Champion Select

  • TahmKench Select
    "Call me king, call me demon - water forgets the names of the drowned."
  • TahmKench.taunt05
    "You're duller than a broken sandwich."

Upon Starting a Game

  • TahmKench.start01
    "I see nothing splendiferous in this table's offerings!"
  • TahmKench.start02
    "It is my mouth into which all travels end."
  • TahmKench.start03
    "Let us peruse this establishment's fare."
  • TahmKench.start04
    "It is the heart from which the darkest water flows."
  • TahmKench.start05
    "This buffet exceeds repugnance!"
  • TahmKench.start06
    "Does your establishment have any tables?"


  • TahmKench.attack01
    "How delectable."
  • TahmKench.attack02
    "Another meal."
  • TahmKench.attack03
  • TahmKench.attack04
    "Savor the misery."
  • TahmKench.attack05
    "An enticing culinary prospect."
  • TahmKench.attack06
    "New tastes."
  • TahmKench.attack07
    "I will consume all."
  • TahmKench.attack08
    "Something to nibble on."
  • TahmKench.attack09
    "A feast awaits."
  • TahmKench.attack10
    "Their despair... is the seasoning."
  • TahmKench.attack11
    "I must sample this buffet."
  • TahmKench.attack12
    "Another snack."
  • TahmKench.attack13
  • TahmKench.attack14
    "Might be savory."
Upon Attacking an Enemy with Three An Acquired Taste.png An Acquired Taste Stacks
  • TahmKench.attack15
  • TahmKench.attack16
  • TahmKench.attack17
  • TahmKench.attack18
  • TahmKench.attack19
  • TahmKench.attack20
    "Fresh souls!"
  • TahmKench.attack21
    Tahm Kench snarls.
  • TahmKench.attack22
Upon Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  • TahmKench.unknown03
    "This is my river, you scoundrel!"
  • TahmKench.unknown04
    "You dare invade my table?"
  • TahmKench.unknown05
    "Beast, you are a rank dish! Ill served!"


  • TahmKench.move01
    "My diet is expansively unique."
  • TahmKench.move02
    "From suffering, my banquet is born."
  • TahmKench.move03
    "Gluttony is impossible."
  • TahmKench.move04
    "No true hunger can be abated."
  • TahmKench.move05
    "To covet is to starve."
  • TahmKench.move06
    "I have tastes that aren't easily... pacified."
  • TahmKench.move07
    "Every heart has its own hunger."
  • TahmKench.move08
    "All the world's a river - and I'm its king."
  • TahmKench.move09
    "All creation is born famished and starving."
  • TahmKench.move10
    "Everyone ends downriver... eventually."
  • TahmKench.move11
    "Nothing escapes hunger."
  • TahmKench.move12
    "I refuse to succumb to culinary degradation!"
  • TahmKench.move13
    "We all gourmandize from time to time."
  • TahmKench.move14
    "The only real sin is to deny a craving."
  • TahmKench.move15
    "Misery has a delectable taste."
  • TahmKench.move16
    "Anything of depth is deceitful."
  • TahmKench.move17
    "A depth of flavor is what I covet."
  • TahmKench.move18
    "I am appetite focused."
  • TahmKench.move19
    "True appetite never wanes."
  • TahmKench.move20
    "All shall drown in my magnificence."
  • TahmKench.move21
    "Let us eat voraciously and overindulge."
  • TahmKench.move22
    "Now we shall gluttonize."
Upon Moving Towards an Enemy with Three An Acquired Taste.png An Acquired Taste Stacks
  • TahmKench.move23
    "Every river ends in me!"
  • TahmKench.move24
    "A bargain is due!"
  • TahmKench.move25
    "The world is my feast!"
  • TahmKench.move26
    "Mercy has no flavor!"
  • TahmKench.move27
    "I am the River King!"
  • TahmKench.move28
    "The river never stops!"
  • TahmKench.move29
    "That aroma seduces... "
  • TahmKench.move30
    "Where is that taste?"
  • TahmKench.move31
    "Where is it!?"
  • TahmKench.move32
  • TahmKench.move33
    "Give it to me!"
  • TahmKench.move34
    "I demand an entrée!"


  • TahmKench.taunt01
    "You are a malodorous offense to my palate!"
  • TahmKench.taunt02
    "The baseness of your appetite repulses me!"
  • TahmKench.taunt03
    "Your mind is as clear as mud."
  • TahmKench.taunt04
    "Child, you're a couple cows short of a steak!"
  • TahmKench.taunt05
    "You're duller than a broken sandwich."
Taunting Aatrox Aatrox
  • TahmKench.tauntAatrox02
    (Ally) "War is a manly appetite, and your directness has my admiration."
  • TahmKench.tauntAatrox01
    (Enemy) "Brother, you're as cultured as a crematorium selling barbecue."
Taunting Ahri Ahri
  • TahmKench.tauntAhri02
    (Ally) "I am enthralled by your class and refinement - I must offer you a token of my admirations."
  • TahmKench.tauntAhri01
    (Enemy) "You're as modest as a freshly-paid courtesan."
Taunting an Enemy Akali Akali
  • TahmKench.tauntAkali01
    "Hiding in smoke? Young lady, you're as sharp as a bag of slugs."
Taunting Alistar Alistar
  • TahmKench.tauntAlistar02
    (Ally) "Any pejorative of bullheadedness is pulverized by your magnificence."
  • TahmKench.tauntAlistar01
    (Enemy) "I believe 'decorum' is the china shop."
Taunting Amumu Amumu
  • TahmKench.tauntAmumu02
    (Ally) "Coveting friendship is barely an appetite - but one I do so sympathize with."
  • TahmKench.tauntAmumu01
    (Enemy) "I say, you're as 'fun' as a leaky roof."
Taunting an Enemy Anivia Anivia
  • TahmKench.tauntAnivia01
    "I suppose I must defrost you first."
Taunting an Enemy Annie Annie
  • TahmKench.tauntAnnie01
    "Idiocy is often mistaken for innocence."
Taunting Ashe Ashe
  • TahmKench.tauntAshe02
    (Ally) "If you wanna' build an empire of peace, then your mortar will be blood."
  • TahmKench.tauntAshe01
    (Enemy) "Girl, you got as much 'foresight' as a blindfolded mole."
Taunting an Enemy Azir Azir
  • TahmKench.tauntAzir01
    "An emperor as humble as he is beloved."
  • TahmKench.tauntAzir02
    "Son, your empire was built on sand."
  • TahmKench.tauntAzir03
    "You're the emperor - of mashed potatoes and gravy."
  • TahmKench.tauntAzir04
    "Your empire? I look upon your works and despair."
Taunting an Enemy Blitzcrank Blitzcrank
  • TahmKench.tauntBlitzcrank01
    "If your heart is gold and your body is steel, why's tin between your ears?"
Taunting Braum Braum
  • TahmKench.tauntBraum03
    (Ally) "The heart of the Freljord must long for something."
  • TahmKench.tauntBraum01
    (Enemy) "You're strong like bull, and smart like cow."
  • TahmKench.tauntBraum02
    (Enemy) "My mustache will eat yours."
Taunting Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • TahmKench.tauntCaitlyn02
    (Ally) "If you want to clean up the city, don't you need to understand where that dirt comes from?"
  • TahmKench.tauntCaitlyn01
    (Enemy) "You're as elegant as an outhouse in a leper colony!"
Taunting Cho'Gath Cho'Gath
  • TahmKench.tauntChoGath02
    (Ally) "Your hunger deserves to be satisfied."
  • TahmKench.tauntChoGath01
    (Enemy) "Personally I hunger for things less literal."
Taunting Darius Darius
  • TahmKench.tauntDarius02
    (Ally) "Your strength is waning, General. 'Course, I can help you slow time's regress."
  • TahmKench.tauntDarius01
    (Enemy) "You're as subtle as a gold codpiece."
Taunting Diana Diana
  • TahmKench.tauntDiana02
    (Ally) "Vengeance is a thirst I could help you quench."
  • TahmKench.tauntDiana01
    (Enemy) "Girl, you're crazier than a mouse in moonshine."
Taunting Draven Draven
  • TahmKench.tauntDraven02
    (Ally) "Your hunger for attention deserves to be sated."
  • TahmKench.tauntDraven03
    (Ally) "I wonder - how can you receive the attention you deserve... while your brother is in the way?"
  • TahmKench.tauntDraven01
    (Enemy) "At least the rumor of your vanity isn't overrated."
Taunting Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo
  • TahmKench.tauntDrMundo02
    (Ally) "I can show Mundo new places to go - if he pleases."
  • TahmKench.tauntDrMundo01
    (Enemy) "Your diction is as exemplary as your intellect."
Taunting Ekko Ekko
  • TahmKench.tauntEkko02
    (Ally) "Time is but another river - and I care not what water I swim in."
  • TahmKench.tauntEkko01
    (Enemy) "Your youthful rebellion is as tedious as your hairstyle."
Taunting Ezreal Ezreal
  • TahmKench.tauntEzreal02
    (Ally) "Why should a hunger for adventure ever be sated?"
  • TahmKench.tauntEzreal01
    (Enemy) "Youthful ignorance is unfortunately your best quality."
Taunting Fiora Fiora
  • TahmKench.tauntFiora02
    (Ally) "An appetite for a challenge is a craving without liability."
  • TahmKench.tauntFiora01
    (Enemy) "A duel is a fight between two imbeciles... and you are the greatest."
Taunting an Allied Fizz Fizz
  • TahmKench.tauntFizz01
    "Wouldn't you care to travel to your people's destination?"
Taunting Gangplank Gangplank
  • TahmKench.tauntGangplank02
    (Ally) "You're a man with troubles. I have solutions."
  • TahmKench.tauntGangplank01
    (Enemy) "Your attempt to be monstrous is as successful as your dictatorship."
Taunting an Allied Garen Garen
  • TahmKench.tauntGaren01
    "You live by a code that'll never let you get what you want. Let me take you to her."
Taunting Gnar Gnar
  • TahmKench.tauntGnar02
    (Ally) "Time is just a river, boy, let me take you back where you belong."
  • TahmKench.tauntGnar01
    (Enemy) "Your conversation makes as much sense as a fish in lingerie!"
Taunting Gragas Gragas
  • TahmKench.tauntGragas02
    (Ally) "I admire a man of appetites - let me help you find refreshment."
  • TahmKench.tauntGragas01
    (Enemy) "Your tastes are as elegant as a broken latrine."
Taunting a nearby Janna Janna
  • TahmKench.tauntJanna02
    (Ally) "There's a storm in your heart, girl. Tell me what you hunger for."
  • TahmKench.tauntJanna01
    (Enemy) "Girl, you're as appealing as a cake in the rain."
Taunting Jarvan IV Jarvan IV
  • TahmKench.tauntJarvan02
    (Ally) "Only a fool wouldn't hunger for the throne. Let me help you find that seat."
  • TahmKench.tauntJarvan01
    (Enemy) "Anything getting through that gold helmet of yours?"
Taunting Jax Jax
  • TahmKench.tauntJax02
    (Ally) "It is wonderful to be hungry for a challenge."
  • TahmKench.tauntJax01
    (Enemy) "Boy, you are a few candles short of a lantern."
Taunting Jayce Jayce
  • TahmKench.tauntJayce02
    (Ally) "A drive for innovation? It's just a hunger for something new."
  • TahmKench.tauntJayce01
    (Enemy) "Dumber than a box of hammers."
Taunting Jinx Jinx
  • TahmKench.tauntJinx02
    (Ally) "An appetite for chaos? Let me feed that mayhem."
  • TahmKench.tauntJinx01
    (Enemy) "Girl, if brains were dynamite, you'd be a dud."
Taunting an Allied Katarina Katarina
  • TahmKench.tauntKatarina01
    "Don't starve your heart, child! Let me deliver you to him."
Taunting an Allied Lee Sin Lee Sin
  • TahmKench.tauntLeeSin01
    "Truth requires a journey on blind faith."
Taunting Lissandra Lissandra
  • TahmKench.tauntLissandra02
    (Ally) "Could I offer you a bargain to replace your previous engagement?"
  • TahmKench.tauntLissandra01
    (Enemy) "Good ideas fall from you like pudding from a harpy."
Taunting Lucian Lucian
  • TahmKench.tauntLucian02
    (Ally) "Step closer, and I'll carry you to your prize."
  • TahmKench.tauntLucian01
    (Enemy) "A fool and his love are easily parted."
Taunting Miss Fortune Miss Fortune
  • TahmKench.tauntMissFortune01
    (Ally) "The road to vengeance requires a journey I would happily provide."
  • TahmKench.tauntMissFortune02
    (Enemy) "The enormity of the hat doesn't hide the vacancy beneath it!"
Taunting Nami Nami
  • TahmKench.tauntNami02
    (Ally) "A journey to a moonstone is one I could provide."
  • TahmKench.tauntNami01
    (Enemy) "The tides call you sashimi."
Taunting Nasus Nasus
  • TahmKench.tauntNasus02
    (Ally) "Forgiveness is a shore like any other."
  • TahmKench.tauntNasus01
    (Enemy) "You're like a roofless mansion - impressively useless."
Taunting Renekton Renekton
  • TahmKench.tauntRenekton02
    (Ally) "Allow me to facilitate your rapaciousness."
  • TahmKench.tauntRenekton01
    (Enemy) "I appreciate your mind is unsullied by the complications of reason."
Taunting Ryze Ryze
  • TahmKench.tauntRyze02
    (Ally) "You are a traveler... and I provide transport."
  • TahmKench.tauntRyze01
    (Enemy) "You read words and mistake that for understanding."
Taunting Sejuani Sejuani
  • TahmKench.tauntSejuani02
    (Ally) "Let me make a meal with your ambition."
  • TahmKench.tauntSejuani01
    (Enemy) "You're as witty as you are subtle."
Taunting a nearby Sivir Sivir
  • TahmKench.tauntSivir02
    (Ally) "Why not travel to when you were free from these doubts?"
  • TahmKench.tauntSivir01
    (Enemy) "Your tastes are about as sophisticated as your wardrobe."
Taunting Teemo Teemo
  • TahmKench.tauntTeemo02
    (Ally) "Every heart has its own hunger. Tell me yours."
  • TahmKench.tauntTeemo01
    (Enemy) "You're as likable as a rat in a bridle shop."
Taunting Twisted Fate Twisted Fate
  • TahmKench.tauntTwistedFate02
    (Ally) "Bilgewater is a rough town to leave - I could make it easier for you."
  • TahmKench.tauntTwistedFate01
    (Enemy) "A gambler's luck is only predictable... when he's a cheat."
Taunting Vi Vi
  • TahmKench.tauntVi02
    (Ally) "Child, why would you sublimate a hunger? Have you forgotten who you are?"
  • TahmKench.tauntVi01
    (Enemy) "A boxer who thinks with her fists must inevitably punch with her face."
Taunting an Allied Wukong Wukong
  • TahmKench.tauntWukong01
    "Do you want to reach your potential? It's a journey I could provide."
Taunting Xerath Xerath
  • TahmKench.tauntXerath02
    (Ally) "Ah, nothing whets my appetite like the flames of ambition gone awry."
  • TahmKench.tauntXerath01
    (Enemy) "A slave's mind is never free, but I suspect you got yours on discount."
Taunting Yasuo Yasuo
  • TahmKench.tauntYasuo02
    (Ally) "Your destiny isn't in the wind - it's on the river."
  • TahmKench.tauntYasuo01
    (Enemy) "You're as quick as a turtle on molasses."
Taunting Zed Zed
  • TahmKench.tauntZed02
    (Ally) "Child, a shadow must run from the light eventually."
  • TahmKench.tauntZed01
    (Enemy) "So, shiny attire seem like the thing to wear? You are the most intelligent ninja in the world."


  • TahmKench.dance01
    Tahm Kench plays a tune on his tongue.


  • TahmKench.laugh01
    Tahm Kench laughs.
  • TahmKench.laugh02
    Tahm Kench laughs.
  • TahmKench.laugh03
    Tahm Kench laughs.
  • TahmKench.laugh04
    Tahm Kench laughs.

Upon Targeting an Out-of-Range Ally with Devour.png Devour

  • TahmKench.R1
    "Travel awaits."
  • TahmKench.R2
    "Step inside."
  • TahmKench.R3
  • TahmKench.R4
    "Take the bargain."
  • TahmKench.R5
    "This way!"
  • TahmKench.R6
    "Get inside!"
  • TahmKench.R7
    "Over here!"
  • TahmKench.R8
    "Come closer, child."
Upon Spitting out an Enemy Champion with Regurgitate.png Regurgitate
  • TahmKench.W1
  • TahmKench.W2
  • TahmKench.W3
  • TahmKench.W4
  • TahmKench.W5
  • TahmKench.W6
  • TahmKench.W7
    "Needs salt!"

Upon Being Attacked with Thick Skin.png Thick Skin Active

  • TahmKench.E1
    "You have succeeded only in ruffling my attire!"
  • TahmKench.E2
    "My constitution is unflappable!"
  • TahmKench.E3
    "Was that an attack, or an hors d'oeuvre?"
  • TahmKench.E4
    "How droll your attacks are!"

Upon Casting Abyssal Voyage.png Abyssal Voyage

  • TahmKench.R11
    Tahm Kench snarls.
  • TahmKench.R12
    Tahm Kench snarls.
While Channeling Abyssal Voyage.png Abyssal Voyage
  • TahmKench.R21
    Tahm Kench snarls.
  • TahmKench.R22
    Tahm Kench snarls.
  • TahmKench.R23
    Tahm Kench snarls.
  • TahmKench.R24
    Tahm Kench snarls.

Upon Buying...

Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart
  • TahmKench.itemFrozenHeart01
    "A heart is so easily... eaten."
  • TahmKench.itemFrozenHeart02
    "There is something sublime about holding a heart in your hand."
Locket of the Iron Solari item.png Locket of the Iron Solari
  • TahmKench.itemLocketoftheIronSolari01
    "I can provide all manner of refuge."
  • TahmKench.itemLocketoftheIronSolari02
    "I am sanctuary for those in my favour."
  • TahmKench.itemLocketoftheIronSolari03
    "How did I leave my jacket pocket unadorned for so long?"
Mercury's Treads item.png Mercury's Treads
  • TahmKench.itemMercurysTreads01
    "I have a hunger for... fine shoes."
Mikael's Crucible item.png Mikael's Crucible
  • TahmKench.itemMikaelsCrucible01
    "I wonder who might like to bargain for a little freedom."
Randuin's Omen item.png Randuin's Omen
  • TahmKench.itemRanduinsOmen01
    "I am an omen of voracity."
  • TahmKench.itemRanduinsOmen02
    "A little sedation for my more noisesome neighbours."
  • TahmKench.itemRanduinsOmen03
    "A handy tool for the next time I'm... in between meals."
Ravenous Hydra item.png Ravenous Hydra
  • TahmKench.itemRavenousHydra01
    "Something about this blade feels... redundant."
  • TahmKench.itemRavenousHydra02
    "I pity the hydra. So many heads intent on sharing the meal."
  • TahmKench.itemRavenousHydra03
    "Truly this is the best way to enjoy a buffet."
Spirit Visage item.png Spirit Visage
  • TahmKench.itemSpiritVisage01
    "My visage was already flawless, now it just has more vigor."
  • TahmKench.itemSpiritVisage02
    "I refuse to trouble myself with charlatans."
  • TahmKench.itemSpiritVisage03
    "Sorcery is a distasteful habit."
Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape
  • TahmKench.itemSunfireCape01
    "A gentleman without a cape is only half-dressed."
  • TahmKench.itemSunfireCape02
    "Fire warms the spirit, and charges the appetite."
Warmog's Armor item.png Warmog's Armor
  • TahmKench.itemWarmogsArmor01
    "War is an appetite like any other."
  • TahmKench.itemWarmogsArmor02
    "A hearty appetite pairs best with a robust constitution."
  • TahmKench.itemWarmogsArmor03
    "Say what you will - a large man can not be ignored."

Upon Consuming Elixir of Iron item.png Elixir of Iron

  • TahmKench.itemElixirofIron01
    "Finally, my enormity matches my appetite."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • TahmKench.ward01
    "I prefer to know when my next meal approaches."
  • TahmKench.ward02
    "Even when you have no bait, you can still cast a line and hope."
  • TahmKench.ward03
    "I search for bargains wherever fools cross my domain."
  • TahmKench.ward04
    "A true meal requires foresight to manifest."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • TahmKench.recall01
    "Regrettably, I must retire in order to find a digestive."
  • TahmKench.recall02
    "I shall return to this establishment shortly."


  • TahmKench.unknown01
    "I presume you are the waiter at this establishment."
  • TahmKench.unknown02
    "Are you the waiter of this establishment?"