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  • In-game Taric appears to be left handed even though some of his artwork has him holding Bravado Bravado in his right hand.
  • SingedSquare Surfer Singed [S|L] carries a giant bottle of 'Taric's Tropical Tan' sunscreen.
  • Taric comes from طارق Arabic Ṭariq "striker" < Semitic root ṭ-r-q "to strike"[1].
    • Ṭariq later underwent semantic shift from "striker" to "One knocking at the door; wayfarer, traveller by night" and thus "star".


  • Initial concepted shows a champion wearing armor. This champion was later reshaped into EzrealSquare Ezreal and TaricSquare Taric.


  • Aurelion SolSquare Aurelion Sol dropped the hint Taric is a Targonian Aspect before he was relaunched as such ("TaricSquare You're an Aspect? Let me guess: tackiness.")
  • The floating gems from Bastion Bastion and Dazzle Dazzle come from the Protector himself.
    • And he in turn is the source of Taric's power.[2]
  • Taric is not Demacian nobility like the Jarvan IVSquare Lightshields / Spiritmights, the GarenSquare Crown LuxSquare guards, the FioraSquare Laurents, or the VayneSquare Vaynes.
    • His family has a long military history of serving the crown.
      • Except Taric, the rest of his household (at least to GarenSquare Garen) still swears allegiance to king and country.



TaricSquare Classic Taric [S|L]
TaricSquare Emerald Taric [S|L]
TaricSquare Armor of the Fifth Age Taric [S|L]
TaricSquare Bloodstone Taric [S|L]
TaricSquare Pool Party Taric [S|L]


  • GarenSquare Garen was Taric's lifelong friend. His nobility status allowed him to keep Taric safe from being accused of high treason and executed.
    • But even Garen (who still believed in Taric but deep down thought he was wasting his talents by fooling around) turned on Taric after Voidborn killed the Shield of Valoran's men, resulting in his banishment and sentence to the Crown of Stone by the Might of Demacia himself.
  • Taric appreciates the beauty in all things (SonaSquare music, SkarnerSquare life)
    • This, his role as Aspect of the Protector, and especially past experiences, have made him an enemy of the Void.