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Taipei Assassins
TPA Logo
Background Information
Region: Southeast Asia
Members: Toyz (captain)
Website http://taipeiassassins.tw/
Sponsor: Garena Azubu
Former players MiSTakE
Created: September 2011

Line Up

ID Name Role
Hk Toyz Kurtis Lau AP

Tw Stanley Wang June Tsan Top

Tw Lilballz Alex Sung Jungle

Tw Sarsky Lo "Allen" Chong-Yu Jungle

Tw DinTer Hong-Wei Xue Support

Tw Bebe Cheng Bo Wei AD


Through League of Legends, leader Mistake met fellow Taiwanese player Stanley in a ranked game. Their mutual friend Colalin then introduced NeXAbc and former CLG member Lilballz, forming team FTW (For The Win). The team competed in Garena's G1 eSports competition, and was crowned #1 out of 150 teams, qualifying for the World Cyber Games 2011.

Garena noticed their outstanding performance and signed the team along with Bebeisadog and Toyz, forming Taiwan's first LoL Pro Gaming Team: Taipei Assassins.

The team would go on to play very successfully in the Taiwanese Qualifiers and Regional Finals, which let them enter the Season Two Championship.

Season Two World Championship

Taipei Assassin competed in the Season 2 World championship, defeating Najin Sword with a score of 2-0 in their first matchup.

Taipei Assassins went on to face Azubu Frost in the Grand Finals of the Season Two Championship. After losing the first round, the Taipei Assassins went on to win 3 consecutive victories in the best of 5 match up and became the World Champions of Season 2.

2012 GPL Season 1

The Taipei Assassins continued to be a strong team. On November 17 they entered the 2012 GPL Season 1 playoffs in Singapore and were seeded directly into the finals due to their seasonal record. The final showdown took place between Taipei Assassins and the Singapore Sentinels, who defeated the Saigon Jokers in the semi finals. Proving their strength again the Taipei Assassins went 3-1 in the best of 5 and earned 1st place.

Season Three

At the beginning of 2013 Taipei Assassin's captain, MiSTakE, left the team with three of the team's subs to form their sister team - the Taipei Snipers. Toyz then became the new captain for the team. In March Taipei Assassins became sponsored by Azubu and began to play under the name Azubu TaipeiAssassins. On April 4 they took 1st place at 2013 GPL Spring.

Notable Achievements

  • 1st-place winner at Garena's G1 eSports competition
  • 11st place winner ot the IPL5 Taiwanese Qualifiers
  • 1st-place winner of the Season Two Taiwanese Regional Finals
  • 1st-place winner of the Season Two World Championship
  • 1st-place winner at 2012 GPL Season 1
  • 1st-place winner at 2013 GPL Spring

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