Summoner Icons

A summoner icon is an avatar picture that represents a League of Legends player, displayed on a summoner's profile page. The icons appear next to others summoners' names on friend lists, in chat rooms, in custom games, or in arranged teams. With the collection always expanding, everyone can find a special avatar.

Available Icons

Unlocked on Account Creation

Unlocked In-Store

Note that some of these icons were advertised as Legacy, but were not removed from the store at the end of their respective events. The availability of these icons was last checked in August 2017.

Distributed with Skin Purchases

First Star Editions or New Horizon Bundle
Light LuxSquare Elementalist Lux
Light LuxSquare Master Elementalist Bundle (includes above)
DJ SonaSquare DJ Sona
Spirit Guard UdyrSquare Spirit Guard Udyr
Pulsefire EzrealSquare Pulsefire Ezreal UpgradeSquarePulsefire Ezreal

Legacy Vault

The following icons are only available in the store temporarily during specific events or promotions, but can also be obtained at any time as loot via Hextech Crafting or from Honor Capsules:

Distributed Icons


Summoner icons on the forums!

By Krylhos [1]

Greetings summoners,

As you've likely noticed, summoner icons have arrived on the forums! Begone question marks!

As you may know, at Riot we participate in a periodic hackathon known as Thunderdome. During the latest Thunderdome, a couple of us did some tinkering to make your in-client summoner icon accessible on the web. This service opened up the possibility of displaying your summoner icons within the vBulletin forums.

But wait, there's more! This service also provides you with a URL you can use to load your summoner icon on external avatar services.

Here's how it works: Use your region and summoner name as a part of the following link.{region}/{summoner_name}.png

Here's an example:

Alternatively, simply right click your summoner icon on one of your posts and select 'Copy image url'.

A couple notes:

  • This service will automatically update as you change your icon in-client.
  • Allow up to an hour for changes to show up on the web.
  • This service will not affect any pre-existing avatars (i.e. Rioters / Wrenchmen)
Why didn't something like this come out sooner?

We didn't want to sacrifice the already-shaky stability of vBulletin. As our tech continued to evolve though, new services became available that allowed this specific feature to be developed without putting the forums at risk.

Let us know if you have any issues or questions. Thanks!