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Champion Sneak Peek

By ByronicHero [1]

Here at Riot Games, we're making every attempt to ensure that we deliver exciting champions to even the most twisted and deviant of human minds. So if you're a budding veterinarian or ornithologist, it's now your turn to start getting excited. Meet Swain, the Master Tactician. In addition to being a distinguished Noxian gentleman of impeccable wealth and taste, Swain also just happens to be a fan of our feathered friends. And like some people who wind up at the League of Legends, well... let's just say that he's much more than meets the eye.


League of Legends - Dominion Cinematic Trailer HD ツ03:40

League of Legends - Dominion Cinematic Trailer HD ツ


Swain Art Spotlight06:20

Swain Art Spotlight

Art Spotlight

  • Swain concept art (by Riot Artist Eduardo Gonzalez)
  • Tyrant Swain concept art (by Riot Artist Larry Ray)
  • Tyrant Swain bird form concept art (by Riot Artist Larry Ray)
  • Initial new classic Swain splash, centered


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