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Upon Selection

  • Talon Select
    "Live and die by the blade."


  • Talon.attack1
    "This is no challenge."
  • Talon.attack2
  • Talon.attack3
    "Their bones will whet my blade."
  • Talon.attack4
    "Another body for the gutter."
  • Talon.attack5
    "This blade's my favorite."
  • Talon.attack6
    "Enjoy the taste of steel."


  • Talon.move1
    "Let's finish this quickly."
  • Talon.move2
    "There's nowhere to hide."
  • Talon.move3
    "Don't cross me."
  • Talon.move4
    "On the razor's edge."
  • Talon.move5
    "Your allegiances mean nothing to me."
  • Talon.move6
    "I never compromise."
  • Talon.move7
    "Only fools pledge life to honor."
  • Talon.move8
    "They won't survive."


  • Talon.taunt1
    "Eventually, my blades will find their way into your heart."
  • Talon.taunt2
    "Have you anything to offer but weakness?!"


  • Talon.joke1
    "Ugh, I lost another blade. I wonder who it's in this time."
  • Talon.joke2
    "The worst part of losing a blade is trying to trace back all my stabbings."


  • Talon.laugh1
    Talon laughs.
  • Talon.laugh2
    Talon laughs.
  • Talon.laugh3
    Talon laughs.
  • Talon.laugh4
    Talon laughs.

Upon Reactivating Shadow Assault.png Shadow Assault

  • Talon.spellR1
    Talon laughs.
  • Talon.spellR2
    Talon laughs.
  • Talon.spellR3
    Talon laughs.
  • Talon.spellR4
    Talon laughs.


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