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  • Classic Syndra Skingallerybutton
  • Justicar Syndra Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 13-Sep-2012
  • Atlantean Syndra Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 30-Apr-2014
  • Queen of Diamonds Syndra Skingallerybutton
    750 RP / 21-May-2015
  • Snow Day Syndra Skingallerybutton
    (Legacy Skin, No Longer Available) 1350 RP / 10-Dec-2015


  • Syndra was designed by Meddler.[1]
  • Syndra shares the voice actress of EvelynnSquare.png Evelynn; however, the voice actress has never been publicly revealed or credited and is anonymous.
  • Syndra was originally named "Sym".[2]
  • The visual effects designer for Syndra's log-in screen was Anthony Possobon.
  • Syndra's parents were not magical, but she doesn't know too much of her family history.
  • She's essentially attuned to the flows of magic - she can manifest force just by willing it, and she condenses spheres of raw magic from the air. She doesn't fully understand her talents, and up until now, she hasn't cared about their source. If she wants to realize her full potential, she'll have to understand herself.[3]
  • Her headpiece is Ionian in nature, but unlike the crests that other Ionian characters keep behind them, Syndra placed hers front and center, emblematic of her rejection of restraint.
  • Sovereign in her name, has a number of meanings. Her story is about asserting control over things that were held from her - her own fate, her magical ability, her current home and fortress. Sovereign also implies a degree of supremacy, which she believes she has because of her power and her position in the world, literally and symbolically.[4]
  • Syndra is the first official champion to directly manipulate minions and neutral monsters to deal damage to other champions, moving them around with her abilities.
  • Syndra's spheres appear as red instead of blue when on the opposing team. She is the fourth champion to have team perspective based particles, with the third being DravenSquare.png Draven, the second being CassiopeiaSquare.png Cassiopeia and the first being SingedSquare.png Singed.
  • Using Syndra Syndra's Force of Will.png Force of Will to hit an enemy unit with the Lizard Elder Lizard Elder will apply the debuff on them. Also, if Syndra throws the Ancient Golem Ancient Golem, she will be refunded 10 mana and the ability's cooldown will be lowered by 1 second.
  • Syndra is the second of four dark themed Ionian Champions. The first being Varus Varus, the third ZedSquare.png Zed and the fourth being JhinSquare.png Jhin.
  • Syndra's dance is based on the choreography for the song Hoot by Girls' Generation (소녀시대: So Nyeo Shi Dae), a popular Korean girl group. A side-by-side comparison video can be seen here.
  • Syndra was the third champion to have a difficulty rating of 100, the first being CassiopeiaSquare.png Cassiopeia, the second being OriannaSquare.png Orianna, and the fourth being DravenSquare.png Draven. However, her difficulty rating has since fallen to 80. On release, her difficulty rating was 90.
  • Each of Syndra's abilities gain new graphical details when levelled to max rank.
    • Dark Sphere.png Dark Sphere gains a darker shockwave color and new details. Classic's and Queen of Diamond's gain red-colored shockwave and crack the earth. Justicar's gains golden-orange color and overall much brighter effect. Atlantean's gains darker shade of blue and more detailed 'water gathering' effect.
      • Her summoned Dark Sphere.png Dark Sphere also has its detail changed. Classic's and Queen of Diamond's has darker purple aura. Justicar's becomes brighter and more detailed with holy sigil in its center. Atlantean's has a darker shade of blue.
    • Force of Will.png Force of Will gains a larger shockwave and more detailed effect. Classic's and Queen of Diamond's gain bright red shockwave with darker aura which linger a little bit longer and thrown object leaves bright red trail behind. Justicar's gains orange 'explosion' effect and thrown object leaves bright orange-gold trail with many sigils along the line behind. Atlantean's gains much more detailed water blast with darker shade of blue upon impact, along with whirlpool-like visual effect.
    • Scatter the Weak.png Scatter the Weak gains more subtle detail. Classic's and Queen of Diamond's gain red shockwave with electrical jolts. Justicar's seems to be brighter with more sigils. Atlantean's seems to be darker shade of blue.
    • When attaining the max rank of Unleashed Power.png Unleashed Power, the three orbs floating around Syndra will have a slight change of appearance and will leave a trail.
  • Syndra is the second champion speculated to be omnipotent, or nearly so. The first one was Xerath.
    • However, much like Xerath himself, she is still severely limited
  • As seen in this video, Syndra appears to be able to use the balls from another Syndra.
  • The fact that Syndra Syndra's Unleashed Power.png Unleashed Power can use up to seven balls is possibly a reference to Dragon Ball Z as there are seven Dragon Balls.
  • Syndra is the second of three dark themed champions to have a light themed skin, with VarusSquare.png Varus being the first and AatroxSquare.png Aatrox being the third.
  • Syndra is the second champion to have quotes when she levels up an ability, the first being VayneSquare.png Vayne upon leveling Silver Bolts.png Silver Bolts.
  • Syndra shares a quote with KarmaSquare.png Karma: "By force of will".
  • Syndra's joke is a triple entendre.
    • The primary play on words is regarding her lore where she was deemed mentally unbalanced by her Ionian elders (as balance is a defining virtue in Ionian culture), and stands upon on her dark spheres to prove that she "has balance."
    • It also refers to Syndra's champion balance as she was reportedly overpowered during development. 
  • Syndra's quote "People fear what they cannot understand" is a reference to the Father quote from Fallout New Vegas.
SyndraSquare.png Classic Syndra [S|L]
  • Her splash art shows her with black clothing. In-game, however, she is clad in dark purple and pale gold.
    • Her splash art also shows her with no finger sheaths.
  • Syndra's name and appearance shares some similarities with Sindel from the Mortal Kombat franchise.
  • Her space-manipulating powers and white hairs are similar to those of Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Her helm is similar to Midna's from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess  series.
  • In addition, it also looks like the "Mantle of Decorum", Ionia's highest decoration. However, it is placed on her forehead instead of floating behind her head, as a sort of symbol of power, much like a crown.
    • In her earlier designs, she was intended to have a Mantle of Decorum; however, this was most likely removed because it contradicts with established lore: the Mantles of Decorum are reserved only for Ionia's most revered and respected people.
SyndraSquare.png Justicar Syndra [S|L]
  • It is possibly a version of Syndra from an alternate history, where she instead embraced her elders' teaching and became a force for good. This theory is based on her warmer color scheme, use of white feathers and golden spheres. Her helmet also resembles the sun, a symbol of divinity, and her spheres contain images that resemble a "Mantle of Decorum".
  • She shares this theme with AatroxSquare.png Aatrox.
    • The word "Justicar" also means "man of justice" i.e. a judge.
    • It is also the first light themed skin for a dark themed champion. The second being VarusSquare.png Arclight Varus, and the third being AatroxSquare.png Justicar Aatrox.
  • As seen here, Justicar Syndra used to show her face.
SyndraSquare.png Atlantean Syndra [S|L]
  • She shares this theme with FizzSquare.png Fizz.
  • As seen here, Atlantean Syndra's Dark Sphere.png Dark Sphere seems to have a different vanishing animation if that sphere is used by her other abilities (including spheres left from Unleashed Power.png Unleashed Power). Unused sphere will promptly disappear in a small 'pop' of water while used spheres seem to splatter.
SyndraSquare.png Queen of Diamonds Syndra [S|L]
SyndraSquare.png Snow Day Syndra [S|L]


  • Though their paths have been different, ZedSquare.png Zed and Syndra have similar goals. Both believe the 'balance' that has maintained Ionia for so long must crumble for Ionia's people to come into their own and realize their full potential. Syndra might take interest in Zed's power, and given the right circumstances, an alliance between the two could "tip the scales" in Ionia all the more.
  • Due to working for the Ionian Elders, IreliaSquare.png Irelia is Syndra's rival.
    • Being an Elder herself, KarmaSquare.png Karma is considered a rival as well.
  • Syndra sympathizes with XerathSquare.png Xerath and is intrigued by the power he's obtained, but Xerath would possibly be more interested in her. All of his power is arcane, researched and developed, while Syndra is more instinctive, her approach may succeed at unbinding him where his has failed.
  • She is intrigued by AnnieSquare.png Annie and how a child obtained such powers.
  • Syndra probably thinks VeigarSquare.png Veigar is kind of laughable. If she got past the cutesy yordle exterior, she might see him as a worthy mage.


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Syndra League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

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