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Stealth Ward

Sight Ward item.png Stealth Wards have green tops as opposed to Vision Ward item.png Vision Wards, which have pink tops.

Stealth Ward is an item that reveals the fog of war when placed. After being placed, it is visible for 1 second, and then becomes invisible until its duration expires. Only 3 wards can be placed on the map per player.


  • If you place a ward after you already have three out, the first one you placed is removed and a new ward is placed in the position indicated.
  • Wards placed into walls will jump to the nearest placeable location, as shown in this video.
  • Teleport.png Teleporting to the ward will reveal it for the duration of the spell.
  • Sight Ward item.png Stealth wards are only available for the Summoner's Rift map.
  • Wards have a cast range of 600. The only exception to that is Farsight Alteration item.png Farsight Alteration, which has a cast range of 4000.
  • The ward has 3 HP, and every attack will only damage it by 1. There is also no way to regenerate its health.
    • While some abilities, such as Evelynn Evelynn's Hate Spike.png Hate Spike, become active around and can target wards, they cannot actually damage wards without the ward being revealed by a Vision Ward item.png Vision Ward or a champion with a Sweeping Lens item.png Sweeping Lens.
  • Wards grant 30 gold and 40 experience when destroyed (including Ghost Wards from the sightstone items). If the player who reveals/disables the ward and the killer of the ward are different players, they get 15 gold each.
  • Sight Ward item.png Stealth Ward used to be a consumable item. It was removed in patch 5.22.


Intelligent usage of wards goes a long way, namely in key brush locations, like intersections, in front of Dragon Dragon and Baron Nashor Baron Nashor. This is useful for map awareness of potential ganks, champion movements, and/or attempts to kill an Epic Monster. The lone shrub in front of both Epic Monsters is an excellent place to both reveal the river and keep tabs over their presence.

Wards that are placed on a Noxious Trap.png Noxious Trap will cause the mushroom to explode, a damage free method of removing them.

Certain characters with attack-timer refreshing abilities can clear wards in the moments after they are placed.

  • Shyvana Shyvana can use Twin Bite.png Twin Bite along with an autoattack.
  • Lucian Lucian can autoattack, then use Ardent Blaze.png Ardent Blaze or Relentless Pursuit.png Relentless Pursuit and his passive Lightslinger.png Lightslinger, on the next auto will strike twice.
  • Renekton Renekton can autoattack followed by Ruthless Predator.png Ruthless Predator, or use a Fury-enhanced cast of Ruthless Predator by itself.
  • Leona Leona can attack, activate and use Shield of Daybreak.png Shield of Daybreak, and immediately attack again. However the third attack is not automatic and must be ordered by the player.
  • Rengar Rengar can attack, use Savagery.png Savagery and then follow up with another autoattack or Savagery 2.png Savagery.
  • Jayce Jayce can use Hyper Charge.png Hyper Charge while in Cannon form to gain maximum attack speed for 3 attacks without the need to reset the attack timer.
  • Master Yi Master Yi can utilize his passive Double Strike.png Double Strike and an extra basic attack after, providing that the passive is triggered before or after the singular basic attack.

Lee Sin Lee Sin's Safeguard.png Safeguard and Jax Jax's Leap Strike.png Leap Strike can be used to dash to allied wards. This can be used to move over walls, chase enemies, or escape.

Patch History (Item)

  • Stealth/Ghost Ward experience on kill increased to 40 from 30.
  • Removed from the game.
  • New Effect: Now have spawn and death animations to provide better feedback.
  • The icon above a sight ward is now larger and green.
  • Name changed to Stealth Ward from Sight Ward.
  • New Effect: Limited to a maximum of 3 placed per player.
  • New Effect: Tooltip display how many stealth wards are currently placed.
  • Added new particles.
  • Now displays a targeting indicator when placing a ward inside a bush.
  • Bug Fix: No longer state that they have 20 attack damage.
  • New Effect: Now have a 0.5 seconds cooldown.
  • Will now properly update the map icons for creep camps.
  • Using Teleport.png Teleport on a ward will no longer reveal the ward through Fog of War to enemies. Instead, it will destealth the ward to be seen if an enemy is near and reveal the teleport particle through Fog of War to all enemies.
  • Attack-move will now target visible wards
  • New Effect: Teleport.png Teleporting to a ward will now reveal the ward to enemies for a few seconds.
  • New Effect: Locally jumping to a ward will now destealth the ward for 2 seconds.
  • Stacks per slot increased to 5 from 3.
  • Removed: Granting experience when destroyed.
  • Cost reduced to Gold 75 from Gold 90.
  • Health increased to 3 from 1.
  • New Effect: Is immune to healing effects and takes only 1 damage from every attack.
  • Health reduced to 1 from ?.
  • Armor reduced to 0 from ?.
  • Reduced collision and spell hit sizes.
  • Duration reduced to 180 seconds from 270.
  • Updated tooltip.
  • New Effect: Now shows its remaining duration, in seconds, in its mana bar. Both teams can see the remaining duration.
  • Cast range increased to 600 from 300.
  • Added
  • Sight Ward
    • Cost: Gold 90
    • Consume: Places an invisible ward with 300 range for 270 seconds.
    • Can only carry 3 Sight Ward item.png Stealth Wards in inventory.


List of Items

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