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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are abilities that players can use for their champions on the Fields of Justice. They are chosen in Champion Select before the start of the game. Each player is allowed two summoner spells chosen from a list. Summoner spells can be used in game to aid a player’s champion in various ways as each spell has a unique effect. Some summoner spells increase in effectiveness relative to your champion's level, but many provide the same effect at champion level 1 as they do at champion level 18. They do not have any cost other than their cooldown.

Unlocking and Cooldowns

The number of spells that are available to a player are determined by their summoner level. At summoner level one, a player begins with six spells to choose from. Then as a summoner reaches new levels, he or she will unlock new spells up to level twelve.

The table below shows what summoner level unlocks which spell(s), and their cooldowns.

Level Spell Description Cooldown Range
4 Barrier.png
Shields your champion for 115~455 health [95 + (20 × level)] for 2 seconds. 210 Self
8 Clairvoyance.png
Reveals an area of the map for 5 seconds. 60 Global
1 Clarity.png
Restores 40% maximum mana to you and your nearby allies. 180 Self, with AoE of 600
6 Cleanse.png
Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs affecting your champion and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds. 210 Self
4 Exhaust.png
Exhausts target enemy champion, reducing their Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 40%, their Armor and Magic Resist by 10, and their damage dealt by 40% for 2.5 seconds. 210 650
8 Flash.png
Teleports your Champion to target nearby location under your mouse cursor. 300 425
1 Garrison.png
Strengthens allied capture points or weakens enemy capture points. (Allied Turret: Grants massive regeneration and attack speed for 8 seconds. Enemy Turret: Reduces damage by 80% for 8 seconds) 210 1250
1 Ghost.png
Your champion passes through any unit and moves 27% faster for 10 seconds. 210 Self
1 Heal.png
Restores 90~345 health [75 + (15 x level)] to your champion and the allied champion nearest to the caster's cursor (or the most wounded ally if no target is near the cursor).

Healed champions are debuffed for 35 seconds, causing subsequent Heal casts on them to be 50% less effective.

Affected champions gain +30% movement speed for 1 second.

240 Self, 850 for ally
10 Ignite.png
Targets a single champion dealing 70~410 true damage [50 + (20 × level)] over 5 seconds.

Also reduces the target’s healing and regeneration by 50%.

<Grants vision on target.

210 600
1 Mark.png



Mark: Throws a snowball a long distance, dealing 10 + (5 × Champion's Level) true damage to the first enemy unit hit. If Mark hits an enemy, you gain the ability to cast Dash for the next 3 seconds.

Mark projectiles are not stopped by spell shields or projectile mitigation.

Dash: Your champion surges into the target struck by Mark, dealing 10 + (5 × Champion's Level) true damage to the target. Dashing to the target will reduce Dash's cooldown by 25%.

40 1600 (Global)
10 Smite.png
Deals 390~1000 true damage, based on champion level, to target non-allied minion, monster, or pet. Stores up to two charges, refilling at a rate of one charge every 75 seconds. 15 (75) 500 (measured from hitbox edge to hitbox edge, instead of hitbox center to hitbox center)
6 Teleport.png
After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to a non-champion, friendly target. Cooldown is shortened to 240 seconds if you teleport to a turret or if you cancel it by reactivating. 300 Global

These spells were removed with some being replaced by other in-game effects.

Spell Description Related Mastery Level
Grants invulnerability to all Allied Turrets and causes them to attack 100% faster for 6 seconds. While Fortify is ready to cast, you deal 9 bonus damage to minions. Reinforce mastery s1.png Reinforce (Defense) – Turrets deal 50% splash damage when fortify is used. 4
A spell only available to Riot staff that functions as a simple observer mode, meant to be used by an eleventh "neutral" player. When used, this spell reveals the entire map, allowing the user to track both teams' movements. N/A N/A

Promotes the nearest allied Siege Minion (in Classic) or super minion (in Dominion) to an anti-Turret Cannon, healing it, granting bonus stats (depending on level), and causing it to grant the caster gold for its kills.

Summoner&#039;s Insight mastery s3.png Summoner's Insight (Utility) - Increases promoted minion's bonus defensive stats by 15% 6
Summons a beacon with 200 + (lvl x 25) Health for 15 seconds which increases allied Attack Damage by 10-35. Improved Rally mastery s1.png Improved Rally (Offense) – Rally also increases base ability power by 20-70 and increases duration by 5 seconds. 8
Instantly revives your champion at your team's Summoner Platform and grants 125% movement speed increase which decays over 12 seconds. N/A 540
Stifle silences a target enemy champion for 3 seconds, and removes their beneficial buffs. Suppression - Reduces the cooldown of Stifle by 10 seconds, and increases the duration by 0.5 seconds. 1
Empowers your champion, increasing ability power by 6 + (lvl x 4) and attack speed by 35% for 12 seconds. Summoner&#039;s Wrath mastery s3.png Summoner's Wrath (Offense) - Increases attack speed bonus to 40% and ability power gained by 10%. 1

Spells and Champion Levels

During combat the spells (Barrier.png Barrier, Heal.png Heal, Ignite.png Ignite, and Smite.png Smite) gain power with champion level. The other spells have the same power throughout the entire battle. While in combat the spells are bound by the same rules as the champion skills, however, Flash.png Flash and Teleport.png Teleport are the only summoner spells that cannot be used while silenced or stunned.

Reducing Spell Cooldowns

In season 4, there are only two ways to reduce the cooldown of summoner spells. The first one is the enchantment Distortion item.png Distortion for boots which reduces the cooldown of Ghost.png Ghost, Teleport.png Teleport and Flash.png Flash by 20%. The second one is the mastery Summoner's Insight which reduce the cooldown of all summoner spells by 4%, 7% or 10% dependent on the amount of points put into it.

The 15 second cooldown of Smite.png Smite is not affected Summoner's Insight, but the mastery does affect the rate at which Smite charges are generated.

Spells and Game Modes

Currently there are three game modes in League of Legends: Classic, Dominion and ARAM.

Due to the different characteristics of each game mode, some summoner spells are excluded from a mode while other spells are available specifically for a particular mode. And there are also common summoner spells which are available in all modes. The current set of summoner spells available in Classic mode are the same for Dominion with the exceptions of Garrison.png Garrison and Teleport.png Teleport, which replace one another. The following table shows what modes are available for each spell:

Spell Classic Dominion ARAM
Barrier  Done.svg   Done.svg   Done.svg 
Clairvoyance  Done.svg   Done.svg   Not done.svg 
Clarity  Done.svg   Done.svg   Done.svg 
Cleanse  Done.svg   Done.svg   Done.svg 
Exhaust  Done.svg   Done.svg   Done.svg 
Flash  Done.svg   Done.svg   Done.svg 
Garrison  Not done.svg   Done.svg   Not done.svg 
Ghost  Done.svg   Done.svg   Done.svg 
Heal  Done.svg   Done.svg   Done.svg 
Ignite  Done.svg   Done.svg   Done.svg 
MarkDash  Not done.svg   Not done.svg   Done.svg 
Smite  Done.svg   Done.svg   Not done.svg 
Teleport  Done.svg   Not done.svg   Not done.svg 


  • In-game Summoner Spell icon tooltips always show the base cooldown, unaffected by masteries. The timer visible on the icon after the spell is used shows the actual cooldown remaining.
  • Teleport.png Teleport's cooldown upon being canceled is always 200 seconds.
  • Revive.png Revive (removed) had an in-game tooltip error where it said it had a 510 second cooldown instead of 540.
  • Promote.png Promote was previously removed because it was too strong, but it was since balanced and made available in all game modes until it was again removed for Season 3. The active effect returned as an item.
  • Mark.png Mark / Dash.png Dash was inspired by Poro Toss.png Poro Toss / ProfileIcon749 Poro Attack.jpg Poro Dash from the Legend of the Poro King featured game mode.

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