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Icon Select

Summoner icon selection screen

A summoner icon is an avatar picture that represents you to your friends and other players. The icon is displayed on a summoner's profile page and appears next to the names of their friends in their friend list (but only if they are online). It will also appear when you are in chat rooms, custom games or in arranged teams.

There is a growing variety of summoner icons in League of Legends and every summoner account is given 29 standard icons. Some icons are only offered for a short time during events, holidays or awarded to ranked players at the end of a season. Others can be unlocked by purchasing directly from the in-client store with RP (and IP in rare cases) or by purchasing an ultimate-tier Champion Skin. There are also icons that allow you to support your favorite League of Legends team in eSports. With the collection of icons expanding, every summoner can find a special avatar to show off.

Summoner icons on the Forums

As of March 7th 2014, Riot Games made it possible for your summoner icon to display below your name on the game's web forums, replacing grey boxes that contained a question mark. It will also update to reflect your current summoner icon if you change it.

Announcement made by Krylhos:

Greetings summoners,

As you've likely noticed, Summoner icons have arrived on the forums! Begone question marks!

As you may know, at Riot we participate in a periodic hackathon known as Thunderdome. During the latest Thunderdome, a couple of us did some tinkering to make your in-client summoner icon accessible on the web. This service opened up the possibility of displaying your summoner icons within the vBulletin forums.

Click here for the full announcement.

Standard icons

These are the 29 standard summoner icons that every account is given:

Unlockable icons

Currently there are five summoner icons that can be unlocked by purchasing an Ultimate tier skin for either EzrealSquare.png Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer or UdyrSquare.png Udyr, the Spirit Walker:

Pulsefire Ezreal

When you purchase the EzrealSquare.png Pulsefire Ezreal skin you will receive the following summoner icon:

Spirit Guard Udyr

When you purchase the UdyrSquare.png Spirit Guard Udyr skin you will receive the following summoner icons with one for each of his stances:

These summoner icons were made available during events as permanent additions to the store:

Icon Name Price Date Event
ProfileIcon Pentakill Pentakill RP 250 (Was also available for IP 1500 until June 9th) 2014-06-03 Pentakill Album Release
ProfileIcon Futbol Hat Trick RP 250 (Was also available for IP 1500 until July 13th) 2014-06-18 2014 FIFA World Cup
Mecha Icon Mecha RP 250 2014-07-24 Project Mecha (Skins)
DebonairIcon Debonair RP 250 2014-08-06 The Debonair Duo (Skins)
Candy-coated Cupcake Icon Candy-coated Cupcake RP 250 2014-08-26 Sugar Rush
Arcade Icon Arcade Baron RP 250 2014-08-28 Release of VeigarSquare.png Final Boss Veigar skin

The Pentakill icon was released with the Karthus visual update in patch V4.9, which came with a Pentakill event involving the release of an album. Texture updates were given to Sona and Mordekaiser's respective Pentakill skins and all of the Pentakill skin splashes were updated too. For more info on the event and the album see Pentakill_(band)#Pentakill_Rises. An alternative way to unlock the Pentakill icon is to play a game with any of the Pentakill skins.

The Hat Trick summoner icon was made available during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It was released along with five world cup champions skins and a special Ward skin in patch V4.10. A summoner could either buy this icon alone or purchase The Beautiful Set bundle that included all champions skins, the ward skin and this icon.

The Mecha summoner icon was released together with the MalphiteSquare.png Malphite and AatroxSquare.png Aatrox Mecha skins and a mecha ward, featured in the so called "Project Mecha".

The Debonair summoner icon was released together with EzrealSquare.png Ezreal's and ViSquare.png Vi's Debonair skins.

These six icons were made available with improvements to the Team Builder queue on July 30, 2014. They each represent a unique champion role. To unlock an icon of a certain role, a summoner must play five games with that role using the Team Builder queue.

Assassin iconAssassinFighter iconFighter
Mage iconMageMarksman iconMarksman
Support iconSupportTank iconTank

Announcement made by LYTE:

To make sure you’re getting into game fast enough to feel these changes, we also overhauled the rules for adding solo players to teams. We’ve seen improved queue times across the board, and if you want to read more, check out my deep dive into all of the changes in this update.

With new reasons to start using Team Builder, we’ve designed a series of new summoner icon rewards for playing the queue. Because Team Builder’s champion select accounts for role, the new rewards are earned by playing your way. After you play five games as one role, tracked in-client, you’ll unlock the icon of that role instantly. And yes, if you’re more of a generalist (or a completionist), you can unlock all six icons.

So join us in the revamped Team Builder, and show off your favorite role with your new icons!

For the full announcement, click here.

Limited availability icons

Beta Icons

The Grand Master Beta Tester icon and the Master Beta Tester icon were awarded to the top 500/100, respectively, Beta Testers at the end of the Beta edition.

Icon Name Requirement
Master Beta Tester
Master Beta Tester Top 500 Beta Testers
Grand Master Beta Tester
Grand Master Beta Tester Top 100 Beta Testers

This icon was available from June 3rd until the end of the Latin America Server Open Beta on June 13th as a reward for the Summoners who transferred or created an account.

Icon Name Requirement
Latin America Beta Tester
Latin America Beta Tester Transfered or created an account on 2013 Latin America Open Beta Server between June 3rd and June 13th

Seasonal Icons

These icons were handed out at the end of season 2, together with the season 2 reward icons. They are based on a summoner's ranked rating at the end of season 1.

Icon Name Requirement
Bronze Cup The summoner had to have a bronze rating at the end of season 1. This would translate to having a rating between 1249 and 1399.
Silver Cup The summoner had to have a silver rating at the end of season 1. This would translate to having a rating between 1400 and 1519.
Gold Cup The summoner had to have a gold rating at the end of season 1. This would translate to having a rating between 1520 and 1899.
Platinum Cup

The summoner had to have a platinum rating at the end of season 1. This would translate to having a rating of 1900 or higher.

Season 2 reward icons were distributed along with season 1 reward icons at the end of season 2. They were based on the highest rating a summoner earned during 2 month window near the end of season 2. This window ranged from September 12, 2012 until November 6, 2012.

The icons were determined based on both the rating (tier) achieved and the queue in which the rating was achieved. Having a higher tier rating would automatically unlock the lower tier icons as well. The required ratings can be found here.

There are 5 different tiers that could be achieved: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Each tier is represented by the colour of the chalice on the icon.

Summoners could get icons for 3vs3 team queue, solo 5vs5 queue and 5vs5 team queue. Each queue is represented by a gem on a certain part of the chalices. Gems around the top of the chalice represent 3vs3 queue. A gem in the middle represents solo queue and gems around the base represent 5vs5 queue. When a summoner has the requirements for all the queues in a certain tier, he or she would receive a bonus icon, that would combine all three gem ornaments into one icon.

Season 2 icons Solo queue 3vs3 queue 5vs5 queue All three queues

Season 3 reward icons were distributed at the end of Season 3. These Icon is the maximum rating that the Summoner has achieve on the Season 3 on any category (Solo/Duo, Team 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3).

Icon Name Requirement
Image 102
Bronze The summoner need to have a Bronze rating on any category (Solo/Duo, Team 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3) at the end of Season 3.
Image 105
Silver The summoner need to have a Silver rating on any category (Solo/Duo, Team 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3) at the end of Season 3.
Image 106
Gold The summoner need to have a Gold rating on any category (Solo/Duo, Team 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3) at the end of Season 3.
Image 103
Platinum The summoner need to have a Platinum rating on any category (Solo/Duo, Team 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3) at the end of Season 3.
Image 104
Diamond The summoner need to have a Diamond rating on any category (Solo/Duo, Team 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3) at the end of Season 3.
Image 108
Challenger The summoner need to have a Challenger rating on any category (Solo/Duo, Team 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3) at the end of Season 3.

Season 2014 icons Solo queue 3vs3 queue 5vs5 queue

eSports Icons

LCS Icons

These icons were made so that summoner's could show their support for their favorite NA or EU eSports team during the LCS summer games. All of the icons are unlockable for RP 250 with a percentage of the money going directly to the team. These icons are permanent and are said to remain in the store for purchase until the end of the 2013 Summer Split. Behind each team logo you can see three lines representing season 3. For more information check out Magus's announcement.

NA Team Icons EU Team Icons
IconTeam NameIconTeam Name
ProfileIcon72Cloud 9ProfileIcon80EG
ProfileIcon74Team DignitasProfileIcon82Gambit
ProfileIcon75Team CoastProfileIcon83Lemondogs
ProfileIcon78VulcunProfileIcon86SK Gaming

These icons commemorate the NA and EU LCS teams of 2014. They were added to the store so summoners could show they support for their favorite team in eSports. The were individually priced at RP 250 each to permanently unlock them. Two bundles were made available that contained either all the EU LCS icons or all NA LCS icons at the price of RP 1600. A third bundle was also made for enthusiastic icon collectors that offered all sixteen icons for RP 3000.

When a summoner purchases a team icon, 20% of its price goes directly to that team and the other 80% supports esports (prizes, streaming, events, etc.).[1]

NA Team Icons EU Team Icons
IconTeam NameIconTeam Name
ProfileIcon87Cloud9 HyperXProfileIcon95ROCCAT
ProfileIcon88Counter Logic GamingProfileIcon96Alliance
ProfileIcon89Team CoastProfileIcon97SK Gaming
ProfileIcon90Team DignitasProfileIcon98Copenhagen Wolves
ProfileIcon91Evil GenuisesProfileIcon99Fnatic
ProfileIcon93Team SoloMidProfileIcon101Gambit Gaming
ProfileIcon94XDGProfileIcon102Supa Hot Crew
ProfileIcon compLexitycompLexity
ProfileIcon LMQLMQ

Championship Icons

During the Season 2 World Championship Final, Riot showed a Code (521337) on the Stream to Unlock a Summoner Icon inspired by the Championship Riven Skin. Summoners had 24 hours to redeem this code.

The Icon consist of a Black-Blue Sword (Riven's Sword) on a Blue Background. In front of it you could see the Roman Number II, representing Season 2.

All Attendees to the Season 2 World Championship obtained this Icon automatically.

Icon Name Requirement
Season 2 World Championship Redeem the Code showed on the Stream of the Season 2 World Championship Final before the 24 hours time-limit.

During the Season 2 World Championship all Summoners could use these temporary icons to show their support for their favorite Team. All icons were later removed after the event.

IconTeam NameIconTeam Name
Image 83Team SoloMidCLG NACLG NA
SKGSK GamingM5Moscow Five
TPATaipei AssassinsAFAzubu Frost
Image 169Team WENSNaJin Black Sword
IGInvictus GamingSJSaigon Jokers

Like for Season 2, summoners could use the following icons during the Season 3 World Championship to show support for their favorite Teams. All icons were temporary and were removed on Patch 3.13 (October 29th)

IconTeam NameIconTeam Name
Image 69Samsung OzoneImage 78GamingGear.eu
Image 70Vulcun TechBargainsImage 79SK Telecom T1
Image 71Gama BearsImage 80Royal Club
Image 74FnaticImage 81OMG
Image 75LemondogsImage 82NaJin Black Sword
Image 76Team MineskiImage 83TSM Snapdragon
Image 77Gambit BenQImage 94Cloud 9 HyperX

Icon Name Requirement
Image 238
Season 4 World Championship Available for IP 1 during the world Championship.
IconTeam NameIconTeam Name
Image 239Dark PassageImage 240ahq E-sports Club
Image 241Samsung Galaxy BlueImage 242Edward Gaming
Image 243SK GamingImage 244Star Horn
Image 314KaBuM! e-SportsImage 315NaJin White Shield
Image 316OMGImage 317Fnatic
Image 318Team SoloMidImage 319LMQ
Image 320Taipei AssassinsImage 321Alliance
Image 322Cloud 9

2013 Gamescom

These icons were made so that summoner's could show their support for their favorite Team during the International Wildcard Tournament on the Gamescom, like the LCS Icons these where unlockable for RP 250 with a percentage of the money going directly to the team.

IconTeam NameIconTeam Name
Image 88
paiN Gaming
Image 89
Image 90
Team Immunity
Image 92
Dark Passage
Image 91
Lyon Gaming

2014 OGN-Korean Pro

These icons were made so that summoner's could show their support for their favorite Korean Team, like the LCS Icons these where unlockable for RP 250 with a percentage of the money going directly to the team.

IconTeam NameIconTeam Name
Image 31Alienware ArenaImage 32Incredible Miracle (IM)
Image 33Xenics StormImage 131KT Rolster
Image 75-0Jin Air GreenwingsImage 76-0Samsung Galaxy Ozone
Image 77-0NaJin e-mFireImage 78-0CJ Entus
Image 79-0Team NBImage 134SK Telecom T1
Image 95Prime OptimusImage 96Midas Fio
Image 135Bigfile Miracle

2014 GPL Summoner Icons

These summoner icons represent the logos for South East Asia’s greatest League teams of 2014. They are permanent summoner icons at the price of RP 250 each, and 20% of each purchase goes straight to the team, while the other 80% goes to directly to supporting esports.

IconTeam NameIconTeam Name
ProfileIcon629Saigon JokersProfileIcon630Insidious Gaming
ProfileIcon631Imperium Pro TeamProfileIcon632Neolution Esports Full Louis
ProfileIcon634Saigon Fantastic FiveProfileIcon636Azubu Taipei Assassins
ProfileIcon637ahq E-sports Club ProfileIcon638Bangkok Titans
ProfileIcon669ahq Fighter ProfileIcon670Machi e-Sports
ProfileIcon671WargodsProfileIcon672Insidious Gaming Rebirth


The release of this summoner icon coincided around the 2014 All-Star event, where Pro teams from around the world gathered in Paris to spectate the matches between the five international giants of the season; matches that will decide the seeds for a single-elimination bracket stage.

Icon Name Cost Availability
ProfileIcon All-Star 2014 2014 All-Stars IP 1 2014-05-08 - 2014-05-18

Event Icons

These three summoner icons were made available to unlock during the Freljord patch, v3.6, until May 17, 2013.. Each icon symbolizes a tribe of the three Freljord Princesses: AsheSquare.png Ashe', SejuaniSquare.png Sejuani, and LissandraSquare.png Lissandra. Even though there are three, a summoner was only able to unlock one of them to declare their allegiance to a tribe.


Winter's Claw Temporary Icon

To unlock one of the three icons, a summoner needed to first set their profile icon to the temporary version of the icon they wanted, which was available for selection immediately. These temporary icons look just like the actual ones, except there is a timer symbol at the bottom left corner of the icon image. The summoner would then have had to win ten games against real players without changing the icon. Victories in bot and custom games did not count towards unlocking these tribal icons. For more information please check out Riot's official Battle for the Freljord announcement.

Icon Champion Tribe
ProfileIcon Avarosan
ProfileIcon Winter's Claw
Winter's Claw
ProfileIcon Frostguard

These two icons were inspired by a Masquerade event that was held in Latin America and Brazil on February 28, 2014. They were made available to purchase on every server until March 7th.[2]

Masquerade Icons

Masquerade Icons

Icon Name Cost RP Cost IP
ProfileIcon CarnivalTeemo Carnival Teemo 250 1500
ProfileIcon CarnivalMask Carnival Mask 250 1500

This icon was unlocked by sending a gift during the Sugar Rush event held from August 26th to September 1st 2014.[3]

Icon Name Requirement
Hextech Hard Candy Icon Hextech Hard Candy Earn by sending a gift during Sugar Rush

These Icons were unlocked by playing the Ascension mode from 10th to the 21st of September 2014. Some were included in the store while some were only obtainable finish specific game mode tasks.

Icon Name Requirement
ProfileIcon Shurima Crest
Shurima Crest Cost 250 RP or 1500 IP for the duration of the Event.
ProfileIcon Shuriman Acolyte
Shurima Acolyte Earning a win in Ascension mode
ProfileIcon Shuriman Master
Shurima Master Earning 3 wins in Ascension mode
ProfileIcon Shuriman Ascendant
Shuriman Ascendant Earning 5 wins in Ascension mode
ProfileIcon Perfect Ascension
Perfect Ascension Win a game of Ascension in which a member of your team ascends at least once and the opposing team never ascends

Game Mode Icons

For April fools 2014, Riot unveiled Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F.) - a new, fast-paced game mode that was available to play until April 13th. Click here for more details. While this game mode was accessible, summoners could earn themselves the following Urf 2014 icon by playing this mode, either in PvP or Co-op vs AI.

Icon Requirement
ProfileIcon Urf 2014 Give Ultra Rapid Fire a shot yourself! We’ve opened up the mode to normal and Co-op vs AI queues. Play a game and you’ll earn this exclusive summoner icon.

This icon was made available to obtain during the limited release of an updated version of the game mode One for All, where everyone, friend and foe, are the same champion in a mirror match on the Howling Abyss.

Icon Requirement
ProfileIcon Mirror Mode Play a game of One for All: Mirror mode between May 29th and June 8th 2014.

This icon was made available to obtain during the limited release of a game mode , where everyone fights bots with enhanced abilities. There are three levels of bot difficulty.

Icon Requirement
ProfileIcon Doom Play a game against the Doom Bots and you’ll earn a unique summoner icon regardless of whether you win or lose.

Holiday Icons


These five Sinister Summoner Icons were offered with the purchase of RP RpPoints during the 2012 Harrowing event. The five Summoner Icons were placed into tiers of bought RP and determined which icons you received. If you bought RP from a high tier you also received the icons form the tiers below it (e.i. if you bought RP enough for the tier 3 icon, you would also receive the icons for tiers 1 and 2).[4]

Icon Name Tier Requirement Gained Tiers
ProfileIcon32 Spiteful Specter 1 Purchase any amount of RP None
ProfileIcon33 Baleful Grasp 2 Purchase 1,000+ of RP Tier 1
ProfileIcon34 Death Mask 3 Purchase 2,500+ of RP Tiers 1-2
ProfileIcon35 Deadfall Treant 4 Purchase 5,000+ of RP Tiers 1-3
ProfileIcon36 Vengeful Wraith 5 Purchase 10,000+ of RP Tiers 1-4

These five icons were available during the Harrowing event of 2013. By fulfilling their assorted requirements, summoners were able to earn them until November 12th.

Icon Name Requirement
ProfileIcon Statue
Tomb Angel Use a Harrowing ward skin
ProfileIcon Vilemaw
Vilemaw Venture into the Twisted Treeline
ProfileIcon Greyor
Iceborn Keeper Surprise a friend with a mystery gift
ProfileIcon WestAltar
Spirit of the Altar Buy any piece of Harrowing content
ProfileIcon Tome
Morellonomicon Earn the other four Harrowing icons

Snowdown Showdown

These icons were available from December 14th until the end of the Snowdown Showdown on January 6th. A summoner received different icons for doing various holiday gestures, allowing summoners to use the Gifting Center (which was a new feature to the game at the time). These icons display a summoner's holiday spirit and participation during the seasonal event.[5]

Icon Name Requirement
Doran's Wreath Earn this by completing a merry, five-man premade battle on the Fields of Justice
Stocking Blades If you buy RP as a gift for a friend, we’ll stuff your stocking with blades
Trimmed Turret Buy a champion as a gift for a friend this holiday and you can hug this turret
Reindeer Urf This red-nosed manatee will pilot your sleigh if you buy a skin as a gift for a friend this Snowdown
Holiday Nashor You’ll get this icon for staying off Bad Santa Veigar’s naughty list, and spreading holiday cheer this Snowdown Showdown. This icon was given to Summers who showed sportsmanlike behavior during the 2012 Christmas Event.
Holiday Shopkeeper The most spirited participants in the holiday icon festivities this Snowdown will unlock this bonus icon after the holiday. It is assumed that you need to unlock at least 4 of the previous icons to receive this icon.

These icons were available from December 19th until the end of the Snowdown Showdown on January 2nd. A summoner received different icons for doing various holiday gestures. These icons display a summoner's holiday spirit and participation during the seasonal event.

Icon Name Requirement
ProfileIcon Poro
Giftwrapped Poro To earn the Giftwrapped Poro icon, you must win three matchmade games on Howling Abyss. Meaning, you must enter a queue (NOT a custom game), and win three games. For example, you can enter the Showdown queue or the ARAM queue, but you can’t create your own game on Howling Abyss and have it count towards your three wins.
ProfileIcon BadSanta
Bad Gingerbread Veigar To earn this icon, you must win a matchmade game as a premade team during the Snowdown event. For example, you’ll earn the icon if you and four friends queue up in Ranked 5s to do battle and emerge victorious, or if you queue up with a buddy and claim victory in a normal game. The key here is that the games must be matchmade against other players (so Co-op vs AI does not count).
ProfileIcon SlayBelle
Slay Belle Surprise Wear a Snowdown skin during the event. Any former skin or any of the three new skins will work. Skins from other holidays, like Kitty Kat Katarina, would not.
ProfileIcon Santa
Santa Gragas Cookie You’ll earn this icon by sending any gift during Snowdown using the gifting (including Mystery Gifting) feature in the store.
ProfileIcon Teemo
Snow Teemo When you unlock all four of the other icons, you’ll earn the Snow Teemo icon. Please be aware it may take up to three days after unlocking the fourth icon for Snow Teemo to show up.

Lunar Revel

These icons were available from February 8th until the end of the event on February 25th. Similar to 2012 Snowdown Showdown, a summoner obtained these icons by performing certain actions in celebration of the Asian Lunar New Year, the Year of the Snake.[6]

Icon Name Requirement
Profile icon lunar 2013 envelope
Red Envelope Purchase RP as a gift
Profile icon lunar 2013 lantern
Glowing Lantern Purchase any champion or skin as a gift
Profile icon lunar 2013 urf
Lunar Revel Urf Purchase a 2013 Lunar Revel Skin as a gift
Profile icon lunar 2013 snake
Snake Scroll Play in a 5v5 premade game
Profile icon lunar 2013 keeper
Lunar Revel Shopkeeper Earn the other four Lunar Revel Icons

These four icons were available during the Lunar Revel event of 2014. The first icon celebrates the year, the year of the Horse, while the other three icons represent the three new Lunar Revel skins of 2014: DianaSquare.png Lunar Goddess Diana, RivenSquare.png Dragonblade Riven and TryndamereSquare.png Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere. By meeting their requirements, summoners were able to earn these icons until February 11th.

Icon Name Requirement
ProfileIcon Horse
Year of the Horse Win a matchmade game.
ProfileIcon Diana
Icon of the Lunar Goddess On Twisted Treeline and/or Dominion: Play a matchmade game with at least one friend and finish two games.
ProfileIcon Riven
Icon of the Dragonblade On Howling Abyss: Play a matchmade game with at least one friend and finish two games.
ProfileIcon Tryndamere
Icon of the Warring Kingdoms On Summoner's Rift: Play a matchmade game with at least one friend and finish two games.
Lunar Revel Path Icons

Icons of the three warrior paths

Choose Your Path

During the 2014 Lunar Revel Event, Summoners of each region were able to vote for one of three different warrior paths. Each path was represented by a unique summoner icon. The icon of the warrior path that accumulated the most votes in each region was given out to its summoners while the other two were put on sale for a limited time. The icon that was a region's choice has a horse maker on it, showing that its path was the winner.

Choose your Path Results

Final Results

Path Icon Cost RP Cost IP Winner
Truth ProfileIcon Truth 250 1500 Path of Truth
Power ProfileIcon Power 250 1500 Path of Power
Freedom ProfileIcon Freedom 250 1500 Path of Freedom

Special Icons

Vintage Icon

This icon is given to any Summoner that have a Limited Edition Skin when they were first released, any Skin from the Harrowing 2010-2011, Snowdown Showdown 2009-2010, Winter Games 2010 or World Cup 2010 counts for this icon. Only those who already have them will obtain this Icon.

Icon Name Requirement
ProfileIcon Vintage
Vintage Have a Limited Edition Skin from the Harrowing 2010-2011, Snowdown Showdown 2009-2010, Winter Games 2010 or World Cup 2010 when they were first released.

Unused Icons

These icons are present in the game files[7] but are not currently in use by the official client. However for servers hosted by Garena (South East Asia, Philippines, Taiwan) possesses these icons to be used for the Garena's avatar.

Also they can be used on the China's Client along with the World Elite Icon.

No further information regarding these customized icons' availability as of now within the League client.


  • As of June 18, 2014, there are 166 different icons in total, and a Summoner can obtain a maximum of 136 icons. Refer to the chart below for details:
Type of Icons
Total Icons
Obtainable Icons
Standard Icons
Ultimate Skin Icons
Beta Icons
Season 1
Season 2
Season 2 World Championship Icon
Season 3
Season 4
2013 LCS
2014 LCS
Gamescom 2013
Korean Pro 2014
All-Stars 2014
Freljord Icons
Masquerade Icons
Shurima Ascension Icons
Team Builder Icons
URF 2014 Icon
OFA: Mirror Mode Icon
Doom Mode Icon
Pentakill Icon
2014 World Cup
Snowdown Showdown
Lunar Revel
Vintage Icon
  • The Pentakill icon ID is 666


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