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This Looks Like a Job for Super Teemo!

By NeeksNaman [1]


Look! Up in the sky! It's a Anivia cryophoenix! It's a Corki gyrocopter! It's TeemoSquare.png Super Teemo [S|L]!

If you've ever dreamed of being faster than a speeding Rammus Rammus, more powerful than a mighty Cho&#039;Gath Cho'Gath, and able to leap tall yordles in a single bound, then you'll definitely want to pick up Super Teemo. With powers and abilities far beyond those of mere mortal yordles, you'll be ready to fight the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the Bandle City way!

The Birth of Evil: Teemo

By ADillonMostDirty and Mhija [2]

You love him, or you hate him - but if you love him, you're crazy. Teemo Teemo is the worst.

We talked to Jeff Jew (Producer) Colt Hallam (Senior Game Designer) and Brandon Beck (CEO) to delve into what went into creating League's greatest monster - and more importantly, why someone would decide to inflict him upon the world.


Omega Squad Teemo League Of Legends Login Screen With Music02:35

Omega Squad Teemo League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

Omega Squad Teemo's Theme
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There Will Be Mayhem 2016 All-Star Event - League of Legends01:24

There Will Be Mayhem 2016 All-Star Event - League of Legends

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