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Stealth is the mechanic by which some units become invisible for a determined period of time.


Stealthed units will fade and/or disappear from enemy sight until they attack/have been attacked, or the duration of their invisibility effect expires. For ranged champions, auto attacks must actually land on a target for the stealth to expire prematurely. For some champions, using an ability that will cause them to become stealthed is preceded by a period called a "fade time", during which the champion appears partially transparent, but is still visible to enemies. During this fade time, any damage taken by the champion delays becoming invisible for a short period of time. No matter how many times a champion is hit, however, the fade time on invisibility cannot exceed five seconds depending on if the champion has base banshee's veil. Summoner spells can be used during stealth without breaking it.

Invisible Objects and Units


Objects created from champion abilities


  •  Akali's  Twilight Shroud will stealth her until the Twilight Shroud ends or Akali steps outside of Twilight Shroud. Whenever Akali casts an ability or autoattacks inside of Twilight Shroud, she is revealed for 0.5 seconds. The Twilight Shroud also gives bonus armor and magic resistance for 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50.
  •  Evelynn's  Shadow Walk Evelynn stealths into the shadows only being seen by nearby enemy champions or true sight. While stealthed, Evelynn regenerates 1% of her maximum mana every second. Casting spells, taking damage or dealing damage reveals Evelynn for 6 seconds.
  •  Kha'Zix's  Void Assault enters stealth for 1 second, gaining 40% bonus movement speed and ignoring unit collision for the duration. Void Assault can be cast a second time within 10 seconds at no cost. If Kha'Zix evolves to have  Evolved Active Camouflage, he can stealth up to 3 times and takes 50% reduced damage while stealthed, it is also increased to 2 seconds per activation.
  •  LeBlanc's  Mirror Image stealths her instantly for 0.5 seconds whenever she is brought below 40% health. When the stealth ends, she creates a clone of herself that deals no damage from autoattacks, and lasts for 8 seconds. This effect occurs almost instantly and can only work for once a minute.
  •  Rengar's  Thrill of the Hunt gives him stealth over 7 seconds and reveals nearby champions. Rengar has 20 / 25 / 30% movement speed bonus while stealthed.
  •  Shaco's  Deceive will immediately stealth him for 3.5 seconds and teleport him in medium distance. Note that he blinks after stealthing, thus the enemy team cannot estimate direction he went without stealth detection.
  •  Talon's  Shadow Assault will stealth him for 2.5 seconds and gives him 40% increased movement speed. If Talon breaks the stealth, The blades around Talon will converge and return to Talon, Dealing 120 / 190 / 260 damage to any unit they pass through.
  •  Teemo's  Camouflage will stealth him until he moves or attacks if  Teemo stands still for 2 seconds. If he breaks the stealth, he gains 40% bonus attack speed for 3 seconds.
  •  Twitch's  Ambush allows him to enter stealth after 1.25 seconds of casting for 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 seconds. While stealthed, Twitch gains 20% movement speed. Upon exiting stealth, Twitch gains 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70% bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.
  •  Vayne's  Final Hour gives her increased attack damage 25 / 40 / 55, a 1 second stealth after using  Tumble and triple the bonus movement speed for  Night Hunter.
  •  Wukong's  Decoy will stealth him for 1.5 seconds and leaves an uncontrollable decoy that deals 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 magic damage after 1.5 seconds.

Invisibility detection

There are various ways for a champion to gain the ability to see invisibility. A champion with this ability will see invisible enemy units as partially translucent. When a revealed invisible unit leaves the revealed area that unit does not experience a fade time; the unit immediately turns invisible again. The following is a list of possible ways to detect invisible Champions:


Champion abilities

The following abilities can reveal invisible units for a period of time:


Allied turrets have a "true sight" stealth detection range that will reveal any stealthed unit.

Presence detection without reveal

All abilities that do not require single target to cast can affect stealthed champions (but will not reveal them).

Certain abilities can only be cast if an enemy is in range of the AoE casting circle - these abilities will light up and become available to use even if the only enemy in range is a stealthed enemy.

Skill shots

While skill shots that do damage and/or stun such as  Ashe's  Enchanted Crystal Arrow will still hit stealthed champions, they will still not be revealed. Note that the visible projectile will stop short of its trajectory and show visual and audio effects (eg.  Dr Mundo's  Infected Cleaver will make a splatter and show a small eruption of blood upon impact) if a stealthed unit is hit, indicating the stealthed champion's presence but not revealing them. Here are some more ways to detect stealthed enemies since they'll function the same as if they are unseen in brush.

Forcing enemies out of stealth

Taunting a stealthed enemy will cause him to attack, automatically revealing him and forcing him out of stealth. This can work if you target a visible stealthed unit or if the enemy is currently entering into stealth. With AoE taunts, such as  Shen's  Shadow Dash or  Galio's  Idol Of Durand, this is easier as you can force every stealthed champion in the area to attack, even if they are invisible.

In the case of  Teemo's  Camouflage, skills which force him to move - such as  Nautilus's  Dredge Line,  Blitzcrank's  Rocket Grab,  Hecarim's  Onslaught of Shadows,  Darius's  Apprehend and knockbacks will also force him out of stealth.

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