damage on abilities and autoattacks. Damage matches the attack's damage type.

V3.14: Added

  • Recipe: 365g
  • +10 Ability power
  • +3 Mana regeneration
  • Unique Passive - Tribute: Autoattacks against enemy champions grant 4 gold, up to once every 10 seconds per enemy. Killing a minion disables this passive for 10 seconds.
  • Unique Passive - Gold Income: You may only be in possession of 1 Gold Income item.


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