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  • She was described as 16 years old during her Q&A[1], but due to several timeline inconsistencies she would most likely be older than that by the present time.
    • She was 6 years old when she became a Stoneweaver.
  • She has been described as an ENTJ type of person (specifically 'the Commander').[2]
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road.
  • Her greatest fears are being unable to protect her family and drowning.
  • Taliyah stands at about 5'9".[1]
  • Her favorite animals are goats, especially fluffy goats.
  • She enjoys indie/electropop music and romance novels.
  • She likes pineapple on her pizza. (Pineapple and pepperoni, though. Not pineapple and ham.)[2]
  • Her favorite color is indigo.
  • Taliyah is a Virgo.
  • Her birthday is on September 22. [3]
  • When asked if Taliyah would be romantically interested in other girls, Thermal Kitten (Taliyah's writer) answered with this, indirectly stating that Taliyah is bisexual: "I think Taliyah is someone who is the midst of finding out who she is and figuring out who you’re attracted to is certainly part of that. I’m sure she would find some people more physically attractive than others, but I think the thing that would draw her to someone would be who they are on the inside." [4]
  • She is a fast runner and enjoys track and field, and she is also learning how to swim.
  • Taliyah is left-handed. [5]


  • Ṭaliyah טַלְיָה (Hebrew: [a'lija:]) comes from Proto-West-Semitic *ṭalay-at "young ewe".[3]
    • In English localizations, her name is pronounced [tɐˈli:ʲɐ:] TaLEEyah with second syllable stressed[4] like in Hebrew; in other localizations, the stress may fall on different syllables or no syllable is stressed at all.
    • Originally, her name was spelt Taalea.[5]
  • Taliyah is voiced by Erica Lindbeck, who also voices ZoeSquare Zoe and the Stoneweaver's theme.[6]
  • Taliyah was the third champion released in 2016.
    • She was created due to the need for a 'traditional' mage, particularly a disruptor.[7][8]
  • Her autoattacks used to be trails of rocks ripped up from the ground.
    • They were changed to the current ones due to raising visual clarity concerns when weighed against her abilities.[9]
  • Seismic Shove Seismic Shove was the most production-intensive of her abilities (animation-wise). [10]


  • YasuoSquare Yasuo dubbed her 'Little Sparrow'.
  • Her tribe is called the Nasaaj, meaning "weaver" [6], from Arabic نَسّاج nassāj < Semitic n-s-k[11] < s-k-k "to weave".[12]
    • Just as Semites formulate surnames from information about the bearer's progenitors, occupation, or origin, whether ethnic or geographical, Taliyah would most likely introduce herself as Taliyah of the Nasaaj.
  • Drawing from her life amongst a tribe of weavers, she uses her powers as if she were weaving stones in a similar fashion to weaving cloth.
  • Taliyah's family is part of one of many nomadic tribes that formed after the fall of Ancient Shurima by XerathSquare Xerath's hand.
  • Her father is a shepherd and leader of the tribe, while her mother is a pattern mistress.
  • Before the Oasis of the Dawn started flowing again Taliyah's tribe followed the seasonal waters around the desert.
  • Taliyah's tribe worships "the Great Weaver," a force of nature said to govern the tapestry of fate and life for every individual.


Taliyah OriginalCircle Classic Taliyah [S|L]
Taliyah FreljordCircle Freljord Taliyah [S|L]
  • She shares quotes with:
    • Ashe OriginalCircle
      Taliyah FreljordCircle
        "For the Freljord!"
    • Sejuani OriginalCircle
      Taliyah FreljordCircle
        "Cold does not forgive."
    e "Brace yourself - I hear winter is coming." references Game of Thrones.


Taliyah OriginalCircle Classic Taliyah [S|L]
Taliyah FreljordCircle Freljord Taliyah [S|L]
Taliyah SSGCircle SSG Taliyah [S|L]


  • YasuoSquare Yasuo became the teacher Taliyah had been looking for, unlike her people (who didn't understand her power) or Noxus (who sought to use her as a weapon for conquest).
    • Before parting ways, the Stoneweaver gave the Unforgiven the thread of handspun Shuriman wool with which he ties his hair in-game.
    • Being an only child, Taliyah sees Yasuo as the older brother she never had. [7]
  • Having heard only rumors of both the Ancient Shuriman capital and AzirSquare Azir's rise from the sands, Taliyah is convinced he is a threat to her family and her homeland when nothing could be further from XerathSquare the truth.


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