Champion Select

  • Taric Select new
    "That glimmer of hope you see, that's me."
  • Taric Ban
    "Your judgement is clouded. Seek clarity."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Taric.start01
    "There's nowhere left to go but up."
  • Taric.start02
    "I have risen beyond the call of banners and kings."
  • Taric.start03
    "There is great power in the stars. Great danger as well."
  • Taric.start04
    "The most precious jewel is the one we hold in our heart."
  • Taric.start05
    "The climb may be long, but the view is worth it."
  • Taric.start06
    "Crash the mountain upon them."
  • Taric.start07
    "The heavens guide me."


  • Taric.attack01
    "Let me make myself crystal clear."
  • Taric.attack02
    "The heavens strike swiftly."
  • Taric.attack03
    "To protect all."
  • Taric.attack04
    "I serve life, but deal death."
  • Taric.attack05
    "Beauty can stir one's heart... or stop it."
  • Taric.attack06
    "Gems always hold their edge."
  • Taric.attack07
    "Beauty and life."
  • Taric.attack08
    "I will shatter them."
  • Taric.attack09
    "The stars care not."
  • Taric.attack10
    "Memories are my worst enemies."
  • Taric.attack11
    "This crystal will never crack."
  • Taric.attack12
    "Wither in my radiance."
  • Taric.attack13
    "These gems aren't just for show."
  • Taric.attack14
    "I climbed Mount Targon. You did not."
  • Taric.attack15
    "Targon weeps for you."
  • Taric.attack16
    "I find all life beautiful... except yours."
  • Taric.attack17
    "This world's fragile beauty must be preserved."
  • Taric.attack18
    "The stars keep the darkness at bay."
  • Taric.attack19
    "The mountain endures."
  • Taric.attack20
    "Don't worry, I am here."
Upon Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  • Taric.attackBaron01
    "You seem to have too many heads. Let's see if I can help you with that."
  • Taric.attackBaron02
    "I know I'm supposed to cherish all life, but come on."
  • Taric.attackBaron03
    "The taint of the Void is upon you."
Upon Attacking Dragon Dragon
  • Taric.attackDragon01
    "Nothing personal, but you've got to go."
  • Taric.attackDragon02
    "Let's see how hot things get."
  • Taric.attackDragon03
    "Greedy beast."


  • Taric.move01
    "I may be merciful, but Targon isn't."
  • Taric.move02
    "The best weapons are beautiful."
  • Taric.move03
    "Sometimes, life is worth dying for."
  • Taric.move04
    "The stars were the question. I was the answer."
  • Taric.move05
    "The mountain's mysteries are known to me."
  • Taric.move06
    "Why is it always the ugly ones?"
  • Taric.move07
    "Easy on the eyes? Don't I know it."
  • Taric.move08
    "The Protector speaks through me."
  • Taric.move09
    "I am no longer the man I once was."
  • Taric.move10
    "We're all headed toward the same inevitable end. No need to rush."
  • Taric.move11
    "Demacia was my home, but the stars are my destination."
  • Taric.move12
    "I have seen the light too clearly to ever fear the darkness."
  • Taric.move13
    "The mountain reveals the harshest truths in our souls."
  • Taric.move14
    "Human life is fleeting, a mountain's life less so, but stars... stars are eternal."
  • Taric.move15
    "The stars freed me from myself."
  • Taric.move16
    "My heart is filled with starlight. I give it freely to all."
  • Taric.move17
    "The mountain showed me my path."
  • Taric.move18
    "Truth is worth fighting for, but beauty is worth dying for."
  • Taric.move19
    "True gems sparkle even in the absence of light."
  • Taric.move20
    "Elegance never helped win a fight, but it never hurt."
  • Taric.move21
    "Love is simply beauty crystallized."
  • Taric.move22
    "To truly see the stars, I climbed."
  • Taric.move23
    "We see beauty in the stars, and they see beauty in us."
  • Taric.move24
    "Just as the mountain is eternal, so is hope."
  • Taric.move25
    "Each life is a rare jewel."
  • Taric.move26
    "The mountain's question is unique for each of us."


  • Taric.taunt01
    "I answered for my crimes. Now it's your turn."
  • Taric.taunt02
    "Let me broaden your worldview."
  • Taric.taunt03
    "I bested the mountain. Now it's your turn."
Taunting an Allied Ashe Ashe
  • Taric.tauntAshe01
    "That bow is of the stars, as is its mistress."
Taunting an Allied Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  • Taric.tauntAurelionSol01
    "No star should be bound."
Taunting an Allied Diana Diana
  • Taric.tauntDiana01
    "Own your destiny, or it will own you."
  • Taric.tauntDiana02
    "Who could have guessed the Aspect of the Moon would be so beautiful?"
Taunting an Allied Garen Garen
  • Taric.tauntGaren01
    "I will never turn my back on Demacia."
  • Taric.tauntGaren02
    "Good to see you again, old friend."
Taunting an Allied Jarvan IV Jarvan IV
  • Taric.tauntJarvan01
    "I bend knee to no king."
Taunting an Enemy Voidborn
  • Taric.tauntVoidborn01
    "I will purge the Void from this world."
Taunting an Enemy Vel'Koz Vel'Koz
  • Taric.tauntVelKoz01
    "They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
  • Taric.tauntVelKoz02
    "I will enjoy sending you back to the Void. In pieces."
Taunting an Enemy Jinx Jinx
  • Taric.tauntJinx01
    "Shine on, you crazy diamond."
Taunting an Enemy Jhin Jhin
  • Taric.tauntJhin01
    "The heavens see all you have done."
Taunting an Enemy Leona Leona
  • Taric.tauntLeona01
    "The sun is but a traveller through the kingdom of the stars."
Taunting an Enemy Pantheon Pantheon
  • Taric.tauntPantheon01
    "Ah, the Aspect everyone hates."
Taunting an Enemy Tahm Kench Tahm Kench
  • Taric.tauntTahmKench01
    "You are weighed down by your petty hungers."
Taunting an Enemy Taric Taric
  • Taric.tauntTaric01
    "I like the cut of your gem."
Taunting an Enemy Varus Varus
  • Taric.tauntVarus01
    "Are you even wearing pants?"


  • Taric.joke01
    "I've been to the top of the mountain... and the bottom of the gutter. There's much to learn from both."
  • Taric.joke02
    "Beauty can be deadly... and manly. Very manly."
  • Taric.joke03
    "What did I see upon the mountain? Rocks. Lots of rocks."
  • Taric.joke04
    "Much like a fine gem, I'm multifaceted."
  • Taric.joke05
    "You know what they say about big gems, right?"
  • Taric.joke06
    "My gems aren't merely outrageous, they're fabulous."
  • Taric.joke07
    "It's okay if you're impressed. The Protector was too."
  • Taric.joke08
    "I'm much more than a pretty face."
  • Taric.joke09
    "Two tickets to the gem show."
  • Taric.joke10
    "Gems are truly, truly, truly outrageous."
While using TaricSquare.png Pool Party Taric
  • TaricPoolParty.joke01
    "What did I see upon the mountain? Rocks. Lots of rocks."
  • TaricPoolParty.joke02
    "Much like a fine gem, I'm multifaceted."
  • TaricPoolParty.joke03
    "You know what they say about big gems, right?"
  • TaricPoolParty.joke04
    "My gems aren't merely outrageous, they're fabulous."
  • TaricPoolParty.joke05
    "It's okay if you're impressed. The Protector was too."
  • TaricPoolParty.joke06
    "I'm much more than a pretty face."
  • TaricPoolParty.joke07
    "Two tickets to the gem show."
  • TaricPoolParty.joke08
    "Gems are truly, truly, truly outrageous."


  • Taric.laugh01
    Taric laughs.
  • Taric.laugh02
    Taric laughs.
  • Taric.laugh03
    Taric laughs.
  • Taric.laugh04
    Taric laughs.

Upon Casting Starlight's Touch.png Starlight's Touch

  • Taric.spellQ1
    "We must serve life."
  • Taric.spellQ2
    "Bask in the glow."
  • Taric.spellQ3
    "A little something from Targon."
  • Taric.spellQ4
    "Rest easy."

Upon Casting Bastion.png Bastion

  • Taric.spellW1
    "Fight on."
  • Taric.spellW2
    "Stand against them."
  • Taric.spellW3
    "Never submit."
  • Taric.spellW4
    "For beauty."
  • Taric.spellW5
    "Honor the mountain."
  • Taric.spellW6
    "Always forward."
  • Taric.spellW7
    "Up the mountain we go."
  • Taric.spellW8
  • Taric.spellW9
    "Crack their resolve."
  • Taric.spellW10
    "The fight never ends."

Upon Casting Dazzle.png Dazzle

  • Taric.spellE1
    "A little glimmer in their eyes."
  • Taric.spellE2
    "For Targon."
  • Taric.spellE3
    "Let me show you something."
  • Taric.spellE4
    "Gems are wonderful distractions."
  • Taric.spellE5
  • Taric.spellE6
    "Blind them with our light."
  • Taric.spellE7
    "Say hello to my little gems."
  • Taric.spellE8
    "Gems hurt, don't they?"

Upon Casting Cosmic Radiance.png Cosmic Radiance

  • Taric.spellR1
    "Embrace the cosmos."
  • Taric.spellR2
    "Shake the pillars of heaven."

Upon Buying an Item

  • Taric.item01
    "Money well spent."
  • Taric.item02
    "A fine addition."
  • Taric.item03
    "Always useful."
  • Taric.item04
    "And one of these..."
Upon Buying Sapphire Crystal item.png Sapphire Crystal
  • Taric.itemSapphireCrystal01
    "Natural gem enhancement."
  • Taric.itemSapphireCrystal02
    "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
Upon Buying Vision Ward item.png Vision Ward
  • Taric.itemVisionWard01
    "One can always use extra clarity."
  • Taric.itemVisionWard02
    "I can see my mountain from here."
  • Taric.itemVisionWard03
    "Oh, the sights we'll see..."
Upon Buying Ruby Sightstone item.png Ruby Sightstone
  • Taric.itemRubySightstone01
    "Ruby for vigor, eh?"
  • Taric.itemRubySightstone02
    "Can't say no to a ruby."
  • Taric.itemRubySightstone03
    "My kind of stone."
Upon Buying Glacial Shroud item.png Glacial Shroud
  • Taric.itemGlacialShroud01
    "Work of an artisan."
  • Taric.itemGlacialShroud02
    "A cold shoulder indeed."
  • Taric.itemGlacialShroud03
    "Frozen beauty is still beauty."
Upon Buying Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape
  • Taric.itemSunfireCape01
    "Wish I'd had this on the mountain."
  • Taric.itemSunfireCape02
    "Can never be too warm... or too beautiful."
  • Taric.itemSunfireCape03
    "The sun's embrace is welcome."
Upon Buying Warmog's Armor item.png Warmog's Armor
  • Taric.itemWarmogsArmor01
    "You can always use a little extra protection."
  • Taric.itemWarmogsArmor02
    "What's a 'mog' anyway?"
Upon Buying Nomad's Medallion item.png Nomad's Medallion
  • Taric.itemNomadsMedallion01
    "This will match nicely."
  • Taric.itemNomadsMedallion02
    "Something to accent my chest."
  • Taric.itemNomadsMedallion03
    "Shuriman, eh?"
Upon Buying Targon's Brace item.png Targon's Brace
  • Taric.itemTargonsBrace01
    "Fits well."
  • Taric.itemTargonsBrace02
    "The finest craftsmanship."
  • Taric.itemTargonsBrace03
    "I thank the mountain for its gifts."
Upon Buying Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion
  • Taric.itemAegisOfTheLegion01
    "Just like the old days."
  • Taric.itemAegisOfTheLegion02
    "Memories of Demacia."
Upon Buying Void Staff item.png Void Staff
  • Taric.itemVoidStaff01
    "Fight fire with fire."
  • Taric.itemVoidStaff02
    "I will hurl them back with their own weapons."
Upon Buying Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass
  • Taric.itemZhonyasHourglass01
    "Divination indeed."
  • Taric.itemZhonyasHourglass02
    "Better safe than sorry."
  • Taric.itemZhonyasHourglass03
    "The sands of life."
Upon Buying Locket of the Iron Solari item.png Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Taric.itemLocketOfTheIronSolari01
    "Not true Targonian. Still nice, though."
  • Taric.itemLocketOfTheIronSolari02
    "So misguided, those Solari."
  • Taric.itemLocketOfTheIronSolari03
    "Feels right."
Upon Buying Face of the Mountain item.png Face of the Mountain
  • Taric.itemFaceOfTheMountain01
    "That's a face I'll never forget."
  • Taric.itemFaceOfTheMountain02
    "The mountain makes beautiful things."
  • Taric.itemFaceOfTheMountain03
    "Targon is always with me."
Upon Buying Dead Man's Plate item.png Dead Man's Plate
  • Taric.itemDeadMansPlate01
    "Not that I'll need this."
  • Taric.itemDeadMansPlate02
    "Good armor, bad name."
  • Taric.itemDeadMansPlate03
    "Let's test this promise."

Upon Using...

Health Potion item.png Health Potion
  • Taric.useHealthPotion01
Hunter's Potion item.png Hunter's Potion
  • Taric.useHuntersPotion01
    "An Aspect still needs help now and again."

Upon Getting a Killing Spree

  • Taric.spreeKillingSpree01
    "Fade and begone."
  • Taric.spreeKillingSpree02
    "Never a dull day."
  • Taric.spreeKillingSpree03
    "Well, that was refreshing."
  • Taric.spreeKillingSpree04
    "Beauty is a job well done."
  • Taric.spreeKillingSpree05
    "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."
  • Taric.spreeKillingSpree06
    "Looks like a mountain fell on them."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Taric.ward01
    "Just in case."
  • Taric.ward02
    "Look sharp."
  • Taric.ward03
    "Mind your step."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Taric.recall01
    "An Aspect's work is never done."
  • Taric.recall02
    "Let's climb that mountain, shall we?"
  • Taric.recall03
    "Challenges await."
  • Taric.recall04
    "Failure has always been my greatest mentor."
  • Taric.recall05
    "No rest for the chosen of Targon."
  • Taric.recall06
    "No, I didn't see stars."

Upon Death

  • Taric.death01
    "My light never dims... "

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "I've got just the gem for this occasion."
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "Outrageous."
Against Player Malphite Malphite
  • "Malphite, never bring a rock to a gem fight."