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SwainSquare old2 Swain, the Master Tactician

If Swain dies while casting Decrepify Decrepify, there will be two Beatrices on the battlefield, one attached to the laser and one on his back when he falls to the ground.

  • Swain's Ravenous Flock transformation has a similar appearance to Tzeentch's Greater Daemons, the Lords of Change, from the Warhammer franchise.
  • The ending quote to Swain's background is based on Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22.
  • In the old lore, Swain was unable to compete in the Ionia Versus Noxus Grudge Match due to recently becoming a member of the Noxian High Command, thus needing to take time away from the League to put all his affairs in order.
  • Swain is the second champion to feature a transformation ability, the others being NidaleeSquare Nidalee, ShyvanaSquare Shyvana, ZyraSquare Zyra, JayceSquare Jayce, EliseSquare Elise and GnarSquare Gnar.
SwainSquare Swain, the Noxian Grand General
  • Swain is voiced by James Faulkner.
  • While dancing, he whistles a tune from his theme.
  • While playing a game on Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift, Swain's flock of Ravenous Flock Ravens (depending on the skin it could also be Snow Owls, Macaws, Demon birds, or Dragons) can be seen around the map.
  • His mannerisms, quotes and the "Grand General" persona are reminiscent of Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones.
  • At the start of the game there is a chance of thematic music with ravens in the background.
  • His Death's Hand demonic left arm could be a reference to Murtaugh in the Submachine series. After losing his left arm, Murtaugh discovered he had a third "karma" arm, which was extremely powerful and capable of causing mass destruction. Murtaugh pursues his goals with similar ruthlessness as Swain.


  • As a nod to his old lore, Swain has a raven named BeatriceSquare Beatrice. In addition, this may be the name of the Demon of Secrets that he had overpowered, as its true name is unknown.[5] (< Latin beatrix "she who gladdens")
  • Swain's Trifarix Council was probably based on the Roman Triumvirate, Swain being the Leader of Vision;
    • Possibly based on Latin trifārius "in three parts~places" (cf. Sanskrit cognate त्रिधा tridhā), from PIE *tri-dʰóh₁-.[6]
  • The Black Powder Plot to assassinate Swain references the Gun Powder Plot by English Catholics to blow up King James I and the House of Lords.
  • Swain plays a vastaya strategy game called Xa'h.



Swain OriginalCircle old2 Swain, the Master Tactician [S|L]
    Swain Select old
    e "The early bird guts the worm," is based on a famous idiom, "The early bird gets the worm."
  • In polish client, selection quote is "Rozdziobią was kruki, wrony." (You gonna be pecked out by crows and ravens), which is a reference to Stefan Żeromski's 1895 novel of the same title.
Swain OriginalCircle Classic Swain [S|L]
    Swain 103
    e "Any man who must say 'we are winning' is not truly winning" and  
    Swain 227
    e "A one-armed man needs all the help he can get." are references to Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones.
    Swain 032
    e "Only this, and nothing more" is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's poem "the Raven".
  • He shares the quote 
    Swain OriginalCircle
    Swain 007
    Nasus OriginalCircle
      "Do not try my patience."
  • Unlike his previous transformation, Swain cannot perform his personal interactions such as joking and taunting.
  • Swain OriginalCircle
    Swain 108
    Swain TyrantCircle
    Swain 375
     "They move swiftly for all the coins weighing them down.",
    Swain OriginalCircle
    Swain 208
    Swain TyrantCircle
    Swain 470
    Swain DragonMasterCircle
     "The mind is the weapon. You are unarmed.",
    Swain OriginalCircle
    Swain 206
    Swain TyrantCircle
    Swain 468
    Swain DragonMasterCircle
     "Fame has gone to your head, and found ample room within." and
    Swain OriginalCircle
    Swain 223
    Swain TyrantCircle
    Swain 485
    Swain DragonMasterCircle
     "You're the only man I know who believes his own words, even after he's said them." reffer to Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.
    • Swain Ban
       "Do not confuse cowardice for wisdom.",
      Swain OriginalCircle
      Swain 039
       "You can sit on a throne, that doesn't make you a ruler. It only means you have an arse.",
      Swain OriginalCircle
      Swain 078
      Swain TyrantCircle
      Swain 345
      Swain DragonMasterCircle
       "They expect me to play fairly. We aren't even playing the same game.",
      Swain OriginalCircle
      Swain 114
      Swain TyrantCircle
      Swain 381
       "Patience is a virtue but it has its limits." and
      Swain OriginalCircle
      Swain 137
      Swain TyrantCircle
      Swain 404
      Swain DragonMasterCircle
       "There is nothing noteworthy about Demacia, but that in itself is worth noting." reffer to one of Discworld character - Ankh-Morpork's (One of cities on the Disc) ruler Lord Havelock Vetinari. Swain and Vetinari both share bein part of patrician's family.


Swain OriginalCircle Classic Swain [S|L]
Swain NorthernFrontCircle Northern Front Swain [S|L]
Swain BilgewaterCircle Bilgewater Swain [S|L]
Swain TyrantCircle Tyrant Swain [S|L]
  • Swain TyrantCircle old Tyrant Swain [S|L]
    • This skin thus depicts Swain after his rise to Grand General, the highest position of power in Noxus, and subsequent take-over of his body by the demon.
    • This was the only skin in which Swain is not dependent on his cane to walk; he instead carries a staff.
    • He can be seen on the left of Riven BattleBunnyCircle Battle Bunny Riven's [S|L] Splash Art. He is also seen during the coronation scene.
Swain DragonMasterCircle Dragon Master Swain [S|L]
Chromaskins Chromas: Aquamarine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Tanzanite


SwainSquare old2 Swain, the Master Tactician
  • Swain was a member of the The Black Rose The Black Rose, a dark and mysterious group that controlled Noxus before the rise of the military government. They were thought to no longer exist. However, with the reemergence of their leader LeBlancSquare LeBlanc, the Black Rose are working towards getting the organization back into power.
  • During the War of Kalamanda, GarenSquare Garen and his Dauntless Vanguard hindered the progress of Swain and his army's advancement at every turn.
  • Swain and Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV, have a deep, hate-filled rivalry. He has attempted to kill Jarvan IV on several occasions.
SwainSquare Swain, the Noxian Grand General
  • IreliaSquare Irelia cut off Swain's left arm during the Battle of the Placidium.
  • Swain has formed an alliance with DariusSquare Darius, and they work together to unite the nation behind a vision of true Noxian strength.
  • Swain possibly knows the reason for the mysterious disappearance of KatarinaSquare Katarina's father.
  • Swain saw UrgotSquare Urgot as a fanatic who couldn't be swayed or reasoned with. Both Urgot's fanaticism, and his place within Noxus at the time made him a liability to the Empire. Especially with Urgot's flawed view on Might, that would have been at odds with Swain's principles on strength.