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Strength of the Ages (Season 2016 Mastery)

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Strength of the Ages is a tier 6 Resolve Keystone mastery.[1]

Patch History


  • Bug Fix: The heal component was calculated based on the health of the siege minion or large monster that was killed, rather than the user's health.


  • Heal changed to 6% maximum health from 100.
  • New Effect: Heal now triggers on large monster kills.

V5.22: Added

  • Tier 6 Resolve Keystone mastery with 1 rank.
    • Killing a siege minion and large monsters permanently grants bonus health: 20 for siege minions and 10 for large monsters. This bonus is capped at 300, after which you will restore 100 health whenever a nearby siege minion dies.

Other versions

  • Season 2016


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