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Talon OriginalCircle Classic Talon [S|L]
Talon RenegadeCircle Renegade Talon [S|L]
  • This is him from when living in the Noxus slums and before being taken in by General Du Couteau.
  • In the Chinese server he is called 'Street'.
Talon CrimsonEliteCircle Crimson Elite Talon [S|L]
  • He is a member of the Noxian counterpart to the Demacian Commandos.
  • In the Chinese server he is called 'Nemesis'.
  • He shares this theme with:
Talon DragonbladeCircle Dragonblade Talon [S|L]
Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Sapphire
Talon SSWCircle SSW Talon [S|L]
Talon BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Talon [S|L]


  • Talon was bested by and consequently served under General Du Couteau, moving into his household and becoming KatarinaSquare Katarina and CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia's 'adopted little brother'.
    • His investigation on the General's whereabouts may be under surveillance by SwainSquare Swain and LeBlancSquare the Black Rose.
  • The nature of Talon and QuinnSquare Quinn's rivalry is unknown.