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Sterak's Gage is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1]


Sterak's Gage item
Sterak's Gage
Gold 2600 (Gold 1050)
Jaurim's Fist item
Gold 1200 (Gold 450)

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value
  • 400 health = Gold 1066.67
  • 10 attack damage = Gold 350 (minimum value from base attack damage passive)
    • Total Gold Value = Gold 1416.67

Gold Efficiency*

  • Sterak's Gage item.png Sterak's Gage is 54.49% gold efficient without its passive.
  • Sterak's Gage item.png Sterak's Gage is at least 54.6% gold efficient (due to its base attack damage increasing effect) when bought on a level 1 Orianna Orianna and at most 90.15% gold efficient when bought on a level 18 Mordekaiser Mordekaiser.


  • The +25% base attack damage granted as stats is not unique, and stacks additively, making it possible to multiply your base attack damage by 2.5 ( = 1 + (0.25 × 6)) from six Sterak's Gages. Sterak's Fury is, however, unique, making the total base AD multiplier 2.75 ( = 1 + (0.25 × 7)) while the Sterak's Fury is active. Mordekaiser Mordekaiser, with the highest base AD of 146 at level 18, can achieve a base attack damage of 365 using this build (401.5 with Sterak's Fury). Substituting one of the Sterak's Gages for a Sheen item.png Sheen will net you similar damage to a critical strike build.


  • This item is related to Czech YouTuber "Radek Starý" (known as Sterakdary) for achieving high number of referrals. Although the newer referral system was available, Sterakdary was still using the original referral system.

Similar Items

Patch History

  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 1050 from Gold 1150.
    • Total price reduced to Gold 2600 from Gold 2700.
  • Bug Fix: Lifeline cooldown no longer resets to full after the Sterak's Fury buff expires.
V5.16 Added


  1. Itemlist on leagueoflegends.com

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