Sword of the Occult was an advanced item in League of Legends.[1]


Sword of the Occult item
Sword of the Occult
Gold 1400 (Gold 1050)

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Gold Value per Stack

Gold Value of Attack Speed

Total Gold Value (Fully Stacked) = Gold 4560

Gold Efficiency*

  • Sword of the Occult item.png Sword of the Occult is 25.7% gold efficient with no stacks and 90% gold efficient with its initial 5 stacks. Its gold efficiency increases by 12.9% per stack, becoming gold efficient at six stacks and reaching 325.7% gold efficiency at maximum stacks.

Similar items


  • Mejai's Soulstealer item.png Mejai's Soulstealer, Sword of the Occult item.png Sword of the Occult, and the removed Leviathan item.png Leviathan were a trio of "Snowball Sister Items" that shared a stack feature based on champion kills/assists.
  • This item resembles a Kukri, a Nepalese knife.
  • At 20 stacks Sword of the Occult item.png Sword of the Occult provides more attack damage than any item except Manamune item.png Manamune and Muramana item.png Muramana (if the wearer has 4500 mana or more).
  • A fully stacked Sword of the Occult item.png Sword of the Occult provides the highest amount of raw attack damage of any item in the game, surpassing The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge and Mercurial Scimitar item.png Mercurial Scimitar by 30 attack damage. This does not mean, however, that it grants the highest potential damage, especially on carries who also rely on armor penetration, attack speed, critical chance, and lifesteal.
  • The stacking buff granted by Sword of the Occult item.png Sword of the Occult when a kill or assist is scored is called "Blood Tribute."
  • Originally, Riot did not plan to remove Sword of the Occult item.png Sword of the Occult from the game, but instead, to rework it just as they did with the Mejai's Soulstealer item.png Mejai's Soulstealer in patch V5.22.
    • Stats for the reworked Sword of the Occult item.png Sword of the Occult can be found here: http://imgur.com/HbW8fvy.
    • This was discovered by a user named awesomeandepic on Reddit.[2]

Patch History


  • Removed from the game.


  • Recipe cost increased to Gold 1040 from Gold 840.
    • Total cost increased to Gold 1400 from Gold 1200.
  • Now starts with 5 stacks.
  • Stacks lost upon death increased to half from a third.
  • Now grants 20% bonus attack speed instead of +15% bonus movement speed at maximum stacks.


  • Stacks lost from dying at 20 stacks increased to 7 from 6.


  • Combine cost increased to Gold 840 from Gold 800 (total cost remains the same due to Long Sword item.png Long Sword's price being reduced).


  • Item cost reduced to Gold 1200 from Gold 1369.
  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 800 from Gold 954.


  • Critical damage bonus removed.
  • Attack damage per stack increased to 5 from 2.
  • Recipe cost increased to Gold 954 from Gold 750.

V1.0.0.61: Added.

  • Sword of the Occult item.png Sword of the Occult:
    • Recipe: Long Sword item.png Long Sword + Gold 750.
    • +10 damage.
    • Unique passive: Your champion gains 2 damage and +2% critical damage per stack, receiving 2 stacks for a kill or 1 stack for an assist. This effect can stack 20 times; you lose a third of your stacks if you die. At 20 stacks, your champion's movement speed is increased 15%.


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