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Offense Mastery Tree
Summoner's Wrath (Season Two Mastery)Brute Force (Season Two Mastery)Mental Force (Season Two Mastery)Butcher (Season Two Mastery)Alacrity (Season Two Mastery)Sorcery (Season Two Mastery)Demolitionist (Season Two Mastery)Deadliness (Season Two Mastery)Weapon Expertise (Season Two Mastery)Arcane Knowledge (Season Two Mastery)Havoc (Season Two Mastery)Lethality (Season Two Mastery)Vampirism (Season Two Mastery)Blast (Season Two Mastery)Sunder (Season Two Mastery)Archmage (Season Two Mastery)Executioner (Season Two Mastery)Offensetree2
Other Mastery Trees:
Defense · Utility
Summoner's Wrath mastery s2
Summoner's Wrath is a first tier offense mastery with 1 rank.

Effect per rank


Summoner's Wrath increases the power of your summoner spells that are listed above. You should put a point in it if you picked any of the summoner spells.

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