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Greater Relics

The Greater Relics

The Greater Relic (often referred to as the Storm Shield, which is actually the buffs it provides) is a stationary object placed in an always-visible area at the center of the Crystal Scar that provides two strong, individual buffs to a champion that claims it: Storm Shield.png Storm Shield Shield and Storm Shield.png Storm Shield Lightning


  • The Greater Relics are two team-specific buffs, so while players are able to contest an enemy who is attempting to claim their team's Greater Relic, they cannot in turn steal the enemy team's buff for their own advantage. 
  • Greater Relics initially spawn at the 3 minute mark and has a re-spawn timer of 3 minutes.
  • To obtain the Storm Shield buffs, a champion must click on it and channel for three seconds; any damage that the champion receives during this time will immediately interrupt and reset the channel.


  • The Greater Relic buffs will increase your champion's size for its duration, granting extra range on their auto attacks.
  • Storm Shield: Shield grants an absorption shield that will recharge if the champion doesn't receive damage for 10 seconds.
  • Storm Shield: Lightning allows the champion to passively detonate a lightning blast inflicting 90 (10 x level) magic damage on the champion's autoattacks and damaging spells with a 4 second cooldown.

Patch History


  • Fixed a bug where the Dominion center buff could cause double kills against KogMawSquare.png Kog'Maw, KarthusSquare.png Karthus, etc.

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