Champion Select

  • Teemo
    "Captain Teemo on duty."
  • Teemo.attack2
    "Yes, sir!"


  • Teemo.attack1
    "Hut, two, three, four."
  • Teemo.attack2
    "Yes, sir!"
  • Teemo.attack3
    "I'll scout ahead!"
  • Teemo.attack4
    "Armed and ready."
  • Teemo.attack5
    "That's gotta sting."
  • Teemo.attack6
    "Reporting in."
  • Teemo.attack7


  • Teemo.taunt
    "Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code."


  • Teemo.joke
    "Size doesn't mean everything."


  • Teemo.laugh1
    Teemo laughs.
  • Teemo.laugh2
    Teemo laughs.
  • Teemo.laugh3
    Teemo laughs.


  • AstronautTeemo.attack1
    "Hut, two, three, four."
  • AstronautTeemo.attack2
    "Yes, sir!"
  • AstronautTeemo.attack3
    "I'll scout ahead!"
  • AstronautTeemo.attack4
    "Armed and ready."
  • AstronautTeemo.attack5
    "That's gotta sting."
  • AstronautTeemo.attack6
    "Reporting in."
  • AstronautTeemo.attack7


  • AstronautTeemo.taunt
    "Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code."


  • AstronautTeemo.joke
    "Size doesn't mean everything."


  • AstronautTeemo.laugh1
    Teemo laughs.
  • AstronautTeemo.laugh2
    Teemo laughs.
  • AstronautTeemo.laugh3
    Teemo laughs.

Upon Starting a Game

  • TeemoOmegaSquad.start01
    "There's a mushroom out there with your name on it."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.start02
    "Survive here a week, then you get a name."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.start03
    "The war never ends, the battlefield just changes."


  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move01
    "I've done things I'm not proud of."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move02
    "I'm the last scout standing."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move03
    "You don't know about war."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move04
    "You'd be surprised how quick fur ignites."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move05
    "My ears are always ringing."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move06
    "One day there'll be a reckoning."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move07
    "War didn't change me, I changed war!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move08
    "Tall folk don't last long round here."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move09
    "Never. Get. Attached."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move10
    "Good men die. I choose to live."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move11
    "We ain't all makin' it out of here."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move12
    "Peace is a fairy tale."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move13
    "Reinforcements ain't comin'."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move14
    "Size is a liability."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move15
    "Nobody's innocent any more."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move16
    "I used to live by a code."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move17
    "They been looking for yours truly."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move18
    "Survival ain't pretty."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move19
    "Lots to do before I punch out."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move20
    "A part of you never leaves the jungle."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move21
    "I forget what started the fighting..."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.move22
    "You can't tell but, uh, I've grown quite the beard under here."


  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack01
    "Take the pain!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack02
    "Natural-born killer."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack03
    "Turns out, I got a proficiency in killing."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack04
    "Let the poison do its work."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack05
    "Death has a name."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack06
    "This is where we draw the line."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack07
    "I settle my scores."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack08
    "This'll be messy."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack09
    "Time for the long nap."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack10
    "Sight. Shoot. Reload."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack11
    "I don't feel anything."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack12
    "Who's my next tally mark?"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack13
    "Look alive."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack14
    "This is very personal."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack15
    "Smell that? That's fear."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack16
    "Killing's all I'm good at."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack17
    "I'm taking everyone with me!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack18
    "This one's for Johnny!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.attack19
    "This one's for my helmet brother!"


  • TeemoOmegaSquad.joke01
    "Here you go, little guy. You're my only friend left."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.joke02
    "You and I are survivors, buddy. They can never kill us."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.joke03
    "They won't make the mistake of thinking you're harmless again."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.joke04
    "We'll make them pay for what they did to your family little guy."


  • TeemoOmegaSquad.taunt01
    "You want Teemo? Come and get him!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.taunt02
    "Take a long walk through the jungle!"
Taunting an Enemy Amumu Amumu
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.tauntAmumu01
    "My tears have all dried up, kid."
Taunting an Enemy Corki Corki
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.tauntCorki01
    "You've got no idea what it's like on the ground, flyboy!"
Taunting an Enemy Gnar Gnar
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.tauntGnar01
    "Little guy's gone native."
Taunting an Enemy Heimerdinger Heimerdinger
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.tauntHeimerdinger01
    "Wars are won with men, not machines."
Taunting an Enemy Tristana Tristana
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.tauntTristana01
    "Rockets ain't for jumping. Who gave you that?"
Taunting an Enemy Zilean Zilean
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.tauntZilean01
    "Everyone's on a clock, but only mine keeps ticking."


  • TeemoOmegaSquad.laugh01
    Teemo laughs.
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.laugh02
    Teemo laughs.
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.laugh03
    Teemo laughs.
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.laugh04
    Teemo laughs.

Upon Entering Stealth with Guerrilla Warfare.png Guerrilla Warfare

  • TeemoOmegaSquad.I1
    "Become one with the jungle."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.I2
    "Now, we wait."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.I3
    "Patience now."

Upon Casting Blinding Dart.png Blinding Dart

  • TeemoOmegaSquad.Q1
    "Blind 'em!"

Upon Casting Move Quick.png Move Quick

  • TeemoOmegaSquad.W1
    "Bug out!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.W2
    "Hut two three four!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.W3
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.W4

Upon Casting Noxious Trap.png Noxious Trap

  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R1
    "Face toward enemy."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R2
    "Got a little surprise for 'em."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R3
    "I own this land."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R4
    "Another mushroom, another victim."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R5
    "Watch your step."

When an Enemy Champion Steps on a Noxious Trap.png Noxious Trap

  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R6
    "More where that came from."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R7
    "Armed and ready."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R8
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R9
    "I'm everywhere."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R10
    "You're welcome."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.R11
    Teemo laughs.

Upon Buying...

Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemNashors01
    "Got teeth? You got a weapon."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemNashors02
    "We all live in the jaws of the beast."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemNashors03
    "Next time I see Nashor, I'll yank a couple more."
Liandry's Torment item.png Liandry's Torment
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemLiandrys01
    "Some masks you never take off."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemLiandrys02
    "Let 'em die slow."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemLiandrys03
    "This is gonna sting."
Rabadon's Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemDeathcap01
    "Time to put on my killin' hat."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemDeathcap02
    "Mete out the pain."
Runaan's Hurricane item.png Runaan's Hurricane
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemRunaans01
    "Fighting fair is a good way to die."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemRunaans02
    "There's no such thing as collateral damage."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemRunaans03
    "One on three? Best odds yet."
Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemZhonyas01
    "This coulda saved a lot of good men."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemZhonyas02
    "Two and a half seconds is all it takes."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.itemZhonyas03
    "Sometimes, time stands still, and all you can do is watch."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • TeemoOmegaSquad.ward01
    "I know everything that happens here."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.ward02
    "Nobody gets past Teemo."
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.ward03
    "Never let your guard down."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • TeemoOmegaSquad.recall01
    "Coming in hot!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.recall02
    "Need to get patched up!"
  • TeemoOmegaSquad.recall03
    "There's nothing left here."

Upon Responses

  • "All shall hail me! My darkness will sweep across the world!"
  • "What?! My servants haven't destroyed you yet?"
  • "Looks like I'll have to do it MYSELF!"

Upon Cursing

Upon casting Curse: Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol (Celestial Expansion.png Celestial Expansion)
  • (1st) "My Celestial Expansion will have you seeing stars!"
  • (2nd) "...and my Celestial Expansion will leave you head spinning!"
Upon casting Curse: Bard Bard (Tempered Fate.png Tempered Fate)
  • (1st) "Bweooown bwooo fwooowm~ Stay awhile and enjoy your Tempered Fate"
  • (2nd) "...and try not to get too caught up in Tempered Fate!"
Upon casting Curse: Akali Akali (Twilight Shroud.png Twilight Shroud)
  • (1st) "Where'd they go? It's time for Twilight Shrouds!"
  • (2nd) "...oh, and P.S., they'll be invisible from Twilight Shrouds, too."
Upon casting Curse: Singed Singed (Poison Trail.png Poison Trail)
  • (1st) "It can't hunt to chase a Poison Trail - or maybe it will!"
  • (2nd) "...and don't breathe too easy. there's some Poison Trail, too!"
Upon casting Curse: ProfileIcon1391 Little Devil Teemo Devilish Duplicates
  • (1st) "You know what's better than one of me? FIVE MORE! Time for Devil Duplicates!"
  • (2nd) "...and you didn't need to tell them apart, did you? Devilish Duplicates time!"
Upon casting Curse: Yasuo Yasuo (Wind Wall.png Wind Wall)
  • (1st) "Who needs to dodge when you've got Windwalls?"
  • (2nd) "...and try not to get blocked by Windwalls!"
Upon casting Curse: Karthus Karthus (Death Defied.png Death Defied)
  • (1st) "My servants will be unstoppable during Death Defied!"
  • (2nd) "...and they'll be out of reach during Death Defied!"
Upon casting Curse: Warwick Warwick (Blood Scent.png Blood Scent)
  • (1st) "Careful now, me servants have your Blood Scent."
  • (2nd) "...and prepare to get caught by Blood Scent!"
Upon casting Curse: Chaos Storm.png Towers Electrified
  • (1st) "Give those Electrified Turrets a big hug!"
Upon casting Curse: Shaco Shaco (Hallucinate.png Hallucinate)
  • (1st) "Seeing double? You must be Hallucinating."
  • (2nd) "...and let's double the trouble with Hallucinate!"
Upon casting Curse: Ryze Ryze (Realm Warp.png Realm Warp)
  • (1st) "Why dont't you step into a Realm Warp? Trust me!"
  • (2nd) "...and let's send you on a little trip with Realm Warp!"
Upon casting Curse: Crystal Spires.png Brush Fire
  • (1st) "The brush, the brush, the brush is on FIRE!"
  • (2nd) "...and watch out for the flaming bursh!"
Upon casting Curse: Pantheon Pantheon (Aegis Protection.png Aegis Protection)
  • (1st) "You can't block my Aegis Protection."
  • (2nd) "...and you basically can't attack through Aegis Protection!"
Upon casting Curse: Toxic Shot.png Giga Blinding Darts
  • (1st) "You'll never see these Giga Blinding Darts coming!"
  • (2nd) "...and stay on your toes to dodge these Giga Blinding Darts, too!"