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Strength of Spirit mastery s2
Strength of Spirit is a fifth tier Utility mastery with 3 ranks. In Season One, it was originally in the defensive tree, but was initially removed from the Season Two masteries; however, it was later reintroduced in V1.0.0.131, replacing Perseverance mastery s2.png Perseverance.

Effect per rank


  • Requires 16 points in Utility.


  • This mastery is intended for champions that utilize a large mana pool (mainly mages) but occasionally need to get close to enemies (perfect examples would be Singed Singed, Blitzcrank Blitzcrank and Ryze Ryze).
  • Be careful when relying on Strength of Spirit's health regeneration for your survivability needs. Even at max rank, this mastery is deceptively inadequate; it is meant to compensate for a mage's low survivability in assistance to a cautious behaviour. Low-health mages with short spell range typically utilizing this mastery are wiser than keeping too close to enemies.
  • Keep in mind that since Strength of Spirit scales with maximum mana, it would not compare to the effectiveness of health regeneration items: they immediately increase health regeneration and also provide other beneficial effects.
  • It is exceptionally strong on Ryze Ryze as he normally ends up with large amounts of mana since his abilities scale with maximum mana as well.
  • Accordingly, it synergizes well with spell vamp effects.


  • The effect is based off the champion's total maximum mana, including mana increases from masteries, runes and items.
  • The maximum HP Regen per 5 that can be gained in the game utilizing Strength of Spirit is approximately 76.33 from the maximum possible mana of 7632.765.

Patch history


  • Removed.


  • Perseverance mastery s2.png Perseverance removed, replaced with Strength of Spirit mastery s2.png Strength of Spirit – increases health regeneration per 5 seconds by 0.4 / 0.7 / 1% of maximum mana.

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