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  • Taliyah is sixteen years old.
  • She has been described as an ENTJ type of person (specifically 'the Commander') [1]
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road.
  • Her greatest fears are being unable to protect her family and drowning.


  • Taliyah was the third champion released in 2016.
    • She was created due to the need for a 'traditional' mage, particularly a disruptor.[2][3]
  • Her voice actress Erica Lindbeck sung the Stoneweaver's theme.[4]
  • Her name in English localisations is pronounced /talē'jə/ (tuh-LEE-yah), with emphasised stress in the middle syllable. In most other locales it is read as written with no defined stress.[5]
  • Taliyah might have come from Ali/Aliyah (Arabic: علي, 'lofty', 'sublime', 'the noblest' - Hebrew: עֲלִיָּה, 'to ascend') and/or טַל (Tali - Hebrew: 'dew') her name also in the Arabian language means the queen
  • Her autoattacks used to be trails of rocks ripped up from the ground.
    • They were changed to the current ones due to raising visual clarity concerns when weighed against her abilities.[6]
  • Seismic Shove.png Seismic Shove was the most production-intensive of her abilities (animation-wise) [7]


  • Yasuo Yasuo was the one who dubbed her 'Little Sparrow'.
  • Drawing from her life amongst a tribe of weavers, she uses her powers as if she were weaving stones in a similar fashion to weaving cloth.
  • The chronological order of events is as follows.
    1. 'The Bird and the Branch'
    2. 'Homecoming'
    3. 'Echoes in the Stone'
  • Taliyah's family is part of one of many nomadic tribes that formed after the fall of Ancient Shurima by Xerath Xerath's hand.
  • Her father is a shepherd and leader of the tribe, while her mother is a pattern mistress.
  • Before the Oasis of the Dawn started flowing again Taliyah's tribe followed the seasonal waters around the desert.
  • Taliyah's tribe worships "the Great Weaver," a force of nature said to govern the tapestry of fate and life for every individual.
    • This deity seems to have been inspired by Neith, an Egyptian goddess of weaving.


TaliyahSquare.png Classic Taliyah [S|L]
TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah [S|L]


TaliyahSquare.png Classic Taliyah [S|L]
TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah [S|L]


  • Yasuo Yasuo became the teacher Taliyah had been looking for, unlike her people (who didn't understand her power) or Noxus (who sought to use her as a weapon for conquest)
    • Before parting ways, the Stoneweaver gave the Unforgiven the thread of handspun Shuriman wool with which he ties his hair in-game.
  • Having heard only rumors of both the Ancient Shuriman capital and Azir Azir's rise from the sands, Taliyah is convinced he is a threat to her family and her homeland when nothing could be further from Xerath the truth.


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